Dec 3rd, 2013

Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

VSCO Cam sample after using a picture taken with my Sony NEX 5R

We gave you guys the quick spiel about VSCO Cam yesterday. A powerful set of photo editing tools, VSCO Cam looks to take your Android photography to that next level. Using a sleek minimal interface (more akin to Windows Phone than Android) users can take photos from within the app, apply professional grade filters (not that kiddie Instagram stuff), or further tweak photos using the usual exposure/saturation/contrast/sharpen/etc..

VSCO Cam Android screenies

It’s in VSCO Cam’s filters or “Presets”, where the app really shines. Off the bat, VSCO Cam makes available 10 of the more popular filters and for most shooters, this will be enough. Those who really enjoy taking photos and tweaking them will probably look to purchasing their Preset packs, categorized by their different effects (desaturated, instant, portrait, vivid, etc.). Right now, all 16 packs with 38 Presets can be purchased for only $6 (about 50% off and a no-brainer for Android photogs).

VSCO Cam Android Preset packs

Images snapped can be shared to Twitter, Facebook and more directly through the app. Images taken with stock camera found on your Android device can also be imported into the VSCO Cam library using the normal Android share function inside the Gallery app.

VSCO Grid — where users can upload their VSCO photo collection and share their photos with others — is said to be coming to mobile in the future. Different from the usual social networks, Grid is simply meant for sharing beautiful photos, not getting trapped in the commenting system featured in social networks like Instagram. My own personal VSCO Grid can be found here.

VSCO Cam Android settings

There is still a key feature missing from VSCO Cam on some Android devices compared to its iOS counterpart. Right now, only a few devices can 2-finger tap when using the camera to separate focus and exposure. This is apparently due to hardware limitations, and not an oversight on VSCO’s part.

Overall, we though the app performed great, although the UI — while nice and clean — was a bit too minimal, with no text or hints as to what the icons represented. Also, it wouldn’t have killed VSCO Cam to feature a swipable side menu (which would follow Android’s design guidelines), instead of having to tap the icon to access other settings.

Ready to get started on your photo journey? You can download VSCO Cam for free right now via the Google Play link below, just in time for the Holidays.

Download on Google Play: VSCO Cam for Android