Highly anticipated VSCO Cam now available for Android (Spoiler: it’s awesome)


Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset

VSCO Cam sample after using a picture taken with my Sony NEX 5R

We gave you guys the quick spiel about VSCO Cam yesterday. A powerful set of photo editing tools, VSCO Cam looks to take your Android photography to that next level. Using a sleek minimal interface (more akin to Windows Phone than Android) users can take photos from within the app, apply professional grade filters (not that kiddie Instagram stuff), or further tweak photos using the usual exposure/saturation/contrast/sharpen/etc..

VSCO Cam Android screenies

It’s in VSCO Cam’s filters or “Presets”, where the app really shines. Off the bat, VSCO Cam makes available 10 of the more popular filters and for most shooters, this will be enough. Those who really enjoy taking photos and tweaking them will probably look to purchasing their Preset packs, categorized by their different effects (desaturated, instant, portrait, vivid, etc.). Right now, all 16 packs with 38 Presets can be purchased for only $6 (about 50% off and a no-brainer for Android photogs).

VSCO Cam Android Preset packs

Images snapped can be shared to Twitter, Facebook and more directly through the app. Images taken with stock camera found on your Android device can also be imported into the VSCO Cam library using the normal Android share function inside the Gallery app.

VSCO Grid — where users can upload their VSCO photo collection and share their photos with others — is said to be coming to mobile in the future. Different from the usual social networks, Grid is simply meant for sharing beautiful photos, not getting trapped in the commenting system featured in social networks like Instagram. My own personal VSCO Grid can be found here.

VSCO Cam Android settings

There is still a key feature missing from VSCO Cam on some Android devices compared to its iOS counterpart. Right now, only a few devices can 2-finger tap when using the camera to separate focus and exposure. This is apparently due to hardware limitations, and not an oversight on VSCO’s part.

Overall, we though the app performed great, although the UI — while nice and clean — was a bit too minimal, with no text or hints as to what the icons represented. Also, it wouldn’t have killed VSCO Cam to feature a swipable side menu (which would follow Android’s design guidelines), instead of having to tap the icon to access other settings.

Ready to get started on your photo journey? You can download VSCO Cam for free right now via the Google Play link below, just in time for the Holidays.

Download on Google Play: VSCO Cam for Android

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. i dont see whats so awesome.


      1. Chris’s woman mabye?


          1. Lay off the caps…


          3. Say what you will, but it’s offensive to my eyes and I think 80% of the internet agrees. Thanks.

      2. Glad he didn’t pull one of his usual switcheroo’s.

  2. Besides the fancy ui and over rated filters. i stil prefer snapspeed and cymera.


    1. She is SUPER cute.

    2. Lol. She’s my gf, bro.


        1. WHAT AM I, CHOPPED LIVER?!?!

          1. Yeah, pretty much. Chopped liver that writes for Phandroid

      2. I mean this as a compliment. She’s the reason I clicked on the article. I could care less about the app. :-)

      3. Not to be mean but I always thought you were playing for the other team.

        1. No worries, I get that a lot. Lol

  4. Anyway! This will be great for my new galaxy note 3 that’ll be coming in next week! But does two tap work on it?

    1. It doesn’t. Note 3 doesn’t support the independent focus/exposure using the Camera Awesome app either.

  5. I know it just results in better pictures, which is good, but I kind of find it slightly disingenuous when people take pics with DSLR’s or high-end cameras then post to Instagram or VSCO. I mean, it’s really not a big deal, but I kind of get fooled and think “oh what an amazing phone camera you have” then later find out it’s a Mark II D or whatever.

    On a more related note – I am digging this app but there are some parts of it that I am still getting used to.

    1. I completely agree.

    2. Occasionally, I’ll snap a pick with my Sony NEX and upload to Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/Google+ but always hashtag with the camera I’m using as to avoid confusion.

  6. “apply professional grade filters (not that kiddie Instagram stuff)”

    I’m curious… what makes there filters “professional grade”?

    I generally enjoy Phandroid, but the way this article is written seems (to me)like VSCO paid for it.

    1. Yeah, sometimes when a reviewer loves an app/product so much, it comes off a bit like an ad. But then, you read the bottom portion of this post and discover my criticisms with the app. It’s not all perfect.

      1. Yes, I read the whole article, and I’m glad you love the app so much. However, I thought I was going to be reading about what makes this app supposedly better than Instagram, or even Snapseed.

        You didnt answer my question as to what makes this apps filters “professional” as opposed to Instagram’s “kiddie” ones. I legitimately want to know.

        1. Well, there are simply more. VSCO does the whole filters thing for a living, they actually sell Preset add-ons for Aperture and Lightroom. I have a few photographer friends who swear by their filters.

          Also, filter strength can be adjusted and while this is something Snapseed also offers, Instagram can’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love Snapseed and would use it all the time. VSCO Cam being an all in one shooting, editing, filtering, and sharing solution makes things just a bit easier.

          Did I mention I love their filters?

          1. Okay, now your statement makes more sense. I had only ever heard of the iPhone app. So it just seemed like you were bashing Instagram.

  7. Chris I just want to know if that’s your girlfriend and if so, what is she doing with you (I kid). She’s hot in a young Sandra Bullock kinda way.

  8. So far so good just invested in the plugin pack I guess for 5.99 it’s not that bad.

  9. I really don’t understand all the hype. Maybe I just don’t know how to use it properly, but I hate. Can you guys a quick tutorial/review, so that we can see what’s so “awesome” about it?

    1. I’m with you on this one. All I see are a couple of filters? I don’t know.

  10. Won’t view photos in landscape mode? Such a basic thing missing…

  11. There is something hot about a girl in “geeky” glasses.

    1. Yes, there is, I think it’s because she’s hot!

  12. Awesome? I disagree. It’s incredibly unintuitive for someone, like myself, who hasn’t used it previously. Combine that with no landscape viewing, or none that I’ve seen, and no apparently simple way to important from the existing gallery and this app is anything but awesome, in my opinion.

  13. lmao “not that kiddie instagram stuff” cause it take REAL profesional grade tools to make my photos look like they were taken on a camera from 50 years ago. i FN HATE THESE APPS!!! lol

  14. Aviary is another brilliant photo editing app with a whole collection of free and paid filters. Unlike some other apps, Aviary retains the full resolution of the image.

    I tried VSCO Cam and found it to be less intuitive and also particularly slow on my One X. But the rest looks good.

  15. how much for the “ChavezGirlfriend” filter? i want every girl i take pictures of to look that cute . . .

    . . . does she have friends? that live in Atlanta? :-D

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