Amazon’s apps and games deals for Black Friday to Cyber Monday are worth checking out


I’m not personally a big fan of the Amazon App Store, probably because outside of their own devices, the process never felt very user friendly. However, every now and then, they do come out with some very interesting deals as part of their “App of the Day”. And they’ve topped that with a healthy margin with their latest offerings for the Black Friday to Cyber Monday period.

office suite pro1. OfficeSuite Pro ($0.99 instead of $14.99)

While OfficeSuite’s biggest competitors, Quickoffice, has been made free following Google’s acquisition of the company, OfficeSuite for just a dollar is still a steal. They’ve put the app on sale on Google Play, too, but it still costs $5.

Unfortunately, I don’t use either OfficeSuite or Quickoffice that much to point out which is better. The people, however, have voted in favour of OfficeSuite on Google Play, giving it 4.3 stars rating compared a 4 Quickoffice.

wheel of fortune2. Wheel of Fortune ($0.99 instead of $2.99)

Are you a fan of the classic game show? Or are you quite simply looking to while away some time? Then Wheel of Fortune might be a purchase worth considering now that it’s down to just a dollar.


tablet talk3. Tablet Talk ($0.99 instead of $2.99)

Tablet user, or going to become one after the $189 eBay deal I told you about yesterday? Then you should certainly consider the benefits Tablet Talk brings to you: you can get your SMS notifications (nice, rich, expandable ones as well as quick reply options) on your tablet, as well as read all of them or reply to them. The connection is over either Bluetooth or WiFi, so you are not restricted by the lack of internet access at any point. The app also has a Dashclock extension, allows you to theme it, and there is MMS and group MMS support. The app has a very healthy 4.4 rating on Google Play, so I would say this is a definite yes.

There are also a multitude of “Free Apps of the Day” offerings that I suggest keeping an eye out for, primarily consisting of several games, such as Sonic The Hedgehog, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Rooftop Run, and Fruit Ninja, all of which won’t cost you a cent. Hurry up though, the deal on these games expires today.

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Amazon app store sucks

    1. It was great in the very beginning with good free apps of the day. Now it sucks.

      1. they still got the free apps per day, i’ve been getting some neat games on it. That’s all i use it for ;p

    2. Yeah, sucks like your mom.

  2. Sonic isn’t compatible with my Galaxy Note 2, wtf.

    1. Idk if it’s compatible with anything. My Nexus 4 and 5 are no go, and my tablet.

      Edit: only works on Kindle. Now that’s dumb.

      1. its also work in S2….

    2. Doesn’t work with my Note 2, Nexus 7, or TF Prime 201… so yeah basically they don’t want anyone using it!!!

      edit: the link for Tablet Talk sends me to Wheel of Fortune

      1. Sorry about that, fixed now

  3. Picked up wheel of Fortune and it is awesome. I own most of the other titles so not much new to take advantage of

  4. Amazon rocks. No better place for shopping just about everything. :D

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