Deal Alert! Nexus 7 2013 for $189 on eBay


Nexus 7 holiday ribbonBeen waiting for some really good deals on Nexus devices? eBay has you covered, at least in the case of the 16GB Nexus 7 2013, offering this amazing little tablet for just $189, with free shipping. Considering buying from Google only gets you a $25 Play Store card, I think it’s pretty clear which of the two is a better deal.

But hurry, since the eBay post says there’s only limited quantity available.

[eBay, Play Store]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Looks like an ebay scammer to me.

    1. guy has over 200,000 good reviews

      1. i would consider that a reputable seller. but so is staples, and for ~$70 cheaper.

    2. Was quite heavily featured earlier by eBay on their home page, seems unlikely they’d do that for a scammer (or maybe I’m just naive).

    3. What would POSSIBLY give you that impression?

      Seller information
      adoramacamera (205900 )
      99.8% Positive feedback

    4. Adorama Camera a scammer? Nope. Try again.

    5. Looks like a stupid comment to me.

    6. Although an incorrectly identified “refurbished” can be consider a scam…right..?

      1. No, but it would be false advertising and in violation of eBay terms and agreements seller must abide by.

  2. All these deals are making me sad I bought my tablet a bit over a month ago

  3. And done! Thanks for posting, picked up 3 for the kids.

    1. Wow, money to burn much?

      1. Try telling 3 kids they have to share a tablet lol

        1. Wow, why did I even get downvoted I wasn’t even being rude wtf?

          1. No clue dude. Wasn’t me :-P

          2. Posted too close to an Apple comment.

          3. Ya you SUCK Sean!!!! Lol….totally kidding, just wanna see if I can get downvoted as FAST as you cuase you’re FLYIN down now!!!

          4. Kek.

    2. Adopt me, maybe?

      1. 3 nexus 7s is still cheaper than 1 ipad air 32gb or a 64gb mini or even 2 2012 16gb ipad minis. lol def. the best decision to entertain 3 kids.

      2. Loool overpriced plastic get an iPad mini retina. Better apps, GPU, battery life, higher resolution, thinner, better build quality ect

        1. yeah, apple sheep are so funny!

        2. You keep using that word better. I don’t think you know what it means.

  4. I hope they last a few weeks so I can add it to my Christmas list. lol

  5. $190 for a Nexus 7 does sound tempting. Undecided because I still have no clue what I would do with a tablet outside of business use.

    1. Tablets are great for playing games and watching movies.

      1. I’d never do either of those on a tablet, I have an HDTV for that.

        1. How about reading and browsing the web when you are out and about and have some time to kill? or for those boring family functions?

          1. Would be redundant. My smartphone does that and fits in my pocket.

          2. For that you need 3G+Wifi…and data plans are expensive…and forget tethering its expensive in the U.K…

        2. That’s right Phinn. Why would one want to watch movies on a 7 inch screen when they have a 50 inch hdtv ?

    2. I agree… My 12 year old daughter inherited my nexus 7 by default cause I couldn’t find anything to do with it.

  6. That’s an OK deal. has a 16gb for 199 and the 32gb nexus 7 2013 for 229. have to buy online not in store.

  7. Just got 2 of these for $119 each. Staples has it for $199 and coupon 31932 takes off $80…your miles may vary since technically the coupon isn’t suppose to work with the new n7, but I just told them the code and that I forgot to print the coupon :-)

    1. I picked one up the other day from stapels. Did the Walmart price match plus 50 bucks off. Not as good as your deal but I was certainly happy about it.

    2. I grabbed one of those too last night at my local Staples for $119. I hear they’ve caught on and are no longer accepting the coupon.

      1. It varies by store. I have 3 within 10 mile radius, got shot down at one store, but it worked in the other 2. The system IS still taking it, but some managers have caught on.

        1. one purchase i made was directly with the manager, who didn’t flinch at all.

  8. Exactly 5000 of these were available, about 1600 left at the time of this posting, though some of the other deals mentioned below sound better.

  9. Tried it in San Jose store and they wouldn’t do it so no go. Oh well. I will wait for cyber Monday or Christmas deals

    1. Win some lose some. I was 2/3, and only one denied was campbell

      1. Yup, same store across from Fry’s electronics

  10. just got three n7 16gb @ $120 each (separate purchases, two stores). wow.

    1. :)

    2. Where?????????

      1. staples deal as mentioned below. ends 12/2.

    3. NO!! All my money is going to be gone. =.[

  11. What a great news!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please visit for free android apps

  12. i need a deal on a nexus 10

    1. I need a deal on the NEW Nexus 10. Come on, Google, make it happen

      1. Well its not for me, it’s a gift for someone else so I will take either. But I’d be pissed if I end up buying a nexus 10 and a few days later they release the newer model. So yeah, google needs to figure out that they are doing.

        1. Guys you might as well grab the NEW Nexus 7 cause Google ain’t releasing a NEW Nexus 10 anytime soon….they have pretty much given up on the 10″ market. There’s just not a high enough demand and the Nexus 7 is selling so well I suggest grabbing this off ebay and never look back! I LOVE my Nexus 7 and I’m coming from 3 10″ tabs…the 7″ form factor is just so nice in hand while still be large enough to enjoy movies and videos

  13. when i compare Nexus 7 to Samsung note 3 i found (S.g note 3) Amazing………….

  14. Perfect

  15. Found a way of getting 30% off the S4. Just use a discount code :)

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