Verizon marks down full priced LG G2, HTC One Max, Motorola Droid Ultra by as much as $100


HTC One Max Verizon Wireless

We’re not sure if it’s simply a coincidence that Verizon happened to mark down the full, off-contract prices of a few of their handsets on Black Friday, but take it as you will. Jumping onto Verizon’s site, you’ll notice the LG G2 and HTC One Max can now be purchased for $500 outright, while the Motorola Droid Ultra has been discounted to $450. For those keeping track, that’s about a hundred bucks off. We’re not sure how long this will last, as it doesn’t appear to be apart of any temporary Black Friday sale.

Verizon Wireless: HTC One Max | LG G2 | Motorola Droid Ultra

Chris Chavez
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  1. Pretty nice deal actually

    1. Given that I paid almost $700 for my HTC One Developer Edition… yeah, these aren’t too bad at all.

      1. Exactly, hell I paid 440 for my lightly/shortly used G2 on ebay… I would have forked over the extra $60 for a Max

      2. okay so kitkat is overrated but I wanna know about dat 5.5 chavez…

    2. Seems pretty crappy compared to a $350 Nexus 5. Even T-Mobile is offering $30 off of their inflated Nexus 5 pricing to bring it down to $420…

      Coupon code: 30NEXUS
      on TMobile’s website.

  2. REALLY hoping Cyber Monday will bring a great deal on a G2.

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