Nov 28th, 2013

motorola moto g press render

The Moto G might not be the best device in the world, but for less than $200 there are sure to be a lot of people who will find it hard to resist picking one up. So just how easy will it be to tinker with this 10th wonder of the world? Pretty darn easy, if these instructions for rooting and unlocking its bootloader at Modaco are anything to go by.

Paul O’Brien comes through with the downloads and method needed to get going. It’ll require an unlocked bootloader, though that should be no tough task so long as you know your way around fastboot.

You can find everything you need at the source link, but remember to read through the entirety of the instructions before embarking on your quest to free the Moto G’s chains, and remember that thermonuclear war, black hole occurrences, or any other unfortunate incidents as a result of doing this is no one’s responsibility but your own.

[via Modaco]

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