Chromecast apps get their own hidden section on the Google Play app


Chromecast app category on Google Play

Still not sure if it’s an “Easter egg” or simply a layout problem, but when viewing the “Apps” category in the Google Play Store app, a special “Chromecast” section seems to be hidden off to the side. It’s only viewable when turning your Android device around in landscape mode, and when clicked, shows you the usual assortment of Chromecast apps compatible with the Chromecast. Also, swiping to the “Categories” section also reveals the button, acting as some kind of weird overflow.

Nothing too huge, just something Chromecasters might wanna keep an eye on for future additions. Something tells me once the SDK goes live, it’ll get a lot more crowded in there.

Cheers, Anuj!

Chris Chavez
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  1. It shows up when swiping from left to right for me. Next to Editor’s Choice.

    1. Me too.

  2. Verizon dev edition moto x here. When I go to this page, I have games, verizon, and editors choice, no chromecast. BUT, just swipe right over to Categories and the same chromecast button is there in portrait or landscape

  3. if you open up the actual chromecast app, and select “apps”, that is where it takes you…believe it started with the latest update to the chromecast app

    1. Yup. I was thinking this wasn’t really a secret or Easter Egg. The Chromecast app links directly there.

  4. Not sure what device you’re using, but it’s not hidden on my device. Just went to the app section of the Play Store in Portrait mode on my Nexus 7 and it was right there, plain as day.

    1. I guess it’s only hidden in portrait mode on phones, then. Because I had to put my N4 in landscape mode to see it.

      1. Actually, just checked on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus and it’s not hidden in portrait there either. Funny thing is, on my phone you can ONLY see it in portrait. It shows Games and Verizon on the main screen, and if you swipe to the right you get Editor’s Choice and Chromecast. If you go to lanscape, you only get Games, Verizon and Editors Choice.

        1. Oh, just checked and it showed Chromecast when I swipe to the right. I didn’t check that before; I only tried swiping to the left. On landscape, though, it shows all three; that’s probably because I don’t have the Verizon section.

  5. Not hidden while in portrait on Galaxy Note 2. Only show app thats work with chromecast

  6. Not too many apps right either…

  7. Honestly I am so annoyed by Google not releasing the sdk and blocking the third party apps that I barely ever use my chromecast anymore. Once they release it and stop doing un-google-like things, I’ll probably start again.

  8. Yay!
    A whole new category with only one app listed, yep its Youtube.
    I should move to the US :'(.

  9. Have Google made any noises about when the SDK will be released? I use my chromecast a lot for youtube and occasionally for netflix but imagine I would use it even more with Koush’s AllCast app and others.

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