Nov 25th, 2013

SwiftKey Flow thumb

The last we heard from SwiftKey — makers of the one of the most popular keyboard replacements for Android devices — they had just introduced their big “Layouts for Living” update in the Play Store. The update allowed uses to customize the layout of the virtual keyboard to suit their tastes, whether it was a split layout for typing on larger tablets, or mini layouts for tiny smartphones. The craziest part is how the keyboard could now be undocked and moved about the display with ease.

SwiftKey 4.3.1 update

Today SwiftKey is introducing yet another update, giving users the option of showing the number pad (found on the secondary screen) on either the left or right of the phone. The new option can be found under “Themes & Layouts” where the default is the number pad on the right. Smaller changes include the reintroduction of the unique spacebar sound when pressed, and the “$” coming to non-US users. There were also a handful of force closes that have been patched up, so if you haven’t been using the SwiftKey because a previous update made things buggy, now’s the time to give it another shot.

Download on Google Play: SwiftKey Keyboard