SwiftKey 4.3.1 update brings new number pad options while squashing a handful of bugs


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The last we heard from SwiftKey — makers of the one of the most popular keyboard replacements for Android devices — they had just introduced their big “Layouts for Living” update in the Play Store. The update allowed uses to customize the layout of the virtual keyboard to suit their tastes, whether it was a split layout for typing on larger tablets, or mini layouts for tiny smartphones. The craziest part is how the keyboard could now be undocked and moved about the display with ease.

SwiftKey 4.3.1 update

Today SwiftKey is introducing yet another update, giving users the option of showing the number pad (found on the secondary screen) on either the left or right of the phone. The new option can be found under “Themes & Layouts” where the default is the number pad on the right. Smaller changes include the reintroduction of the unique spacebar sound when pressed, and the “$” coming to non-US users. There were also a handful of force closes that have been patched up, so if you haven’t been using the SwiftKey because a previous update made things buggy, now’s the time to give it another shot.

Download on Google Play: SwiftKey Keyboard

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  1. I just want a dedicated number row on top.

    1. that is what they said they would add doesn’t seem like it should be that difficult that would easily make it the best keyboard app only reason im still using samsung keyboard

    2. Future update, along with emoji support :)

      1. when this happens it’ll be my most used keyboard, because it’s the only place Kii is beating them.

      2. Thanks for informing everyone Chris.

    3. same here, would be useful on the Note

  2. That number pad moved to the right in portrait mode was killing me!

  3. does it put the layout back completely? if not I’m not even a little interested

    1. It doesn’t. It keeps the new, terrible layout that came with the last update.

  4. I still can’t get passed just how awful FLOW is.

  5. need emoji. Till then I’m sticking to the stock keyboard app on the G2

    1. Marcos,

      Emoji support is in the planning stage!

  6. A choice between left or right, it doesn’t matter. The new smaller layout and symbol location is terrible. It singlehandedly ruined SwiftKey for me.

    1. You can actually change the keyboard heigh to 5 different sizes.

      1. You’re right, that is an option. However, all it does is vertically stretch the same horrible layout that came in with the 4.3 update, which is where my complaint lies. The new layout isn’t nearly as good, in my opinion, as it was in the previous version.

        1. You have a point there sir. Maybe this is something that will be changed back sometime in the future. You just never know.

          I know that they do things for a reason and they do their best to please as many people as they can… sometimes we as users don’t always win.

  7. Big deal. Samsung keyboard already does all that

  8. About time this update came out, too late for me though I loved Swiftkey until they switched the numbers around, now I’m using Kii and I find it really good, supports emoji and has lots of customization! I doubt I will go back to swiftkey Kii is the best keyboard now IMO.

  9. Can I make a request. Give us a keyboard with smaller circle or target. I have big hand it always bump into other keys.

  10. I had to delete the last Swiftkey. After troubleshooting I found it was making my Note 3 act atrangely.

  11. The only thing missing from Swiftkey is emoji support.

  12. With every update, swiftkey lags more and more. Also, the predictive text has somehow gotten worse. If I want to type a common phrase, it predicts a different tense of the word instead of the proper one that it should know based on the context. Also, taking out the predictive punctuation was when this app started going downhill. I get that other people may not like it but make it a feature that is optional.

    Anyone know of another keyboard that is quick/responsive?

    (Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4)

  13. Was absolutely fine before this update. Now it continually ‘hangs’ and just stops. Not good.

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