SwiftKey’s Layouts for Living upgrade now available in Google Play


SwiftKey Layouts for Living 2

A few weeks ago, we told you about a new SwiftKey upgrade that would make live easier for those using multiple-sized devices. SwiftKey dubbed it “Layouts for Living,” and it brings us a multitude of keyboard options.

Note 3 users can finally get away with one-handed use. Tablet users can split it in half to type with both hands. And normal-sized phone users, well, things are just as smooth as they’ve always been. All of the new keyboard layouts can be undocked and resized to fit your own personal taste.

That update has finally made its way into the Google Play Store as a free upgrade for SwiftKey purchasers. Beyond that, folks will be happy to know that smartphone and tablet versions have been combined. Many people were willing to pay for both separately before, but we’re happy SwiftKey decided to do the right thing and deliver an all-in-one package.

If you’re already part of the SwiftKey army you can grab the download for no additional cost here. New users will have to pony up $4, but that’s hardly a steep price to pay for one of the best third-party keyboards out there.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I’m liking the KitKat keyboard a lot, imo it’s a lot more accurate than SwiftKey, the only problem is that you can’t have 2 languages at the same time. Although swiftkey often got that wrong for me (French/English)

    1. Agreed, Google’s keyboard is much more accurate than swiftkey although I do miss the themes and switch back and forth sometimes lol

    2. SwitftKey seems more natural and faster. Maybe it’s because of the tactile feedback

  2. I’m jumping back to SwiftKey after a couple days trying KitKat keyboard on my Nexus 5.

    1. In going back to swype. The kitkat keyboard never gets I’m(corrects to in) or ur(corrects to it). There are others too and they drive me crazy. Swype and swiftkey never give me these issues

      1. ur isn’t a word.
        if you use a sliding keyboard it’s no effort to slide “your”

  3. Can you guys at phandroid please make an article about having a dedicated number row option. It’s something that would make this keyboard near perfect for note 2, s4, and Note 3 users. Millions of people would like that feature added by no blog has yet to write about it.

    1. Great point. That’s why the only keyboard I use on my Note 2 is the Samsung Touchwiz keyboard.

      1. which is based on swiftkey.

        1. which doesn’t have a dedicated number row -.-

    2. yeah I agree, one of the reasons I stuck with samsung keyboard for so long

      1. I actually like this keyboard for not having that.. I love the 10 key it has if you hit number… IF they did add a row I hope they make it so it does not have to be there. Extra space taken up by they keyboard for no reason cramps my style, quite literally.

  4. One of the most useful and most important apps on my phone.

  5. The only feature I wish to get back from the previous version is the ability to switch languages using the space bar.

  6. is it updated in the amazon market place too

  7. I am using the Go Keyboard with the tablet/pad addon and it is good since it allows me to choose different key layouts for when a tablet is in either orientation and spreads the keys out so typing with 2 hands in landscape it not really a problem.

    1. SwiftKey does that on my Palm Pad… Errr I mean HP Touchpad. O:-)

  8. I love the new updates for swiftkey and use them on my Note 8.0, but with the additions Samsung made to the stock Note 3 keyboard, as well as the much improved handwriting recognition (including software enhancement to scroll the writing pad over, after each word), I’ve been sticking with their stock keyboard. They even implemented Swiftkey’s functionality of pulling info from social networking and emails, so that the predictive text is improved.

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