Google opens up Mirror API to all developers, even more Glassware incoming


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Earlier this week Google gave us a sneak peek at their upcoming Google Glass Development Kit (GDK), a set of tools developers will use to hit the ground running with Glassware (Google Glass apps). While the GDK still isn’t ready for prime time, Google Developers did announce via their G+ page that the Glass Mirror API has finally been opened to all.

The Mirror API — while not as full featured as the GDK — utilizes cloud APIs to build web apps for Glass, not apps that run natively on the hardware. These are the type of apps we’ve seen “running” on Glass at the moment. Although we’re hyped for the release of the GDK, there’s still a lot that can be done with the Mirror API. The more Glassware available on Glass the better.

[Google Developers | Google Glass API]

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  1. I hope the price goes down a little bit. I want one but can’t afford to pay $1500.

    1. It definitely will. But I’m guessing it will still be about half that (which in my opinion, is still too costly).

      1. $750 is easier to swallow than $1500. But I agree that it should be around $500 for many of us to actually afford one.

  2. Where’s the picture of that dog wearing the glasses? lol

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