Nov 22nd, 2013


What we’re seeing here isn’t much, but if we are to believe the reports associated with these images we are looking at the skeletal base of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Of particular note: the material here is metal, not plastic.

The images come by way of They claim to have obtained the photos from sources working for a Samsung subcontractor tasked with production of the Galaxy S5.

One running complaint against Samsung’s premium Galaxy S line has been the company’s decision to utilize plastic as the primary build material over the device’s first four generations. The result is a handset that tends to feel a bit lower quality than intended. Samsung has long been rumored to upgrade the material, and the pictured casing jives with talk of a metal Galaxy S5.

Granted, if this turns out to be the GS5, the frame pictured leaves plenty of room for other materials to come into play. A metal base could still be accented with plastic panels, a removable battery cover, and the like. What do you guys think? Is this the real deal or something different entirely?



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