Xbox One SmartGlass app now available for Android devices


Xbox SmartGlass app for Android

We’re barely 3 days away from the launch of the Xbox One and for those wanting to get a head start on everything the console has to offer, the new Xbox One SmartGlass app is now officially available from Google Play.

Like the original Xbox SmartGlass app before it, Xbox gamers can use Xbox One SmartGlass as a central hub for all things Xbox. Sync it up with the console and you’ll be able to message friends, track achievements, or even get game help while on-the-go. Xbox One SmartGlass also acts as a companion app for games and media, bringing the second-screen experience to your Android device.

Pinned content in the SmartGlass app syncs up with the Xbox One and while you wont be able to do much until the console actually launches, we’re sure that wont stop you from downloading anyway.

Download: Xbox One SmartGlass on Google Play

via XboxOneDaily

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  1. Glad Microsoft got this out in time. Can’t wait until Friday!

  2. Team Sony! 1080p

    1. I got a PS4 and COD only outputs at 900p. O_o

      1. must be your tv

      2. Yeah, I believe there was a day one update that improved the resolution. Same kind of deal with assassin’s creed. Sony may have pushed this, to ride the wave of publicity about games having higher resolutions on PS4.

      3. I am not a fan of the new call of duty coming from a lifelong call of duty fan so dedicated I wouldn’t buy battlefield gave up until they can fix all of the bugs and issues with it and bought battlefield 4 overall a little buggy but needs a patch but I do love it truly takes advantage of the ps4s insides

    2. team pc 1440p 1600p, 4k, eyefinity!

  3. I can’t wait to get my Xbox One this friday…..although I only got it because I was unable to get a PS4. >_<

    1. If Microsoft hadn’t announced the DRM restrictions that they ended up reversing, I wouldn’t have a PS4 right now, or an Xbox One pre-ordered for that matter. After seeing both the M$ and Sony press conferences during E3, I immediately pre-ordered the PS4. Had M$ not announced that DRM policy, I would’ve been debating for days on end about which console to get and wouldn’t have pre-ordered anything and I’m not willing to sit outside for hours waiting for a midnight launch.

      In a way, I’m glad I got the PS4 though because in order to “prepare” (excuse to buy more video games) for the PS4, I ended up buying a PS3 in July and playing through Killzone 3, Resistance 3, Uncharted 1, 2, and 3, and The Last of Us. Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us are now in my top 5 games of all time. Sold both my PS3 and Xbox 360 immediately after and increased my direct deposit into a savings account to start saving for the PS4 (and Nexus 5).

  4. more windows 8 tiles crap

  5. I got a PS4, but I will definitely be getting an Xbox One sometime next year once a few solid exclusives come out. I like that the PS4 has stronger hardware, and exclusives like uncharted, but as some people have said about this console war, Microsoft is Microsoft. Sony is terrible at OS software. For example, their online store on the PS4 is slow and laggy, and there’s not much that’s intuitive about the PS4 interface to begin with, it’s not much different from the PS3. Think about how much the Xbox 360’s interface changed over its lifespan. The Xbox One interface looks pretty cool and they will do a better job with integrating their console with tablets, phones, and computers than Sony. I hate tiles in Windows, but I would love them on tablets or entertainment devices like the Xbox.

    1. I essentially agree with every single word of this.

    2. To me it’s all about kinect and whether someone actually makes a game worth getting.

      1. Yeah, until they deeply integrate kinect into a game like halo or assassin’s creed, it’s not worth it. I have no interest in video chatting, or kinect sport games. I like to sit on my behind while I’m gaming and I go to the gym 4x a week for exercise so I don’t want to do that during gaming sessions. I’m glad I didn’t get the xbox out of principle partly because the kinect would be a complete waste of money to me and I don’t like wasting money.

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