Nov 18th, 2013

It was only last week we showed you guys a video from LG where they put their self-healing properties of their new LG G Flex to the test. In a very controlled environment, we watched as LG took a steel brush and scraped the LG G Flex numerous times across its back surface. True to their word, the scratches began to disappear as the phone healed itself, granted, over a few minutes time.

All of that sounded great, but if you were looking to see how the device would perform in more real-world scratch tests, YouTuber MKBHD is here to help. Getting a hold of his own LG G Flex, we watched as he takes a set of keys — and even a knife — over the back of the LG G Flex with surprising results.

While it the devices isn’t capable of healing 100%, over time (and under warm conditions to accelerate the healing process), we can see just how much less prominent those scratches became. He also gives the G Flex some CPR to test out its flexibility, and spoiler: the phone comes out unscathed.

So, what have we learned here today? Although nothing incredibly groundbreaking, the new technology behind the LG G Flex is just the first step to what will someday spring forth the even more truly flexible (and possibly even unbreakable) smartphones. Great work, Skynet LG.


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