Watch as the LG G Flex gets knifed, then heals itself like the T-1000 [VIDEO]


It was only last week we showed you guys a video from LG where they put their self-healing properties of their new LG G Flex to the test. In a very controlled environment, we watched as LG took a steel brush and scraped the LG G Flex numerous times across its back surface. True to their word, the scratches began to disappear as the phone healed itself, granted, over a few minutes time.

All of that sounded great, but if you were looking to see how the device would perform in more real-world scratch tests, YouTuber MKBHD is here to help. Getting a hold of his own LG G Flex, we watched as he takes a set of keys — and even a knife — over the back of the LG G Flex with surprising results.

While it the devices isn’t capable of healing 100%, over time (and under warm conditions to accelerate the healing process), we can see just how much less prominent those scratches became. He also gives the G Flex some CPR to test out its flexibility, and spoiler: the phone comes out unscathed.

So, what have we learned here today? Although nothing incredibly groundbreaking, the new technology behind the LG G Flex is just the first step to what will someday spring forth the even more truly flexible (and possibly even unbreakable) smartphones. Great work, Skynet LG.


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Wow! has anyone tried dropping it?

    1. We’re not trying to break the thing, man. O_o

      1. Come on man let’s run this thing through the ringer. How does it hold up to scratches on the display. Does the curve keep the display from rubbing up against a piece of sand and getting it scratched? I bet a flat surface is more likely to get the deep sand type scratch.

      2. Isn’t the display supposed to be unbreakable? Maybe not you but someone should do a drop test.

        1. The actual internal LCD display is supposed to be unbreakable but that doesn’t mean the glass on the outside is.

          1. It’s very flexible. Regular glass would have broken by then. And there are videos where it can take a hammer blow.

          2. True, but somehow it can at least bend according to the video, so I’d be surprised if it wasn’t at least a little better at surviving drops than standard phones.

  2. But, how resistant to scratches is the screen. Obviously Gorilla Glass doesn’t flex so how well does the display hold up to scratches. I’m waiting for someone to get down to the basic thing most of us care about beyond the nifty concepts.

    1. Gorilla Glass flexes. That’s pretty much all it does. GG still scratches easy because they cover the glass in oleophobic coatings.

      1. GG flexes? How much? Is GG on the G Flex?

        1. Watch their promo videos. The push that weight down on it and bend the absolute hell out of it.

          People always reply “I don’t care if it bends. I just want it to survive a drop”

  3. Anybody else kinda wishing that “miley” replaced “the lg g flex” in the title, without the heals it/herself part?

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      1. So she’s a whore huh?

  4. Wow.. That’s awesome.

  5. I never buy any of the “self healing” things. It just doesn’t make sense. Anything that I’ve ever seen to be “self healing” basically just makes the scratch less apparent over time. I’m guessing this doesn’t sway far from that, I can still see the old scratches in the surface on this video. They are just faint.

    1. He just scratched it with his pocket knife and it became barely noticable and much more likely to heal even more over time. I think that’s pretty amazing.

      1. I still don’t buy that it really heals. That would break the laws of physics/chemistry. You are displacing molecules of the material. They don’t magically regenerate. Maybe it oxidizes to the same color, but doesn’t really “heal”. I’d highly doubt that there is enough attraction between the molecules to reset themselves into the original lattice. That would require work to be done.

        1. The molecules can reform to a near prior state with the application of heat.

          1. But if they are lost during the scratch, how is that possible?

          2. Magic.

          3. auto-magic-ly

          4. Relate it to platinum in jewelry. The particles don’t scratch off like gold, they are able to be moved around on the piece.

            I don’t think LG will truly tell us how it’s done because they’ve spent the money on R&D in order to one up everyone else. So as others said, magic.

        2. Google self-healing polymer

  6. the healing is amazing in itself but the 3500 battery rofl

    1. The G2 with a 3000 battery gets amazing battery life. I’d love to have this one!

    2. that’s huge

    3. Seriously? The G2 with the 3000 mah batter gets some of the best battery life ever seen on a smartphone, with a 720p screen this will probably be even better.

      1. Lou, my comment was a compliment to the amazingly huge 3500 mah batts.

        1. My bad lol I read that wrong.

  7. if i wanted a phone that flexes id buy a flip phone.

  8. I like this phone. It would be nice not getting the display all sweaty. I also would have to assume this makes the phone easier to hold between the ear and shoulder. But the buttons on the back ruin it for me.

  9. LG radios and speakers are =0(

  10. it will be warm in your pocket though meaning it will actually heal pretty fast

  11. Arnold Rules!!!

  12. That gif is pure win

  13. It`s still a LG..

  14. This would have been a good base for the Nexus 5! That currvvveee thhooo

  15. Will it blend?

  16. Your knife is a Chinese knockoff. Just figured I’d let you know.

  17. But does the curved back happen to be a girl with jewels on her back? I don’t think so! Combine your magical features for the boys already LG. Jk, this is a decent feature. I have to say I’m a fan of ArmorSuit. I have it on my HTC One and on my Kindle HD and it’s saved both devices from major scratches. It’s pretty forgiving/healing too imho…usually I can buff scratches out.

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