Get the Verizon Moto X for $50 through Moto Maker [DEALS]



Looking for a good reason to get Verizon’s Moto X through the Moto Maker? Perhaps a price tag of $50 (following a new two-year contract agreement) will do the trick for you. It took a while for the phone to come to the Moto Maker after a lengthy period of exclusivity for AT&T, but if you haven’t already given up on getting a custom Moto X then there’ll be no better time than now.

You can get the device to your exact liking, including a multitude of color choices for the body and accents of the phone. You can also get custom engravings, change your wallpaper, and even get your Google account setup ahead of time.

We’d love it if Motorola could get a move on with those custom wooden backplates, but we’re just happy to have Moto Maker support for all at this point. Head to Motorola’s website to start customizing yours if you’ve been waiting on a good deal for this solid smartphone, and be sure to read our full review if you want to know what’s up with Motorola’s 2013 workhorse.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I went through the checkout process and noticed it didn’t say anything about loosing my unlimited data. Has anyone with unlimited data process an order and able to keep their unlimited data in tact?

    1. That would be amazing if you kept it. I second this question, has anyone kept/lost it?

      1. I ordered one. It seemed to let me keep it. I did see the above mentioned disclaimer though. But definitely didn’t get asked to pick a new plan.

        I have this message on top of my confirmation email:
        VEZ Verizon Individual Keep Existing Plan

        1. Did the same thing and got the same result. To be honest, I reviewed the data usage on my phone for the last 18 months and I am averaging a gig a month so I am not that devastated if I lose it. I use my Nexus 7 on wifi wherever I go for most heavy crunching anyway.

    2. So I got the phone today. When I activated on the web, that’s when they get you with the prompt that you need a new data plan. So I canceled out of that. I took the Sim card out of my droid RAZR, and took out a chisel and cut it in the shape of the new nano Sim. I put it in and my phone came up ready to go with voice and data. My account says a contract end date of 2015, has moto x showing active on my line and data as unlimited. Hopefully they don’t catch up with me some day.

  2. There is a disclaimer on the bottom of the Verizon plan checkout screen which states:

    With Verizon’s new Share Everything plan, unlimited data is no longer available. If you upgrade a line that has an existing unlimited data plan, you will lose unlimited data on that line.

    If you get to keep your unlimited, let us know.

    1. Correct, that is through Verizon’s site. I didn’t see that anywhere through the Motomaker checkout, so I wonder what happens after you complete the order since it doesn’t give you any data options to upgrade to.

      1. That disclaimer is from the motomaker website after you select your provider.

  3. Moto live chat claims they don’t know and are not responcible for impacts on your plan. Upgrade from your unlimited plan at your own risk.

  4. Something tells me this should have been the Nexus 5 instead of the LG Nex 5….This phone does everything right and i wish all that it did was carried into the Nex 5…X8 computing system but with a 800 snapdrag, active display, always on. The Moto X should have been the phone to dominate into the last 6 months of the year, but that whole dang exclusivity period was ridiculous. They shot themselves with this one, and i dont think google or Motorola itself had faith in this phone or its customizing options from a heavy marketing standpoint. This was a test, and their test is passing, and it passes on my books. If google can copy the computing setup that Motorola had on the X, and its custome options and bring it to a Nexus device next year?!… man can you understand the reception the phone would have gotten….hell they could have brought the customization big guns to the Nex 5 if they wanted.

    1. I think google is being smart/cautious. Custom building moto x’s in the u.s. is a huge venture. the exclusivity on moto maker was as much for not overwhelming the factory as it was for giving at&t a boost. I think the fact we have not seen the wood backs yet is telling.

    2. Google/Motorola was forced into a bunch of ridiculous situations around this phone. Rather than a single device for North America (more or less like iPhone), the carriers made them produce handsets tailored for each of them–for example, no UMTS HSPA+ for Sprint version (good luck with global roaming), AT&T MotoMaker exclusivity, Verizon delays. Forced to sell it at off contract price of $599+ rather than $349. Also, trying to compete against meaningless dodads (resolution and core overkill) rather than real world performance.

      Looks like they may have conquered many of those problems with the Moto G, but somehow the carriers will eff things up again.

  5. BTW. Just bought on MotoMaker and it let me keep my existing unlimited plan.

    1. Bullshit. you’ll get forced to upgrade, you’ll see. Verizon reviews these before activating.

      1. It seems like you might be in the clear if you have a Sim card you can pop in instead of going through an activation

        1. I’ll have to exchange SIM based on the size, but I should be able to do that at a VZW store without a problem.

      2. If I can’t do it, I can’t do it. I can assure you. I won’t be forced to do anything.

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