Nov 13th, 2013

Ski Safari for Android

It was back in May during Google’s Nexus 7 (2013)/Chromecast event that the internet giant took the wraps off Android 4.3 and Google Play Games. A new set of APIs for developers, Google Play Games allowed game makers to incorporate new features like multiplayer matchups, leaderboards, trophies and achievements, and best of all: the backing up of game saves to the cloud.

The single most convenient feature of Google Play Games, we were hyped at the idea of taking our game progress with us as we moved from our smartphones to our tablets, the only problem is months down the road, we’ve yet to see game developers take advantage game save backups.

Ski Safari Google Play Games cloud game save backup

Today, developer Defiant Development has updated Ski Safari — an old Phandroid favorite — adding Google Play Games integration, most notably cloud backups. Simply sign in with your Google+ account, and your game progress will be synced online, allowing you to pick up where you left off on your tablet, or future Android device. Pure. Freakin’. Genius.

Download: Ski Safari on Google Play

We couldn’t be more excited about this feature and are excited to finally see more Android developers implementing cloud game saves into their games. Noticed any other games now using this feature? Shout ’em out in the comments, we’d love to invest our time and money into them.