Samsung in trouble for leaking Apple’s patent-licensing agreements



As Samsung and Apple’s court battle finally comes towards it’s final days (yes I’m kidding), the Korean company finds itself in more hot water as the presiding judge has asked them to explain why it shouldn’t be fined for leaking Apple’s patent-licensing agreements to a large number of employees and unauthorized lawyers.

In the coming days, the two companies will fight it out over the exact sum that Samsung should be made to pay Apple, after the controversial initial amount of $1 billion was brought down to just over $450 million. While this amount deals with only the patents and trademarks in question, Samsung’s antics could see an additional fine on top of that.

Despite my extreme distaste for Apple’s practices, I can’t help but feel awful because of Samsung’s behavior throughout the issue. In this particular case, Samsung tried to benefit from the information they received from Apple as part of legal discovery for the case by using it in negotiations with Nokia, despite a court order against it. One executive, Dr. Seungho Ahn, was cocky enough to say to Nokia’s Chief Intellectual Property Officer, “all information leaks.”

[The Verge]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Can’t get more greedy than apple

    1. Samsung leaks confidential documents to their own advantage == Apple is greedy. Yup.

      1. Okay smart guy I was talking about all of the cases that Apple has going against Samsung right now, not this in specific

        1. I think explaining yourself in the first place would’ve been much more helpful than a blanket statement used ad nauseum for every Android competitor no matter the situation.

          It’s snarky comments like the OP that aggravate both parties and provide ammo for fanboy arguments especially when the article clearly shows Samsung is the greedy one here.

          1. Actually is original statement is just fine. It even implies that Samsung is indeed greedy, but simply states that no matter how greedy they might be, they cannot exceed the amount of greed that Apple has proven themselves to have over the course of many years.

            Reading comprehension combined with historical perspective. It’s a beautiful thing.

          2. You sir are killing them softly .

  2. Careful Snapple.. here comes Apple

    1. Apple was clearly the first to use glass.

      1. omigosh! you’re saying google glass will get sued next after snapple?!? :’-(

        1. They sued a grocery store in Poland for having an Apple in their logo, i don’t see why not.

      2. I thought they invented the wheel. I am almost sure they said they did.

  3. Samsung is going to mess around and do themselves in………

  4. Getting pretty sick and tired with Apple and Samsung going back and forth.

    1. The problem is it isn’t just Samsung, the war is coming to all company’s that use android.Apple will not stop until they make money off every android using company

      1. That’s because it’s a stolen product

        1. What an ignorant argument. You obviously have zero knowledge of operating systems. Android was in development long before the iPhone was released, and if you’re going to try and come back with the fact the original android phone prototype had a keyboard think again. Yes it did have a keyboard, but that doesn’t mean that android couldn’t work on a full touch device. Touchscreens also existed long before the iPhone too. All Apple fans can say for sure is that the keyboard android phone got mothballed after the iPhone launched. Don’t forget the LG Prada that your beloved iPhone mimicked.

          Can’t wait to see all the racist comments start to fly because of my name.

          1. This is what won Apple a billion dollars in court. Get over it everyone knows

          2. Apple’s win was over “trade dress” which is look and feel, not the OS itself. That fact doesn’t invalidate any of the facts I presented so take your own advise and “get over it”. Everyone also knows that the billion has already been dropped to less than half and could go down even further. You really should keep your lawsuits straight.

          3. Or Apple will get even more because Samsung blatantly copied them. They even showed a Samsung internal document in court that was hundreds of pictures of Apples iOS comparing it to what Samsung had at the time and specifically saying next to the images needs to be more like Apples. Thats why they won because the Koreans thought they could copy but they got caught just like they got caught paying people money to write bad reviews about HTC

          4. All part of the 132 page document that Samsung drafted up to copy Apple. Man Samsung must have been crying when they showed the judge this in court.

          5. Look i will show you more it is all over Google you cannot hide from it . It happened it is a fact they blatantly copied the whole look. Open your eyes use your brain derrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

          6. Google/Android != Samsung/Touchwiz

        2. Right round corner and icon on a screen.

    2. I’m sick of it too but how is it Samsung’s fault?

  5. All’s fair in love and war

  6. Only illegal if the meeting was in the United States or Europe. Otherwise fair since most nations don’t follow these patent laws. Hopefully Samsung wasn’t stupid and had the leaks occur outside the US and Europe.

    1. “Hopefully” lol you looser

      1. It must be really sad to be you, having to use name calling to get attention. Parents didn’t love you much, did they? You isheep are really getting boring, I miss the days when trolls were smart. Too bad.

        1. ohhhh nooo. I really care about what you said i am so upset now

          1. Clearly you did enough to feel the need to respond. And that is how you troll.

        2. Yeah, they “loved” him, it’s just that it is illegal to “love” like that in all 50 states.

      2. Wow, name calling. What are you like 6? If your going to bash a comment do it correct. After all there is so much material laying around to make fun of Samsung without resorting to this.

  7. Samsung has no more self control than a small child.

    1. Not a great business strategy but it is funny.

  8. Of course, Samsung did it. This is standard operating procedure for Korean businesses and Korean society in general, where corruption and lack of integrity are second nature. Such practices may be acceptable in Korean society but not on the global economic stage to which Samsung now aspires.

    1. Yes, they need to have ethics and morals like the American banking industry!

      1. I know there are many paid Samsung shills on these boards. They are usually Korean-Americans with names like “Mike Kim.” Time to return to Korea, bro.

        1. Actually, I’m not a fan of Samsung. But I have a brain cell or two, and and am continually shocked by posts on this board and elsewhere by folks who actually think that any large business has any morals.

          Greed is the basis of capitalism and the ‘global economic stage’. They’re all dirty as hell, it’s just a matter which set of dirty practices you know about and/or disagree with.

          1. I can smell the strong odor of kimchi on you, and you’re no American.

        2. Also, forgot to mention. Not Korean nor a Samsung shill. Good ole American moron at your service.

          But if you know where I can sign up to shill for money, I just might be willing to! ;)

    2. Actually, Samsung should use that as their defense. If the judge fines them, she would be discriminating them because this is part of their culture. Liberal judges eat that kind of stuff up.

    3. Why don’t you do something useful, like stop the NSA from spying over anything that breathes

  9. Samsungs marketing team are genius they continue to dominate the industry but man their lawyers suck and even seem to be trying to ruin them. They seem to lose every court battle because of their ignorance of the law.

  10. I am pretty tired of Samsung… They are becoming more and more like Apple. Proprietary accessories, bloatful software.. I was worried before if they ever would have to pay the piper. But they are overdue now.

  11. apple has turned into bully to cry baby now no innovation past 3 years its rolling out same phone every year, iOS 7 is buggy as hell with constant reboots. apple is scared of wearable android devices. They need to innovate than litigate

    1. Sad sad person. All Android lovers feel compelled to diss Apple because they somehow feel threatened. No body cares

      1. I dont think you can read the stats on market share Apple is less than 30% and android over 70%. If anyone is scared and threatened its Apple..they havent innovated any thing past 3 years same phone with new prices . People are bored with apple and ios7 has been a blunder with issues. I love apple products I use imac & ipad but this bullying needs to stop needs to innovate.

        1. Yet they are still worth more than Google and Samsung combined and there products sell out instantly all over the world on release date. When was they last time you saw thousands of people queueing up to buy a Samsung phone? Oh wait that right it doesn’t happen

          1. Again read my post its all about market share. Apple sells on premium and makes a lot of profit but that doesnt mean any thing if you dont innovate.

          2. Don’t innovate ha 5 days after the 5s was announced Samaung said they would be buding a phone with a 64 bit processor. I bet you any money that within 6 months Samsung will bring out a phone with a finger print scanner. Apple is they only company that innovated everyone else just waits till they do then copies

          3. An android phone was first with a finger print scanner, FYI. Same with front-facing cameras, larger screens, LTE, drop-down notifications, OIS, etc. As for 64-bit, there is very little value in it currently; it is yet another Apple marketing gimmick. If you think Samsung and other Android developers are coming out with 64-bit chips and OSes due to the 5s, you clearly have no clue how many years of development that takes. Any 64-bit product released in the next year has been in the pipeline for a good 2-3 years, well before the 5s announcement.

          4. Facts don’t lie

          5. Benchmarks are rigged regularly, they also do not necessarily translate to the final user experience. There is also no evidence in this benchmark that shows 64-bit technology alone is providing the alleged speed increase.

            I remember the old days of Apple showing the G3 processor as twice as fast as the Pentium II. Now look who’s using Intel chips…

            Benchmarks aren’t facts, they are easily distorted observations. Thank you for the attempt, though. It was cute.

          6. Find me reputable evidence that Apple has fudged benchmark scores. I know Samsung have as it was all over the tech news a few weeks ago but you probably chose to ignore that.

            Cmon show me proof Apple does this if you think your right

          7. You’re*.

            My dear troll, I don’t have to prove Apple rigs benchmarks. Benchmarks are a flawed system to begin with in comparing more than one variable at a time.

            Still waiting for you to admit fault about being wrong on finger print scanners…

          8. That’s because I am right you simply cant prove it because it not true. Now go stop talking to me you deluded person I am getting bored of you now

          9. What satisfaction do you achieve from baseless personal attacks? Does it honestly matter what someone’s preferences are in a phone? It seems that you are so blinded by your favoritism that you fail to notice the bias in the ‘facts’ you are trying to present.

          10. Yea and Browser benchmarks have nothing to do with hardware, its mostly browser optimization.
            Heres a real hardware benchmark:

            But i guess in Apple land, any benchmark that doesn’t have the iPhone at the Top is automatically pushed aside lol

          11. Think you’ll find that Samsung fudges the Note 3 benchmark scores as it was all over the tech news a few weeks ago you idiotic fool. In fact most Android phones are fudged TAKE A LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE

          12. Look mate don’t close your eyes and hide in the corner about this one. EVERYBODY KNOWS!!!!

          13. Front facing cameras were certainly present on Symbian first

          14. I was speaking Android vs. iOS. If we’re expanding beyond that, many firsts would go to other computing platforms.

          15. Fair enough, I’m just defending my worst mobile purchase ever: the Nokia N95

          16. Android atrix had finger print lock years before iphone


            Apple continues to follow Samsung; plans extra-big iPhones with enhanced pressure sensors, curved screens


          17. So we are all going to ignore facts and listen to CEOs trying to cover up facts. Okay. For real though, you know Samsung Displays began production of larger display at it’s Fab dedicated to Apple right?

          18. Right…cuz Apple said they’d never do a smaller tablet too…

          19. Yes, it’s totally awesome how Apple copies Samsung, but Samsung loses the bulk of the patent infringement law suits, and then people pay the big buck for those Apple phones that are years behind Samsung.

            How does Apple do it? Somehow they have fooled most of the world into thinking they have the most money as well as the best phone, largest market cap, highest customer satisfaction rating, and the best and most valuable brand. Seems just a few Android lovers are the only ones able to avoid the distortion field.

            I wish I was as smart as them.

            Apple fanboy

          20. They got away with patents because the U.S. patent office didn’t check hardly any of them for prior art, which BTW Samsung was denied show proof of in the courts.

          21. And who do you think made that processor? It was Samsung, Also, that processor was based on a 64bit ARM standard. Apple didn’t design that technology, ARM did. So Samsung is getting the laugh anyway.

          22. I’m pretty sure that making more money than anyone else actually means a lot… A lot of money. If as you suggest, Apple does not innovate, but it strikes me as innovative to be as mediocre as you suggest and still rake in the bulk of the cash.

          23. Yeah, the herd of lemmings has money.

          24. I even intelligent and biting humor such as yours passes unnoticed when 150 million is use do sav the wound.

          25. English a 3rd language for you? That sentence didn’t even make sense. what’s “sav” anyway? and actually on a world wide scale there are FAR more users on Android. than iOS. Their locked down systems is why the have such small market shares. both on P.C.s and mobile. Windows is like 86% vs 13%, and Android has 73%, since you want to talk numbers.

          26. This is purely because you include all the low end devices in that spectrum too. If you just look at something say like the high end tablet market Apple has 70% and not much over 50% of Android devices run the latest OS (Oh wait KitKat is out so its over 50+% that run the older version) 90+% of all iOS devices run the latest iOS7

          27. Market share is not as relevant if you have very high profits, assets and revenue. Eventually it will be, and although many prefer Android, iOS devices continue to make money. Until profits drop, don’t expect Apple to innovate.

          28. Dont innovate haaaaa you deluded person. Apple is all about milestones not small incremental updates like Samsung. In 2007 Apple created a market that didn’t exist and you wouldn’t even have your crappy Samsung as it is if it weren’t for Apple because they would have still been making phones with keypads

          29. They make lots of $ from their cultists

          30. No. Samsung Electronics has assets of $170 billion and Apple at $207 billion. Google has assets of $93 billion.

        2. Not sure if you know what this article is about? Samsung lost. They copied. What does it mean when, if it is as you suggest, a company who can’t innovate is being illegally copied? Hmmm…?

          Then they lose the court case while at the same time cheating and getting caught…hmmm…

          1. Apple lost because of a jury foreman who was biased from the start, failed to disclose this when he was supposed to, introduced to the jurors his own testimony that was not part of the trial, and then persuaded the other jurors who were leaning in Samsung’s favor.

          2. Sorry DanntB2, you said, “Apple lost…” Umm… You are aware that this article is about a 1billion dollar lawsuit that Apple won right?

            Apple won by proving that Samsung copied Apple. Just this new case is to device how much Samsung has to pay.

            Jurors leaning in Samsungs favor? Uummm… That trial is over and the jury decided in Apples favor. Samsung doesn’t win just cuz you want them to.

          3. Finally someone who is not deluded and worships Samsung like some kind of god

          4. > Sorry DanntB2, you said, “Apple lost…” Umm… You are aware that this article is about a 1billion dollar laws

            I meant to say Samsung lost because . . . blah blah

            Sorry for the typo. Please re-read my comment said that way.

          5. This was one of the reasons Apple wont a billion dollars. Because normal people are not blind fools

        3. Yet they sell out instantly all over the world. I go back to saying when did you last see a 1000 strong queue outside a store when a new Samsung phone was released? Thats because you don’t. Plus just over half of all the Android devices run the 2nd latest thats right 2nd latest version of android and over a quarter of devices are still on gingerbread an OS that was released in 2010. They have a lot of catching up to do if you ask me sunshine

          1. The Nexus 5 sold out in half an hour. The reason you didn’t see any lines was because it was sold online.

          2. And how many Nexus 5 phones have they sold? No where near as 9 million in 48 hours. They sold out because they didn’t make that many. The CarphoneWarehouse near my house has them in stock at £295 do your research fool

          3. so if purposely producing less than the needed amount of phones on launch to produce manufactured supply shortage and a perceived huge demand is selling out all over the world, then yea.

          4. Think you’ll find they sold 9 million in 48 hours fool

          5. and then after that? they were all gone. “new iphone sold out in 48 hours” thats what they want. is all im saying. never doubted it sold like hotcakes.

            This is why i prefer droid-life to phandroid too. dont need to pass the friggen troll toll every time i comment.

          6. 9 million are you stupid that is how many they sold that’s a fact you fool. Oh and boohoo can’t take it that someone is convincing you that Apple is better. Quick run to the safety of a Android lovers website befor the big bad Apple gets you ya saddo

          7. i think you missed my point. wait no, you did miss my point. “fool”. lol.

          8. Get over yourself retard and go get a job

          9. Hahaha! well friend, I wouldn’t line up for any new product. There’s this magical thing called the internet where you can pre-order stuff and they ship it to you!

            I was likely out enjoying a few drinks and some delicious food with friends when the last big phone launched! :D
            You just keep on lining up for the same phone ;)

      2. Sad, sad Apple fans, who swallow everything Apple does as if it’s the greatest idea since Penicillin, and don’t even realize most of Apples recent “innovations” are just copies of things that Samsung and Google have already done.

  12. it is apple that is threatened since apple is a US company or claim to be and Samsung is a foreign company what happens if Samsung refuses to pay apple score apple

  13. My official stance: i am indifferent to apple but…. apple does enough crooked stuff and Anything that harms that company is good for most people.

    My counter argument for anyone who “disagrees” is that if apple went down tomorrow someone else could take over what they are doing – and even if said successors “screwed things up” one could still coast off of the existential momentum of apples current products, maybe.

  14. Almost none of those Apple patents should be valid, as most of them are completely obvious and based on preexisting “art.” But the judge in this case is so stupid she wouldn’t even let Samsung introduce evidence to that effect.

    Out patent system is broken, and so is our judicial system. We have judges making decisions on technology that they are totally incapable of understanding. So we end up with stupid judges like this one awarding a billion dollars to Apple for things that shouldn’t even be patented.

    Instead of promoting invention and creation, our system discourages it, because anyone who has the nerve to try to do something is going to get sued.

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