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While most companies tend to focus their marketing on a newly released product, Google’s decided to keep the attention on the Nexus 7 instead of the just-released Nexus 5 with two new advertisements. The ads focus on the content available on the device via the Play Store, with one centered around gaming and the other around reading.

Personally, I can see at least two reasons why we’ve seen new Nexus 7 ads as compared to the single Nexus 5 ad so far: firstly, it isn’t that easy to get your hands on a Nexus 5 right now, at least via the Play Store. Also, Google had announced some time back that they would be bringing greater emphasis on tablet content on the Play Store beginning November 21, which isn’t too far away.

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  1. Google, just acknowledge that you don’t care about the 10″ market anymore and let us both move on.

  2. Meh. I still prefer the one with the kid.

  3. thank you google for making tablet games a priority. Should send a message to game developers who may be still stuck on ios

  4. Does anyone know what the space battle game is at 0:13 in the top video?

  5. Got my NEW Nexus 7 arriving TODAY and I’m so excited about it!!! Can’t wait to get my Cruzerlite Android case and I’ll be rocking & rollin’. I’ve wanted a new tab for SOOOO long and after Google did not release a new Nexus 10 this year I had to get the Neuxs 7. First 7 incher I’ve owned so I can’t wait to take this thing everywhere with me.

  6. Does anyone know if

  7. Does anyone know I’ll be able to use hangouts for text messaging on a Nexus 7 LTE?

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