Nov 4th, 2013


PowerA has just released the all-new MOGA Hero Power and Pro Power controllers. These come with the same quality and form factor we have grown to love, but they really take it away with the controllers’ new feature. These devices actually charge your phone as you play!

One of the biggest problems about mobile gaming is battery life. Those powerful games can make your phone’s juice run out very fast. This becomes a problem when you realize you have been playing way too long and don’t have a power outlet around you.


The battery

The MOGA Hero Power and Pro Power have 1800 mAh and 2200 mAh batteries, respectively. This may be enough to completely charge your device once. At the very least you know you will not be left with little battery power when you are done dominating on your favorite mobile games.

How do the MOGA controllers charge my phone?

The controller plugs into your phone via microUSB, so there is not much science to the devices. They are simple to pair and use.

Price and availability

The MOGA Hero Power is the most affordable of the two. It features a slimmer profile and will run you for $59.99. This is a bit of a high starting price, but it will prove to be worth its price if you value battery life (most of us do).

The MOGA Pro Power is for more demanding gamers who prefer a bigger, more comfortable controller. One that will give you an advantage while playing those hard core mobile games. This bad boy costs $79.99, but does feature a larger battery.

You can get both of these from MOGA’s store, or simply wait a bit for retailers like Best Buy, Target, Sprint and Verizon to have them in stock. Such retailers should have these in “early November”, so any time now.

Are you getting a MOGA Power controller?


This is a first for smartphone gaming controllers. I love the idea that these MOGA controllers double as a charger, and I will not wait one bit to get one of these. I already carry an external battery anyways. Why not take a MOGA Power controller instead?

Are you guys buying one?


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