MOGA Hero Power and Pro Power controllers released, they charge your phone as you play!



PowerA has just released the all-new MOGA Hero Power and Pro Power controllers. These come with the same quality and form factor we have grown to love, but they really take it away with the controllers’ new feature. These devices actually charge your phone as you play!

One of the biggest problems about mobile gaming is battery life. Those powerful games can make your phone’s juice run out very fast. This becomes a problem when you realize you have been playing way too long and don’t have a power outlet around you.


The battery

The MOGA Hero Power and Pro Power have 1800 mAh and 2200 mAh batteries, respectively. This may be enough to completely charge your device once. At the very least you know you will not be left with little battery power when you are done dominating on your favorite mobile games.

How do the MOGA controllers charge my phone?

The controller plugs into your phone via microUSB, so there is not much science to the devices. They are simple to pair and use.

Price and availability

The MOGA Hero Power is the most affordable of the two. It features a slimmer profile and will run you for $59.99. This is a bit of a high starting price, but it will prove to be worth its price if you value battery life (most of us do).

The MOGA Pro Power is for more demanding gamers who prefer a bigger, more comfortable controller. One that will give you an advantage while playing those hard core mobile games. This bad boy costs $79.99, but does feature a larger battery.

You can get both of these from MOGA’s store, or simply wait a bit for retailers like Best Buy, Target, Sprint and Verizon to have them in stock. Such retailers should have these in “early November”, so any time now.

Are you getting a MOGA Power controller?


This is a first for smartphone gaming controllers. I love the idea that these MOGA controllers double as a charger, and I will not wait one bit to get one of these. I already carry an external battery anyways. Why not take a MOGA Power controller instead?

Are you guys buying one?


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  1. Hope it’s better than the last version.

    1. I own the Moga pro and personally its great.

      The issue is that there are a lot of big name games that aren’t optimised for Moga.

      Fix this and you have an awesome product.

  2. Really excited for mine, managed to win one off their twitter page :D

    1. NICE!

  3. Did haz support 4 my Candy Crush addiction? /end dumb comment.

    I may start gaming again on my phone with this thing. I’ll self gift it to myself for the holidays if need be.

  4. Had it in my Amazon cart for about a week now. Waiting to see a few reviews. Might be my Christmas present to myself!

  5. I think there are 2 issues that seriously handicap mobile gaming.
    1. Overheating
    2. Battery Life
    The latter is taken care of here but what about the overheating? A 45min session of Real Racing 3 on my One X leaves it almost on its knees. If i push it to an hour, the phone gets so hot that the right side of the screen gets a yellow discoloration which receeds after the device has cooled down. A couple of times it has shutdown and I had to wait for a long time before it would even charge again, forget powering on. I dont know how bad the overheating is on other phones but i dont think it wouldnt be much better. Can anyone with the newer S600/S800 chipsets share their experience?

    1. Never had any issues with gaming on my Nexus 4 other than battery life. I’ve played around 2 hours straight of Asphalt 8, Dead Trigger 1 and 2, and emulators with the MOGA pocket on many occasions and my battery drops from full to 10-20%. It does get a little warm, never hot enough for me to worry about it though.

      1. Guess its the Tegra 3 showing its age because it wasnt this bad at the start.
        Another reason for me to switch to the Nexus 5 :)

        1. Can’t wait to get the Nexus 5 myself :D

      2. i had the pocket version and i’ll have problems with it. Don’t know if i had a bad unit or it was just flawed from the beginning.

        1. What kind of issues? Are you using the Pivot app or Universal Driver with Root?

          1. i used both and my phone was rooted, but still i play gta and lose connectivity after a couple of minutes of play. Same thing happen on my nexus 7.

          2. Version 2.2 of the Universal Driver works perfectly for me. Ever since the dev updated the app to support the MOGA Pro there have been issues with it eating up ram. Look for an apk and uninstall the current version of MOGA Universal driver and side load the older one.

  6. Ordered mine over a week ago. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

  7. Looking forward to these in the UK

  8. This thing looks cool.

  9. Samsung demoed a product similar to this (without the battery) a while back… anyone know anything about the launch of that thing?

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