Nexus 5 delayed several weeks for some, warns Google


Nexus 5 orders delayed

And just when we were about to pat Google on the back for a successfully — and surprisingly smooth — Nexus 5 launch, they have now posted the following update in regards to Nexus 5 orders:

“Order processing for Nexus 5 devices may take a little longer than usual, up to several weeks. If you ordered a Nexus 5 device, go to ‘My orders’ and click Info for the most up-to-date order status.”

If you’ve already received your shipping confirmation, it looks like you’re in the clear. As for the rest of you, well, you might have some sleepless nights ahead of you. Let’s cross our fingers this isn’t widespread, and only a minimal amount of orders will suffer from delayed processing.

Want to check the status of your order(s)? Head to the Play Store’s “My Orders” page and hope for the best.

[Google Support]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. y u do dis?

    1. y u do dis googie?

      1. lul , hi luuks su mIseriblu

          1. oh prease, engrish is so yesterday.

          2. How do you post gifs on disqus?

  2. Phew.. I am in the clear… i got a shipping confirmation.

  3. In the wise words of Nelson… HA HA :P I get mine on Monday!

    1. Gloating is very unbecoming of you

  4. Phwew, got my tracking number this morning. Dodged a bullet. Good luck to all others.

  5. I’m sorry, I love Google, but this type of $hit shouldn’t happen with a multi-billion dollar company. Apple can launch devices smoothly. They had last years fiasco and they should’ve been able to gauge the huge demand based on all of the leaks. Dropped the ball again, and now I must wait to get one simply because I was at work.

    1. Apple sucks ballz too. Just check out the Iphone 5S shipment delays.



    2. Really? Have you tried to order a gold or white 5s?

    3. You’re right, it’s pathetic. I would much rather just go into a shop and get one, but here in the UK the only place selling it off contract is Carphone Warehouse and they only have the 16GB. How hard do Google want to make it for me to give them my money?

  6. My guess would be it has something to do with UPS more than Google. Unless there are just that many orders to go through? Got my tracking number yesterday luckily but hope it is sooner rather than later for everyone else!

    edit: Just checked and the 16gb black/white are available again… with delayed shipping. Again, just leads me to think it’s more of a UPS/shipping issue than all on Google

    1. What makes you think UPS is at fault? UPS knows how to ship large quantities of merchandise. This was a Google problem. They weren’t prepared for this.

      Either they need to get their crap together or they need to, and I hate to say it, limit the amount of devices one person can buy. I AM kinda bummed that I’d have to wait a few weeks if I bought one, but, at the same time, it gives me time to think about whether or not I really need a new phone. My 4 works just fine and buying a new device is more out of habit, really. And spending money on crap I don’t need is just wasteful!

      Sh!t. Did I just have a grown up moment? This is not good…

  7. I don’t really see how a new device beginning to sell out and be put on backorder within 30 minutes can be considered smooth or successful in the first place. Yes, they sold a lot of units. How much is anyone’s guess. So, great for their bottom line. But why even offer a product that you can’t meet the demand for? They knew full well what to expect, and it even seemed like the launch was delayed… Perhaps to manufacture enough units to not sell out so fast this time? We hoped. But in the end if there was a delay, who knows what it was for. All we know is anyone at work or busy doing anything else for one hour, or perhaps heaven forbid waiting one day until the first when they got paid, missed out and will have to wait an untold number of weeks. Fail.

    1. Basically, the release was a major f**k up

    2. The b/w 16gbs are back in stock… they don’t have to wait weeks

    3. you lost me at why make a product you can’t meet the demand for

    4. I don’t think it was a fail. I was able to purchase one today around 4pm (16GB black). Sure I’ll have to wait 3 weeks or so but I can live with that. Its gotta be hard to keep a these babies in stock ESPECIALLY at this price point AND unlocked!

  8. I just checked mine “Leaves warehouse November 15th” fuuuuuuu noooooooooo

    1. Mine says November 5th!

      1. so does mine

    2. What was your orignal shipping date?

    3. i just want to say… hahahaha

    4. mine says Nov 8th


  10. Mine says it leave the warehouse November 5th! – :D

  11. I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Anyone who ordered a 16gb white got their shipping confirmation?

    1. Yes. Mine is scheduled to arrive on Monday. Edit: I ordered mine at 2:08 EST.

      1. Google, stop picking on me. (I beat you by six minutes, and yet)

        1. Did you choose two day or standard?

          1. Don’t quite remember, but most likely standard. I was under impression that I’d only get the device in December anyway (my sis will be bringing it to India from the US) but as it turns out I might be able to get someone else to bring it for me. If I can get the device in his hands before the 15th.

          2. Gotcha. I ordered two day since it was only 3 bucks more. That 3 dollars is looking pretttty good right now!

          3. I didn’t really see the price difference, I was just in a hurry to make sure the order goes through. Plus, I was already placing it through a VPN and it just felt like things could come crashing so fast.

            It still says scheduled for Nov 5, so I’m hopeful of it, but can’t say I’m certain considering Google’s track record.

        2. Maybe Google is still mad at you for posting that fake all-white N5 story.

  12. Mine still say they’re leaving the warehouse by November 5th . . .

  13. My order says pre ordered and pending. But charged my card already.

    1. call them

    2. are you sure it’s not a hold?

    3. It is most likely a hold on the card. Check your status in the play store, mine shipped today.

  14. This is exactly what they want! If they made enough to suit demand, they wouldn’t exactly be able to say ‘We sold out’. Saying that means the phone is a huge success, shows that a lot of people want it and makes others want it.

    Say if they *edit* make */edit* one million units.
    If they sell 700 thousand initially, people think, oh okay that’s cool.

    If they make 700 thousand units, and sell out, people think oh wow, that is popular, it must be good.

    1. Yeah its a cheap marketing gimmick because they don’t have faith in their product.

      Sad really.

  15. Are any of the big box stores selling them yet?

    Just checked my order. It’s still supposed to ship by the 8th.

    1. Ditto on my order for a 16GB at 11:56 PDT.

      No stores in my area are sellingselling, Utah, otherwise I’d probably just cancel my order.

  16. Hey Chris, can you please write an Article about Nexus 5 compatibility w/ AT&T. Pleaseee… Thanks!



    1. Yes, the nexus 5 is compatible with AT&T. what’s there to write about?

      1. Doesn’t look like AT&T’s HSPA bands are supported by Nexus 5.

        Yes, it’ll work w/ 2G, 3G, LTE; but not with HSPA. Since I’m not a frequency guru I was going that the Phandroid team can use their resources to gather this Info

        1. What is the Nexus 5’s HSPA bands?

          1. GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

            But, I’m not sure if they are just 3G and/or also HSPA

          2. Hspa/+ is the same bands as 3g. It’ll work without a problem.

          3. The specs clearly say the phone supports 850,900,1800,and 1900.

          4. Not debating Nexus 5 specs. Just wondering what all of AT&T bands are for voice and data. From other posts, it looks like Nexus 5 is compatible with all of AT&T bands.

          5. As far as I know 850 and 1800 covers gsm carriers in the United states and 800 and 1900 should cover Europe’s standards.

  17. Here we go again… did Google and LG not learn anything from last year’s debacle?

    1. I guess Google is not using Apple’s slave driving style in China, lol

  18. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Well, mine just says “pending” and “Leaves warehouse by November 8, 2013.”

    1. Likewise. I got my order in around 3:30, email 2 hrs later, fingers crossed!

  19. Praise the sun, mine has already been shipped. Delivery confirmed for Monday.

    1. Oh, and to clarify, mine was ordered at 2:04pm EDT yesterday. 32GB Black. For those that are looking for some kind of pattern or something.

      1. 2:24 here and still pending ship by Nov,5

    2. Too bad it has a weaker CPU & GPU than the iPhone 5s OMG LOL.

  20. AWWWW MAN! Mine is still pending and I bought it at 11:09am yesterday and have ship by Nov 5th. I am now worried. I got the confirmation email instantly after the order was placed I hope that’s a good sign. *Fingers Crossed*

    1. What confirmation? Mine only said thank you for purchasing in the email.

  21. Well then my case from Amazon will arrive before the phone. Silver lining? :'(

    1. Mine too, though the shipping on that is weird as it shows it won’t show up until between November 27th and December . . . something something, I don’t remember. I goofed and chose standard shipping on mine and Google said the only way to change the shipping would be to cancel the order and place it again, I think I’ll just wait a bit extra for my original order with ground shipping.

  22. Mine is already loading onto the plane in Louisville. Woohoo. White 32gb which was in stock longer than the black. Also getting my warranty replacement for HTC One on Monday. I’m torn on which one I’ll keep. Decisions decisions. I think I like the anticipation of getting my toys more than actually playing with them.

  23. man my Order date is Oct 31, 2013 2:16:59 PM EDT and people all around my time has been getting theirs shipped. I payed extra for 2 day shipping and I still don’t have anything. In the morning if I mines doesn’t ship I’m calling Google and raising hell. Big reason is because I payed extra for 2 day shipping… Or is that too much?

    1. Uh, when is your ship-by date that’s in the email, sparky?

      1. it’s ship by nov 5th sparky. So i know I ordered in time to get into the first batch

        1. Yeah, you should definitely call Google and yell and scream at someone who has little to no control over the actual shipment of device, especially since it’s three days before Google stated it would be shipped by. That way they’ll know you’re a douchebag instead of just thinking it.

          1. I guess he thinks that a “2-day shipping” means he will get it on or before 11/2, which is not true.

          2. Uh no I do not. I’ve been ordering things online for awhile so don’t try and be smart

          3. I am not trying to be smart, but you are, lol. But I guess the kid who cries the loudest gets the candy. Moving along.

          4. Hahaaaaaa no if you want to move along don’t make a smart remark then say moving along. Just said your done with it.

          5. I hope your’s never ships.

          6. Ohhhhh do you? Well it did

          7. you know I didn’t really need you to start bitching at me ok. So if you don’t like what I’m doing move on. No need for calling people douchebag and all that crap

        2. Mine says Pending under Status but i orded when they still had stock i orded way before they ran out of stock, this mean im NOT getting it?

          1. from what I’ve heard if you’reship by date is nov 5th then you ordered in good time. Mine still says pending but I assume more should get shipped tonight. I would believe Google would ship as many out before the weekend… or sunday

          2. The only way to get that answered for certain would be to call Google. Asking some random dope on the internet isn’t going to give you anything definitive. My order states it’s pending with a ship date of by November 5th, unless that changes, I’m going to believe it’s accurate.

    2. Yes, it’s definitely too much. You’re talking about raising hell for not getting a shipping confirmation on something that may or may not have been shipped yet. My Nexus 5 has shipped, but I was a part of the Nexus 4 debacle last year, so I know where you’re coming from, but it’s been a day. You need to give things proper time to literally process before making a scene. At least your order was in before the device being sold out. Let everything work first.

    3. Whaa whaa whaa, I WANT MY MOMMY!!!

  24. order mine today Nov 1, 2013 5:23:54 PM EDT still waiting anybody got there email yet

  25. I think this article is very misleading. The message from google that the writer mentions appears when you click “Learn More” right next to “Leaves the warehouse in 2-3 weeks” or “3-4 weeks”. If one goes to the link and scrolls down, one can see that the usual processing time for a product in the United States is 1-2 business days. The context of the notification from google is that it is not going to be the case, it could take some weeks for processing (as indicated for new orders of the nexus 5, 2-4 weeks).

    I’m confident that those who ordered and have got an estimated ship date will receive their orders in a timely manner. Poor article by phandroid.

  26. Just for reference. Mine, 2:11PM yesterday still says November 5th

    1. 2:08 here and same thing. However just like the N4 launch, they are not processed in order.

      1. Let’s hope for the best.
        While we are discussing shipping, may be someone can answer this too… there were reports last year that some Canadian N4 orders were being charged customs/import, you had to contact google and make them reverse it. Is that how it works? No choice but to pay the amount and then get it back after?

        1. “Your Google Play Order from 31-Oct-2013 Has Shipped” email received. Now to hope the thing in my previous comment doesn’t happen.

  27. My white 32gb went from shipping by the 5th to just pending on the orders page no delivery estimate :(

    1. Me too. :-( same config.

      1. Update : finally got my shipped notice at 4:45 am (cst) good luck to everyone else still waiting.

        1. Yes! Got mine too! At 4:44am! Apparently Google parties late.

  28. Ordered mine at 2:22pm EST on launch day with 2-day delivery, and it shipped today with estimated delivery on Monday. It left from KY and is sitting in Philly now…hopefully soon to be on a truck to NYC.

    1. I ordered mine at 2:08 EST and still says the 5th, I am having N4 flash backs!

      1. Ouch.

        1. I’m glad yours is on the way though! Last time my N4 arrived before I got the shipping confirmation. Here’s to hoping ;)

  29. Uh oh… Here wii go. Let’s see how this all turns out.

    I can’t wait to read and hear about user reviews.

    My next device will either be the HTC One Max or the Nexus 5, and from what I’m hearing, it looks like the Nexus 5. I haven’t had a Nexus device in a while. Hmm… Them decisions, though.

  30. I ordered at 2:11 eastern, still not shipped and pending

  31. 2:47EDT here, 32GB black. Says pending and leaves warehouse by Nov 8th.

  32. Getting mine Monday!!

  33. 2:10 EST for Black 16GB and White 16GB models.

    White 16GB ship date is Nov 5.

    Black 16GB is listed as “pre-ordered”. Google customer support told me not to expect it to be shipped until Nov 22 at the earliest.

    1. Scratch that. Just got an email that both phones have shipped (11/1, 9:35 pm EST.

      1. This is awesome news, I am in the same boat, my black one says pre-ordered I was afraid it would postpone my white one as well. Hopefully ill get my confirmation soon! Woohoo!

    2. how did you contact customer service? i’d like to contact them about my order also…

      1. 1-855-836-3987

    3. Update: A couple hours after speaking with Google Customer Service, I received a email with shipping confirmation on both phones. They are due to arrive this Wednesday.

  34. Mine was thankfully shipped quickly this time. Last year was ridiculous.

  35. Although I agree with the author on some level, I think this launch was a huge success considering the Nexus 4 launch. I think Mr Chavez should go ahead and still “pat Google on the back”. :-)

  36. Good guy Google.. Fails again. Just crushed thousands of Android fans spirit lol.

  37. Just got my shipping notice and tracking number (black 32gb).

  38. Received my tracking number a few minutes ago. Ordered black 32gb at 2:39pm pacific with standard shipping. Good luck everyone.

  39. I got my shipping notification about 30 minutes ago, so no problems here. For what it’s worth, I placed my order at 1:06 pm CST, so about 6 minutes after they became available.

  40. I’m in the clear. UPS tracking page says I’ll be rocking the Nexus 5 on Tuesday!

    1. Same here! Just wish I had gone with 2 day for a whopping extra $4

  41. Mine shipped but I did not select 2 day shipping. I was in a rush to order and never even realized there was an option for 2 day shipping. I think last year, 2 day shipping was the only option for the nexus 4.

    1. Same here, I think a lot of people who ordered standard got shipped tonight.

      1. and me, who upgraded to the more expensive shipping option, I am still waiting……… when I ordered it said leaving warehouse nov 8th, and others who ordered expecting a 2 week wait got theirs without even upgrading the shipping option !

        1. When did you order? I ordered mine at 2:10 eastern, and I heard the date was pushed back to Nov 8th for later orders. Mine said leaves warehouse in 1-2 days when I ordered.

          1. October 31st, ordered 3, one at 3:02, another at 3:07 and another at 3:10pm. and just in case you’re wondering, no they are not all mine lol……. my order still says pending :-

  42. Mine shipped this evening (32gb white) and says will arrive by Tuesday. Didn’t pick 2 day shipping, so that’s nice. Ordered roughly 10 minutes after going live. Isn’t this just what the website says when ordering now?

  43. Alot of people are starting to see that painful “pending” message to wonderful “shipped”.
    Congrats to you peeps and peepets!!! :( i am trolling on my play store, no luck here. Still Pending -> by 8th msg.

    1. I’m in the same boat.

  44. I got my shipping confirmation about an hour ago. Tracking number tells me I’ll have it Tuesday.

  45. Why is it that every year with nexus phones it’s the same song and dance.
    How can they not realize that they are giving sales away to other companies whether they run android or ios.
    I’d think eventually Google would be able to get this right. Release them all at the same time on the play store, at best buy and anywhere else they can sell them. And make sure you have enough stock to supply the initial demand.
    Not very hard to figure out, I’ll get mine when I get it not in a big hurry.

    1. Because LG is making them and are making other phones too.

  46. I got confirmation both of my phones are shipping 16,32 gig black supposed to get them by the 7 end of day. They are leaving Louisville United states and I live in canada.

  47. I bought my phone at 2:08 PM mountain time and 2:26 PM

  48. I was skeptical too after reading all that happened with nexus 4 but this evening I got a confirmation and yay mine is one its way :) can’t wait to get back to pure google. After nexus one, which I still love, its nexus 5!!!!

    1. WOW, you’ve been with the Nexus One all this time? you’ll notice a dramatic upgrade.

  49. I’m so happy I don’t have to put up with this BS this year. Still having nightmares about last year, but this year, I’m keeping my Nexus 4, so no worries.

    1. It went a lot better this year though.

    2. Still waiting after ordering an hour after they went live. If I don’t hear anything by monday guess Ill just cancel, It was pretty much an impulse buy as it is.

      1. Don’t cancel ! If you do, you will be missing out on the best android phone (until Next Year’s Nexus is revealed), and you’ll definitely regret it when you use some other lower-end android-based phone.

        1. Actually got my ship notice a couple hours after I posted. Initially it was supposed to arrive on wed but the ups site says early delivery on tuesday daytime. So hopefully tomorrow it will be here. My play order stil says “leaves warehouse by 11/8” and “shipped” both.

          1. There ! now aren’t you glad you waited… Now you have the best smartphone on earth. at least until next year’s Nexus arrives.

  50. Friend ordered 16gb blk 10min after I ordered 32gb blk, (~2:15 est) his shipped Friday morning expected Monday and mine just shipped this morning but ups hasn’t received it yet. Another friend ordered 5 min before me and neither of his 2 16 blk/white have shipped. Here’s hoping for Monday delivery. My first android phone I’ve been iphone since the 3G

    1. I don’t see a ship date. Where did you see that?

      1. When you click the info link it’ll give you status of order and date it’s expected to leave warehouse.

        1. Thanks. I had done that, but all mine says is shipped.I found that if you click on the order# it will give you the tracking #. When I plug in the # to UPS, it just says the label was created yesterday. :( Thanks for the reply though.

    2. Welcome to the fam

    3. you won’t regret it. and its a good thing you went with Nexus instead of any other android phone…

  51. WHOOHOO! Shows mine shipped already! 32GB Black

  52. Ordered 2:12pm est, 32GB white with 2day shipping.. got shipment confirmation diz morning. Hopefully da Nexus 5 does the job or else is back to iPhone 5.

  53. Went the other way for me. From shipping on November 8, to in transit this morning. 32gb blk, ordered 1:40cdst.

  54. I ordered a white, 32GB, model at 07:44 on November 1st. Had checked other models as well, but all said 2-3 weeks at the time. As of this morning (2nd) my order still shows pending… :(

  55. Looks like 32s are going out fast, looks like most ppl went with the 16 so they are taking longer.

    1. For the average user 16 is plenty, for hardcore users 32 is borderline.

    2. I ordered one black 32gb, one white 16gb, and another black 16gb…….. still waiting on shipping confirmation…… when I ordered it said it leaves warehouse on nov 8th…

      1. I ordered a white and black 16gb at 1:20PM CST, I got my shipping confirmation sunday at 3:30pm cst :) Mine had said Nov 5th. My buddy got his confirmation at the same time as me and his said Nov 8th so yours could be anytime now.

  56. Just got my confirmation of dispatch

  57. Ordered my white 32GB at 11:02 PST. Got shipping notice yesterday morning and it’ll arrive Tuesday.

    I actually chose the cheaper shipping, too. Yeah, I’m happy.

    1. Ordered the white 32GB on Friday, 7am EST. Still pending. I live in East Coast US. Sucks, actually.

  58. Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!

  59. i ordered my white 16 3 hours ago still pending and told me it will take from 4-5 weeks!!!! too much,living in canada !!

  60. Just got my shipping notice!! Don’t believe the 2-3 week warning!!

    1. what about the Nov 8th, warning? should I believe that? i haven’t received shipping notice yet.

  61. Looks like they’re sending out more confirmations today. Ordered black 16 gb at 330 on release. Initial ship by date was 11/8. Looks like they may be shipping the second wave now.

  62. Mine just shipped! UPS says it doesn’t have it yet but hopefully it will be updated by 8pm.

    1. I just got the same email! Although, I probably shouldn’t be this excited… I held off on buying one for myself. The one I purchased was for my sister. I wasn’t expecting it to ship for at least 2-3 weeks.

      1. Perhaps you should purchase another one and tell her that hers is coming in 2-3 weeks! :)

        1. Don’t think the thought hasn’t crossed my mind! Lol

  63. Ordered 16GB Changed my mind because i wanted a 32 called google to cancel the 16.
    Got Tracking for both!! Now Stuck with an extra 16Gb

    1. I will buy it for what you have in it. Kicking myself for not getting two. Need one for my wife.

      1. Shoot me an email
        gallardo055 @ gmail

  64. My vzw contract doesn’t expire until mid December so I had no qualms ordering with the warning “ships in 3-4 weeks”. If I get it earlier than I’ll be too tempted to activate it early. :-)

  65. My “My orders” page says 2-3 weeks to shipping, but got “your order has shipped”-email. The tracking label is inactive still after 24 hours. Odd.. waiting game is on!

    1. Not Fair! Mine says leaves warehouse on Nov 8th, and I have yet to receive a shipping confirmation.

      1. Mine says ships by Nov 15 on order page. but already shipped and arrives by Thursday.

        1. I got shipping confirmation today……….. for delivery tomorrow…….. bizarre, but nonetheless very exciting :-D

  66. well thank God I jumped on it early enough to get mine already.

  67. mines arriving wednesday bitches!

  68. Mine is on its way, and should be here Wednesday. 32gb white :)

  69. Got mine. Dead pixels :( have to return and order another…

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