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The other day, Pandora announced a brand new upgrade that would bring us the tablet user interface we’ve all been waiting for. While that alone was big enough, we noticed something in the Google Play screenshots that wasn’t in the app itself — a Chromecast icon! Pandora was listed as a Chromecast partner from the get-go, but they took their sweet time adding support in their apps. Thankfully, that is no longer the case.

A new upgrade today officially brings Chromecast support, so you can easily beam your tunes to your entertainment center (that’s if you don’t prefer feeding your tunes through other means already). The upgrade is simple, quick, and worth your time if you own the little $35 HDMI-based media dongle that could, so be sure to find it in the Google Play Store.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Where is my HBO Go, or Showtime support? NEEEED it

  2. Great, now if they would just enable Canada.

  3. Useless to me since I use slacker instead and find that it does a much better job

    1. lol

  4. Failing to see the real benefit from this. Anybody that has a stereo connected to their tv and its so nice they want to push pandora from laptop most likely has a nice tv / blueray player / gaming console that can stream pandora already. Not to mention a Audio Jack they can just connect laptop to or phone to from the stereo.

    Agree with the others, need more video content apps like hbo. Or rather, the ability to push your screen to tv natively without having to be in a specific app. That is coming, I forget what the standard is called. My last Intel powered Sony Vaio laptop could push the desktop to tv with a netgear dongle that came with it, over wifi. But dont think that was the standard. Soon all pc’s and phones will push everything to tv with a dongle and new tv’s will have it built in.

    Not to say I wouldnt love one of these Chromecast dongles now tho :)

    1. the point is you don’t have to tie up your laptop to the TV/stereo ect. you can just have chromecast take over the stream and carry on with whatever, it is a much simpler setup for some people. It is better to have the option than not have it :)

      1. get that. However the need to have pandora video content on the tv isnt really valuable, in my opinion. The main point here is getting pandora music onto the stereo that your tv uses, as built in tv speakers suck. Most laptops today have blue tooth built in, and you can buy a bluetooth audio dongle with a audio jack that goes into any stereo which has been out for quite some time. I have been pushing pandora from my iphone 3g (which now acts solely as a pandora player to my stereo) in this manner since 2008.

        1. Unless of course you are like me and have your Chromecast plugged directly into your A/V receiver. In that case, you are streaming Pandora directly to your stereo.

  5. Nice, I haven’t used Pandora for a while, but this may get me to give it another try. Good low power way to play “radio” through my stereo with my tv off.

  6. Wonderful. Now I can experience the full glory of music played through my TV’s speakers.

    1. Can’t tell if serious or sarcastic…

      (if sarcastic, you only have yourself to blame. buy some decent speakers)

      1. Yeah, it has been 10 years since the last upgrade. I blame my wallet.

  7. Would rather have had NOTIFICATION PLAYBACK CONTROLS added in the last update. That being missing is one of the biggest reasons I haven’t used Pandora lately. (Well, that, and GoogleMusic AllAccess radio is better.)

  8. I’ve been using this all morning from my phone. Works great. Cool feature I just discovered, that I did not see posted anywhere, is the volume on the stereo automatically lowers when you receive or make a phone call. Nice touch Pandora!

  9. Got The Pandora One Hack Apk Im Good, Plus I Rather Cast My Own Music To My Chromecast. Google Music All Day!!!

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