Fun with the Nexus 5: dummy units leaking everywhere, 3D renders and GIFs result


Nexus 5 dummy units

We have a good feeling tomorrow Google will have something very special in store for us (call it a hunch). Until then, we lay in wait, drooling over the countless Nexus 5 leaks spewing forth from the far reaches of the internet. Take this dummy unit obtained by a gentleman on Instagram. Apparently, after spending a day with said unit, he came up with a nice 3D render where he shot a quick video, uploaded, then quickly took down.

No big deal, we have the video right here for ya. Not too long after, we discovered this very convincing GIF of a Nexus 5 allegedly created by a fan. Was it the same fella who uploaded the Instagram video? Possibly. Check it out (looks pretty official to us).

13 - 1[via Reddit | Google+ | Overclockers]

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

Oculus Rift mobile version in the works, coming to Android (and not iOS)

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  1. The Nexus 5 is starting to turn into my…ex

    1. You mean by popping up everyday, making you slightly annoyed yet attracted to it at the same time because of its looks and specs, and how much enjoyment it may bring to you at a potentially low cost?

      Or is it because your ex is still a rumor?

      Sorry, I had to.

      1. Lmao. One: it doesn’t really remind me of my ex. I thought it would be a nice joke for someone to spin off on. Two: I like your comment response.

        1. It looks nice and it keeps teasing me, but then it goes away again.

          but look! its a conspiracy! nEXus… EX is in the word!!! ARRGHHHHHHHH

          1. So is a word that ends with those letters and starts with the letter S

          2. Spandex?

    2. In that case, listen to Drake and you’ll want the N5 even more… O_o

      1. Ha-ha

  2. There’s also a leaked benchmark, though we all know how useless benchmarks are. http://hothardware.com/News/Google-Nexus-5-Posts-Best-Gaming-Benchmark-Among-Android-Smartphones/

  3. Wait, does Google have an event scheduled for tomorrow? evleaks said it was on November 1st.

    1. Released tomorrow, on sale 1st :)

      1. Are you sure because I haven’t heard of any event scheduled for an event happening tomorrow?

        1. Exactly. At this point it is still 100% rumor. Google has said nothing. October was a rumor. It could be December for all we know. Until I hear Google directly say something, I’m still unsure of everything, regardless of all the leaks.

          1. Ok it’s still a rumor. Man these Nexus 5 leaks are killing me! I really want to get it but I don’t want to wait until December. I am probably going to wait a week before I buy it to wait for reviews and everything but still I want to see how kit kat is and like different people’s first opinions for the device and stuff. I JUST WANT TO KNOW!!! If they do not release it by mid-november, I am getting the LG G2 or the Galaxy Note 3.

          2. I already have my Nexus 5 Spigen cases in hand and Qi charger. This phone has perfect dimensions. It’s so thin and sleek and rounded exactly where and how much you want to. I think it has the potential to be the best feeling phone made to date. I’m so excited. But, Google has said nothing yet.

          3. I want to hold it so bad. I am waiting to order the cases until the phone actually comes out and after a week when I order, I will order a case too so by then there will be many more cases out. I really like the spigen neo hybrid cases and I am planning to order this case no matter what: http://www.amazon.com/SUPCASE-Google-Unicorn-Premium-Protective/dp/B00FN13QH0/ref=pd_sim_sbs_cps_14

          4. That case is good for protection but it adds a lot of thickness. I got both the slim and that hybrid and will return the one I like less. The slim case is as thin as the nexus 4. The nexus 5 phone is going to be insanely thin if it actually fits in this case.

          5. Oh wow. That is pretty good for a phone to be that slim with a case on if it is as slim as the nexus 4. Now I actually have an idea of how thin it is going to be. Now do you think that the hybrid case if going to protect from like maybe 5 foot drops or something like that. Also does the aluminum on the hybrid case scratch easily?

          6. No chance it will protect it very much at all. Probably just for a light corner drop. It is raised so you can lay it flat on it’s glass and it’s lifted off the surface to protect it. I’m still torn but man, that hybrid case seems so thick next to the slim case. I’m leaning towards the slim and just going to have to be careful. I’ll wait and see how they each feel/fit whenever I actually get the phone.

          7. man this is really getting me to think. should i go for slimness and be more careful with it or should i go for more protection and have be more lenient with it. IDK i am just going to wait and see reviews for cases and see what are the best cases and all but the only thing is, you don’t really get the actual feeling of the case from the videos.

          8. Ya. That’s why I just buy both of them. They are pretty cheap anyway and I can return them or give them to a fellow Nexus 5 friend. Or keep both and switch if I want to. It’s my indecisive way out, haha.

          9. Yeah I guess haha

          10. I’ve had the Fusion case from Ringke with the clear back for my Nexus 4 for many months, so I’m just gonna go ahead and order the Nexus 5 case from them.

        2. Google could give people 2 hours notice for an event if they really wanted. People will just drop things and go :P

        3. With the Oct. 24 Play Store event and some recent software updates, I wouldn’t be surprised if Google chose to handle it entirely through the Play Store, without an event.

  4. If it wasn’t so funny you would have to cry, leak after leak be no release.

  5. I will go ahead and say this:
    If google does not release this phone, along with the new OS, tomorrow, they are going to miss out on marketing gold. I can go ahead and tell you the headline:

    “Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat? Google has a real Treat for Android users, Android 4.4 KitKat!”
    “Google is giving us all KitKat in our Halloween basket this year”

    1. This is the main reason why I never believed any other rumoured date. It’s so ‘Google’ of Google to announce a Kit Kat flavoured operating system on Halloween.

      Your headlines are spot on.

  6. Why would I get this over lg g2? Other than obvious Kit Kat out of box and stock Google? From what I’ve seen it doesn’t compare to LG G2…what am I missing?

    1. The constant support of nexus devices is what draws people to them this much i think.
      Plus to me, it seems like the LG G2 would turn on with knock on when the phone is in your pocket. Thats just me though.

      1. It is just you, why would something that requires a pretty precise double tap to turn on activate itself while in the pocket?

        1. True that. F U Swag

      2. Had it for over a month – it’s never accidentally turned itself on.

    2. It’s half the price. Isn’t that enough?

      1. I’d say it depends if you’re upgrading on contract or not. $350 for a Nexus 5 at the Play Store is more expensive than the renew/upgrade price on carriers. If you have no qualms with your current carrier and plan on being with them for another 2 years, then getting a higher-spec’ed smartphone (ie: LG G2 or Note 3) at the subsidized upgrade price would probably be smarter/cheaper.

    3. Don’t forget the price, even after it’s out of the box it will have continued support right from Google, plus if you like custom ROM’s then you’ll see a big crowd on the forums. I won’t say it’s better than other phones, but I would still prefer a Nexus phone then go for a cheaper prepaid phone plan.

    4. I’ve been wanting the LG G2, just couldn’t bring myself to pay full price for it. The Nexus 5 is almost the same phone, but with updates directly from Google. :)

      1. Almost the same phone? I wouldn’t go that far. Same processor, that’s about it. You can say its based off the G2 but if so, its very loosely based.

        1. Display, processor, RAM, OIS camera. It’s pretty close.

          G2 still has the upperhand with higher MP camera, bigger display, and bigger battery.

          1. Exactly. The MP I could care less about, the buttons on the back I want to avoid, the larger display isn’t need (for me) and the bigger battery, from what I have heard, is overkill (which I suppose is pretty awesome).

            The main reason that I am getting the Nexus 5 over the LG G2 is because it isn’t as large, gets updates directly from Google (x1000), and doesn’t have a retarded button layout. The price being much lower is a benefit.

          2. The LG G2’s “bigger battery” isn’t a point to brush off lightly in my opinion. I can do without a higher MP camera and bigger display, but the Nexus 5’s 2300 mAh battery is very inadequate compared to its rivals. The LG G2’s battery capacity is noticeably WAY larger (3000mAH) than the Nexus 5’s.

      2. Same here, very tempted by the G2, but dat Nexus…

        Plus, even though they’re from the same manufacturer, and very close specs, I imagine that the ROM selection for the N5 will be many times that of the G2.

    5. A bit smaller size than the G2 and half the cost with mostly same internals except a less MP camera.

  7. tomorrow they will release the nexus 5, new nexus 10, and also the rehashed nexus 4 sporting lte. if you order tomorrow you will also receive a special kit kat bar shaped like an android bugdroid. hope everyone enjoys. nexus 4 lte will come with 8gb for $249 and 16gb for $299.

    1. Are you serious?

      1. yep. greatest marketing for a phone ever and also allows google to offer 2 phones and 2 tablets. i wouldnt be surprised to see something to do with google tv as well

        1. So you sure its tomorrow? Should I get a Nexus 4 for 299 or Nexus 5 for 349….(or whatever it costs)

          1. Nexus 5, obviously. Don’t get the Nexus 4. Get the Nexus 5. Get the Nexus 5. Get the Nexus 5. Get the Nexus 5. Get the Nexus 5. Get the Nexus 5. Get the Nexus 5. Get the Nexus 5. Get the Nexus 5. Get the Nexus 5. Get the Nexus 5. Get the Nexus 5. Get the Nexus 5.

          2. Over $50? That’s a question you should be able to answer on your own.

    2. Kit Kat and Google said that the Android shaped KitKats were limited edition and only ~100 were made (can’t remember the amount exactly).

  8. Hmm. That black and white configuration is really growing on me.

    It’s just got a bit more zing than the understated entirely black model. I might have to get the white one.

  9. I’m about to the point where I’m ready to deactivate my GS4, sell it, and activate a GS3 from work in its place until the Nexus 5 is released. Come on, Google.

    1. Really? And you post this for the world to see?

      1. And yet you commented. :)

        1. LOL.. that was “IN YOUR FACE” for ‘Coward’ Hops Society lol

  10. That’s one MFing grin… Like he’s grinning at me.

  11. Omfg I want that white so badly now.

  12. its called Viral Advertising. The most effective and cheapest corporate idea ever…. I still want it though.

  13. Google has lots of candy on their lawn. U’d think Halloween would be the preferred date to introduce new android OS’s.

  14. Hey Chris, do you have a “hunch” about the time too?

  15. Is this real?

  16. Considering it says “NOT FOR SALE” on the back, I’m inclined to think it’s real and not a dummy.

    1. All dummy phones had “Not For Sale” when I worked at a telco.

      1. Pretty sure that one was real though. Had FCC markings on the back and no fake cardboard display like the others.

        1. It’s so hard to say… I work at Best Buy Mobile and some of the dummies actually have the FCC markings while others don’t. But going off of the sound it definitely sounded like a real one to me. This is ridiculous, we’re analyzing sounds. Google, just kill the massive hype beast already and announce this damn thing.

          1. Yeah, I’m not sure why any of this matters. Not like we can figure out the release date by analyzing the sound the phone made when dropped…

            …or can we?

        2. I’m not saying it is or isn’t. Just saying that particular fact has no relevance.

          I’d also like to say that many of the dummies we had were made out of the exact same material as the actual phone. I.e. the chassi and the face/back plates were 100% real. maybe 50/50 on glass or plastic fronts. Also maybe 50/50 had the extra markings on them (probably the manufacturers who just grabbed straight from their production line for their dummies).

          Again, not saying either is correct or more likely. Just unable to tell until you actually see the device turn on.

    2. in the video when the person drops the phone it sounds to me like it was hefty–not a hollow dummy.

  17. I’m telling ya…if not tomorrow, it’ll be Nov 11th…like I said before, why change from Key lime to kit kat (two 11th letters…11-11) unless they wanted to coincide with the date. It’s just the conspiracy theorist in me.

  18. That guy is holding EU driving license :)

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