Oct 30th, 2013

Nexus 5 dummy units

We have a good feeling tomorrow Google will have something very special in store for us (call it a hunch). Until then, we lay in wait, drooling over the countless Nexus 5 leaks spewing forth from the far reaches of the internet. Take this dummy unit obtained by a gentleman on Instagram. Apparently, after spending a day with said unit, he came up with a nice 3D render where he shot a quick video, uploaded, then quickly took down.

No big deal, we have the video right here for ya. Not too long after, we discovered this very convincing GIF of a Nexus 5 allegedly created by a fan. Was it the same fella who uploaded the Instagram video? Possibly. Check it out (looks pretty official to us).

13 - 1[via Reddit | Google+ | Overclockers]

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