Oct 25th, 2013


Looks like MOGA is gearing up to unleash yet another Android gaming controller. The latest, which we are getting a first peek at courtesy of @evleaks, is slightly different than previous models. Instead of taking the form of a more standard gaming controller that attaches below a smartphone display (as was the case with the original MOGA and MOGA Pro), the MOGA Ace Power envelops the device, flanking it with gaming controls on each side.

The Ace Power, as its name implies, also appears set to come with an 1800mAh battery, and all of that juice isn’t being used to power the peripheral. As with previous MOGA controllers under the Power brand, the accessory will simultaneously charge your device while you play your favorite games. Pretty sweet deal.

The leak itself showcases the MOGA Ace Power being used with an iPhone, but we’re hopeful the controller will be available to fit our favorite Android smartphones, as well. This becomes slightly more difficult given the various shapes, sizes, and microUSB arrangements. If we don’t get an all-in-one attachment, here’s hoping we at least see versions for top Android phones like the Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

[via @evleaks]

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