Facebook Home update brings Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr integration



A few weeks ago, we told you guys about a new update that first hit Facebook Beta users, arriving soon to Facebook Home. The update gave users the ability to add additional social services to Facebook Home, making it much more fun and useful as either a homescreen, or lockscreen replacement. Today, the update has finally gone live for Facebook Home in the Google Play Store.

Facebook Home update Flickr Pinterest Tumblr Instagram

Now, when setting up Facebook Home as your lockscreen (or even your homescreen), you can jump into the settings and add social services like Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, and/or Pinterest, in addition to Facebook, where you’ll begin seeing your friends’ status updates. Interacting is simple, and in most cases can be executed with a simple double tap of the screen to like/favorite/thumbs up/whatever.

If Facebook hopes to get more people using Home, this is exactly the kind of integration they need. Now, where’s Google+?

[Facebook Home on Google Play]

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  1. How is using FB home – please raise your hand

    1. who* , and not me

  2. how who what?

  3. Umm the title of this article should have been “Facebook Home Still Exists.”. I tried that garbage twice for a full day. Once when it launched and again after a couple key updates.

    So terrible. The worst. Seriously. I am amazed that someone would ever opt to use it.

  4. Anyone know why we don’t have stabilization in videos on Instagram like on iOS? Any news on when we will get it?

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