Omate TrueSmart will not launch with Google Play and Google Services



When the Omate TrueSmart Smartwatch 2.0 Kickstarter project was announced, it boasted a milestone. This would be the first smartwatch to ship with the Google Play Store and Google Services. This meant that you’d have access to thousands and thousands of Android applications and be able to take on Google’s arsenal of Android services that require Google Services, such as Hangouts, Gmail, YouTube and more. Omate has finally announced the fate of Google Play on their upcoming device and some of you aren’t going to be happy.


Shortly after the Kickstarter project launched, many speculations arose surrounding the watches supposed support for Google Play. Omate has taken to their Kickstarter project page to let backers know that trouble lies ahead. You see, for a device to pass the Google Play Store’s CTS (Compatibility Test Suite), the device would have to have a screen with a minimum of 426 x 320 dp. The Omate TrueSmart Smartwatch 2.0 sports a screen that does not meet the minimum requirements, coming in at 240 x 240 dp. Even Google’s own Dianne Hackborn weighed in on the issue on Google+ a few weeks ago.


Finally, after 2 months of speculation, Omate has come clean and announced that the TrueSmart Developer Edition will not launch with Google Play Services as originally promised.

In videos and pictures from various developer events we’ve been attending, we have shown Google Play and Google Services are working properly on the TrueSmart engineering samples. However we have to respect Google’s certification process in order to get official access to their services so we must confirm the TrueSmart Developer Edition will not ship with Google Play preloaded on it. If you have pledged the Developer Edition, we consider that you are a Developer (that makes sense to us) and thus you know how to install any Android APK. We rely on you – Developers – to test your existing applications and even create new ones dedicated to this new fantastic Android based wearable platform that the TrueSmart represents.

Omate does state that they are committed to the cause and are “still working closely with Google over Google Play and Google Services issues,” hoping to bring Google Services over to their smartwatch in the future. In the interim period, Omate has announced the “OStore.”

Omate is currently working closely with app developers to ensure apps are compatible with the OStore, but more importantly to ensure that apps do in fact come with the OStore at launch. Let’s hope they don’t repeat what happened to Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, launching with limited app support.

Source: Omate Kickstarter

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  1. Well that sucks. I hope Omate and Google can work something out.

  2. So can apps like Google Voice be side loaded? I’m sure they can be but wonder if this will still be a problem (such as for updates and issues with sizing).

    1. If you sideload Google Services Framework and Google Login Service, then there’s a possibility, pending size compatibility.

      1. Should be fixable by setting a different dpi for apps by using xposed or such this should make any app work since you can change it’s dpi ;)

  3. It will not come with “official” playstore or Google services. You are able to install the playstore which in turn will allow gmail, g+, and others. Instructions are here

    Since you can install it and OMate is still working on official support, plus wearables are becoming more popular, this is really a non-issue.

    1. Sure, anyone is able to sideload any application on nearly any Android device. I never said you couldn’t do it. I said it wasn’t launching with it as promised. That said, since this is mostly a geek device, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal, most geeks will sideload. The average person though, will not.

      1. It isn’t a big deal. I provided this information so that others will be aware that it is a simple matter of downloading and installing the playstore .apk. That even though official support has not yet been granted, you will still have access to your favorite Google apps.

        1. While you can sideload it, we still have to remember many apps might not work properly on that screen size. If you’re into tinkering and experimenting (who here reading this isn’t?! Hell, I install APKs on my Glass) then have at it!

      2. Good to know! Thanks

    2. Crashes on every device I tested on that did not already have Goggle Services installed and I have a lot of test devices.
      You have to have root or custom recovery and push needed files to the device. So typical side loading will not work.

  4. One of the reasons I decided to back the omate was because of the play store. You shouldn’t have to sideload something that was supposed to be included

    1. I’m not sure they never really said they would have it. But they definitely implied in a lot and waited as late as possible (i.e. right before first shipment) to tell the truth. I emailed them directly about this months ago and the reply was the longest sentence in the world that made no sense. I figured then, there would be no play store…

      1. They said it was going to be the first smartwatch with google play app store. Seems pretty straight forward that there would be the google play store.

  5. Hey, if google can make hangouts for ios maybe they could make it work on this? #notHoldingMyBreath

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      this is really a non-issue.

  6. 240dp x 240dp is very small. As a developer I can’t imagine the number of XSmall LDPI devices being high enough to support it in any of my apps. Then again, my apps may not be the kind you would use on a wristwatch anyway.

    From what I’ve seen, major manufacturers try hard engage developers to participate in their new system to support their wearables (often with poor results), and my thought is always that if you have to go way out of your way to support a device, it will never be worth it until the number of users passes into mainstream.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. I’ve got an app out there that is super simple and the only negative comments all came from people running very small devices with very low-res.

      I think before Google starts allowing more low-res/small screen devices they need to build out the profiles and get the Play store tuned to apps specific to those devices. There will be people complaining that they can’t easily play Angry Birds on their watch :)

  7. Can you ask for refund?

    1. Not for kickstarter pledges :(

      1. Dude, when you get it throw it up on Ebay. You’ll make your money back on it.

  8. Android based smartwatches have been out for two years now and in that time Google still does not have a smartwatch device class. Who’s fault is that?
    Wouldn’t this also mean that no matter how hard any manufacturer tried they would fail certification at this point? At least Omate is trying rather than publicly threatened folks whenever they ask the hard questions like another smartwatch crowd funding campaign has done.

    1. What other Android smart watches are on the market today?

      The only one that I know of is the Motorola Actv and they intentionally created their own eco-system for it so the Play Store/Services wasn’t even really important to them or the consumers that purchased it.

      1. 2 from Hopu (4 if you count 2G only and 3G versions as separate), Z1 Rock, and SimValley AW-414. Those are just the ones with cell radios. The Z1 is almost two years old now and some of the Hopu models were released early this year. This Android smartwatches don’t even include rebrands, resellers and companion only smartwatches. All together there’s about 12 that
        I know of running Android or a heavily modified version of Android.

  9. Not the one i backed so I don’t care. I’m not looking for a smartphone for my wrist. I’m looking for a watch that is a bit of an extension of my smartphone. People who want this should just get a 3.5″ screen phone and get a wrist holder.

    1. yup. love my pebble.

  10. Don’t buy it! You’ll regret it like me :( #scammed

    1. What’s the problem?

      1. No Google Play Store means it no longer has the functionality I need…it is still posted everywhere that the watch ships with the Google Play Store when it doesn’t..

        1. Onyl the dev version ships without the play store which is al the same for any other dev phone or tablet from any other brand, they never said the consumer version isn;t getting the playstore and you can simply install the playstore apk whenever you like >.>

          1. doesnt matter if you can do it yourself. When you are advertising it as come with Play store, IT SHOULD! Bait and switch on kickstarter. I will never join any crowd funding anymore. This is totally unacceptable

          2. They never said it doesn’t come with the playstore…
            They only said that the developer version doesn’t come with the playstore which is normal for any developer edition device from any manufacturer.
            So if you want the playstore just make sure you backed the normal (not developer) edition.

          3. @Thomas; they didn’t actually post it that way. You may actually be causing more consumers issues by stating that the non-developer versions WILL have Google Play/Services.


            Clearly states what the problem is and that they are working to fix it. In the mean time they are going to open their own ‘store’.

            Also, just to be clear, I’m a backer and I’m thrilled to see this thing come out and I’m confident that Omate will work an agreement with Google regarding the Play Store/Services. I do not think that will happen before the November Non-Dev devices ship.

          4. My bad I guess you got a point, thanks for pointing this out ^^

          5. Actually it’s not that simple, and what makes you think it’s only the dev version? The company that already scammed people must be telling you another lie. Google’s own team has posted on Google+ that the requirements of Android do not allow for screen sizes as small as the Omate watch. It’s not up to Omate and I fail to see how 1 more month’s time is going to change anything.

          6. Scammed who? They just are currently acting like any company as far as I see. Even it doesn’t ship initially with the playstore on teh normal editions it will get the later on by a update.

            I really don’t understand they issue people are having it’s just a few clicks to fix >.>
            I would be more worried if they suddenly made it non water resistant or removed the camera or anything like that…

        2. Not a deal breaker and not a scam. This is a brand new area with a company doing their initial release of a product. If you can’t live on the bleeding edge of tech, take a step back and those that can will make sure the playground is safe for you.

          Frustrating as all get out when people treat KS like a store; it isn’t. It is a place to get good ideas funded and then help them get a jump on maturing their products. It’s incredibly difficult to bring an item like this to market; especially going up against behemoths like Samsung.

    2. How were you scammed?

      1. this is bait and switch man, I want refund!

  11. TrueSmart Developer Edition will not ship with Google Play preloaded on it

    IS everyone a idiot? They say the DEVELOPER version don’t get the playstore preloaded just like Cyanogenmod and almost every custom rom has no play store included it’s TOTALY normal!

    They never said that the normal truesmart editions won’t be getting the play store.

    1. Almost. The real problem is that the screen size/resolution does not meet the minimum standard required right now for Google Play/Services support. Omate and Google are working together and I suspect eventually they will come to an agreement. I don’t think this really has anything to do with a ‘Google Watch’ being released. Google has never been very efficient with non-digital distribution chains. It would be to their benefit to have as many ‘wearable’ computing devices hitting the market and supported by the Play store/services, but the standards need to be set.

      Hope that they are able to make the Google Play a part of the non-developer releases, but I suspect we’ll see the OStore on all the watches to begin with.

    2. The MotoActv didn’t ship with the Play Store installed either.

  12. Well this just killed the deal!! So now Google needs to bring the Nexus Watch out!!!

    I understand Google doing this because there is no way they would allow 3rd party smartwatch apps out first when they haven’t even released their flagship Android smart watch!! I totally understand.

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