Switchr gives you a fast, intuitive way to switch between apps [VIDEO]


Ready for another one of those apps that you never thought you wanted or needed, but will fall in love with once you get it? This one is called Switchr, an app by Mohammad Adib that aims to give you a more intuitive, beautiful way of switching between your active Android apps. Switchr uses swipe-based gestures from the edge of your display to initiate the apps switcher.

You’re probably asking why you should replace functionality that your smartphone provides by default. It’s because Switchr does switching in a way that will seem more natural to you. There are two different modes to choose from right now:

  • Switchr Flow: Featuring a graceful Coverflow animation, Switchr Flow provides elegance in operation, as well as functionality.
  • Switchr Slide: Inspired by Windows 8 swipe gestures, Switchr Slide aims to provide a more simple and intuitive experience.

Switchr slide is really quite nice, as it allows you to quickly switch back and forth between two different applications with a quick flick of your finger. To get an idea of how both these modes work, be sure to check out the demo video sitting above.

Perhaps the best thing about Switchr is the suite of options given to you. You can customize everything about the swipe margin, including how big or small it is, its position, the sensitivity and more. Those are all free features, but paying $2.00 will get you a list of features that makes this a killer app.


For that amount, you can decide whether certain apps show up in this list, have your phone vibrate whenever the gesture is triggered, choose whether to show the app name, change background opacity, switch to a more flat appearance, define how many running tasks you want, and even get a real-time view of the apps you’re switching between as you’re thumbing through them.

Give the free version a try in the Google Play Store, and if you end up deciding those extra features are worth the money then be sure to throw down another $2 for the Pro version. The project’s development can be followed on XDA, so if you want to be kept up to date with everything in regards to its development you can do so here.

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  1. yeah, sideswipe stuff like this is great until you try to use an app with a swipe-out drawer, like, oh IDK, most google apps? anything that follows the android design language?

    1. I guess you didn’t watch the video which shows that you can customize the swipe to whatever edge of the screen that you want. The fix is simple, don’t align it to be in the same spot as the other slide out drawers.

  2. This absolutely worthless. It doesn’t even shut the app down. The stock multitasking button not only shows you multiple (4) apps on my Nexus 4, and their current information, but it also allows me to “force close” them by just swiping them away.

    For FREE.

    1. You can also close apps with Switchr. You can close them individually by swiping down or by pressing a button in the top right corner.

      1. Only on the paid version. That said, I think it’s worth it. I like it already.

    2. Really not worth the download..

  3. I’ve seen this demoed in a video a week or so ago. It kind of goes out of the way in my opinion. I know there are two ways of doing it. Like the one way where you swipe to see and then swipe back for the next. Time consuming for what could be your 5th app open you’re looking for. Good thought, but maybe something quicker for a second option.

  4. Problem with the phone version is only one app on the screen at a time. Very inefficient.

    1. tested out too , pretty much what you said. It does not look pretty at all…..

    2. you can change the size of the icon in the settings, the smaller the more apps appear at the same time

  5. SwipePad gives a lot of these features, some for free, though the opacity option is missing. Any one looking for a similar multitasking experience should definitely try SwipePad and some other apps such as Relaunch and Swapps and see what fits their needs best.

  6. How does this differ from something like, Wave Launcher? And why is
    the hot-area on the left side by default, where it interferes with the
    sliding-UI of many apps? Apparently you can’t move it unless you pay for
    it. :/

  7. one of the things i dislike about ios is having to swipe, swipe, swipe through pages of apps. i don’t think i’d like switchr for roughly the same reason. i like the google app switcher better because i can see more of the apps at once rather than swipe, swipe, swipe…

  8. Video has an ad. I don’t do ads. Tried the app, it wasn’t intuitive, uninstalled.

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