Oct 21st, 2013

Snapdragon Booth Venice

Back in 2000, the bullet-time special effect was all the rage. Made famous by the Matrix in 1999 and found in countless video games and music videos thereafter (Creed’s “Higher” comes to mind), the effect could best be described as a virtual camera that spins around a subject in slow motion. Typically, this done during a kickass fight scene, gun action in mid-air, or anything else that considered “eXtreme” in ‘oo. Well, it looks like it’s making a comeback.

To showcase the raw power of Qualcomm’s SoCs, the chipset maker built what they’re calling the Snapdragon Booth. The rig is comprised of 130 HTC One handsets, and using a special custom made Android app, they’re able to take a snap-shot in time, spiraling around subjects in 540 degrees. Okay, so a throwback to 14 years may not sound very exciting, the results are actually kinda rad.


Qualcomm’s will be taking the Snapdragon Booth on tour over the next few weeks, where it was just set up over the weekend in Venice Beach, CA. Had I known, I would have made the trip to play around with it. If you’re thinking something like this would be fun to check out yourself, you have until January 31st to vote in Qualcomm’s poll and bring the Snapdragon Booth to your city. Promise me you’ll do something awesome like smash an iPhone (just kidding… sorta). 

Video of the Snapdragon booth in action can be found below and don’t forget to check out the official page where Qualcomm is uploading the shots into a fun GIF gallery.

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