T-Mobile HTC One Android 4.3 update now rolling out


Today’s a good day if you’re an HTC One owner on T-Mobile. The company has started rolling out their Android 4.3 upgrade, just as we were promised. The upgrade brings us up to version 3.24.531.3. Android 4.3 brings a lot of under-the-hood changes such as OpenGL 3.0, ANT+ support and the TRIM garbage collection system to keep your device smooth over time.

HTC One rocks

On the HTC Sense side of things, the upgrade will bring us updated BlinkFeed features, including support for Instagram posts muddled in with all the rest of your news and social updates. You can also make video highlights as long as you want them to be.

We’re not sure how big (in size) this upgrade will be, but HTC recommends you connect to WiFi, charge your battery up to at least 30% and set aside at least 20 minutes to complete the whole thing. Be sure to find instructions for updating below, and let us know if things go well for you in the comments section.

To manually perform the update, follow these steps below:

1.       From the Home screen, tap All apps and then tap Settings.
2.       Tap About.
3.       Tap Software updates.
4.       Tap Check now.
5.       Tap OK to download the update.
6.       Tap OK to start the upgrade process. The status of the download can be viewed in the Notifications pull down.
7.       Once the download is complete, you will be prompted to install from the Notifications pull down menu. Tap the System update notification to begin the upgrade process.
8.       Tap OK to begin the update process to software version 3.24.531.3.
9.       The device will reboot and begin installation. You will not be able to use your device during the installation process (approximately 10 minutes).
10.    When the system update is complete, the device will boot up normally. When prompted, tap OK to continue.
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  1. I’m downloading it as we speak!!!

    1. are you supposed to flash back to stock or can u update with a custom rom flashed such as viperone? Because Im checking the software update section and it says there is no updates available for ur phone. Any help is appreciated!

      1. You need to be stock, the stock recovery has to be installed to flash OTA updates

      2. back to stock with no root and locked boot loader

  2. Update 3.24.531.3 is 560.18MB in size and best done over WiFi. Make sure you turn off Power Saving feature and close all other apps before proceeding.

    1. I didn’t turn off my power saving feature and it is now acting wonky. I wish I had known about that part. I updated my phone an hr ago. Any way to fix it without a factory reset?

      1. I’m guessing you’ve already tried powering off and on?

        1. Yeah, now it works when I just do the quick toggle setting. I hope it fixes itself. It’s not a huge issue, though.

        2. It doesn’t work. I turned off and restarted the phone to no avail.

          1. You can do a factory reset, or go to Settings > Apps and see all the apps that are running and stop those that aren’t critical to the OS. You may be better off just doing a factory reset. I’ve not had any issue, but it took nearly 40 minutes to the download, update and re-boot.

          2. Okay, I reset the phone. It didn’t do anything. It takes awhile for the phone to register power saver, but like I said, I will not fret it out.

    2. Left my power saver on and all my apps running and no problemo. How do people have problems like this ?

  3. got my update…not sure what is new, but it went smoothly

  4. Can only download via wifi or connected to pc, I tried using cellular data but it didn’t allow me to

  5. Downloaded.

  6. got it …so far nothing crazy i like the new quick settings didnt notice much els

  7. Mine downloads the update but the install fails. No error, just a black screen with a picture of a phone and a red exclamation mark.

    1. Update failed with red exclamation mark as well. Any ideas why this is happening, and how to fix it?

      1. same issue here.

        1. Yes! Screenshot don’t work when this spooky crash happens and you argue with yourself what this means. A brick would have been scarier.

  8. did the camera issue got fixed? please update guys…

    1. What camera issue? Let me know what caused it and I can check it out now?

      1. Am getting a pink tint at low light and during dark.and I read that 4.3 will give a fix.When your cover your camera with your hand it appears as pink instead of black.

        1. I did a cover with my hands and it is black. I tried lowlight with a flash and no pink. I think the issue was solved. I never had it, but I heard something briefly regarding the camera before. You’re good.

          1. Thanks for ur feedback..Enjoy !!

          2. No problem. Glad I can help. You too, thanks.

    2. Pink / Purple problem if you have it gets resolved with Sense 5.5 upgrade coming in December. There are tips out there to work around when taking extremely low light photos.

      1. All I know it that one of the upgrades in 4.3 for the HTC One is a better lower light camera so there you go…read the updates from TMO

    3. What camera issue ? I think all you people with camera issues had defective cameras. Never had that. I never understand why people with problems with things like this just assume its a software issue and not a defect.

  9. sucks how you have to download via wifi as the one at work is super slow!

  10. Mean while the xperia z users(me) are still in the dust

  11. After the update my phone worked briefly.. now it just keeps rebooting!!! I see the HTC One screen then black but you can tell it is semi lit. Then it reboots! BEWARE!

  12. Only issue so far is I keep losing contact photos of people I’m texting. after it syncs they come back.

    1. I noticed that, too! In fact, that was the first thing I noticed as an issue.

      Hopefully they patch that. It’s slightly annoying, but not a deal breaker!

  13. I could be wrong, but I’m relatively sure that HTC had already instituted TRIM in all Sense 5 builds (even Android 4.1.2). However, the GPU performance improvements, Bluetooth LE, and OpenGL ES 3.0 support is a big plus.

    Downloaded it a few hours ago for my wife’s T-Mobile HTC One and it’s great. Well done, HTC and T-Mobile.

  14. update download and installed without problems. i disabled power saver as the other posted said before installing the update. i’m loving the new EQS.

    1. You have to go to: display, gestures and buttons in settings and then select the option swipe up for Google now, press and hold for menu. That will resolve your issue.

      1. thanks that did the trick

  15. Im downloading it i am excited jumping from 4.1 to 4.3!!!:)

  16. Got my phone updated about an hour back. Was pretty smooth. Took about 20 minutes over Wi-Fi.
    What are the changes that I should notice?
    The pink/purple issue with the camera is still there. I checked it.

    1. Mine wasn’t like that before or after the update.

    2. Maybe your camera was defective from the get, mine never had any pink/purple issue.

  17. Never experienced an upgrade failure like this. Tried 5 separate downloads. ALL HAVE FAILED. Gotta be a lot of angry people out there!

    1. No failures here my friend…not 1

  18. yes the update fixed the Bluetooth bug I was getting

  19. When might my innocent wittle Evo 4 G LTE get this big boy update?

  20. After the upgrade to 4.3, my LTE data does not work. No data connection at all. Checked every possible setting yet no luck. Help !!!

    1. That better not happen to me!! If I hear anything similar with solution I’ll let you know.

  21. How to get rid of black bar?

    1. per EricLane below

      You have to go to: display, gestures and buttons in settings and then
      select the option swipe up for Google now, press and hold for menu. That
      will resolve your issue.

  22. Can someone tell me how can I install the update manually? I got the file I just don’t know how I install it

    1. Use odin or Kies

      1. This is not Samsung is HTC which neither Odin or kies will work

  23. Where did the developer options go? I want to turn off screen animations but can’t find it anywhere?

    1. Try rapidly tapping buttons around where it should be and I think it appears. That is what my Nexus 7 did to appear.

      1. No…under “About Phone” you have to do 7 taps on Build number and then Developer Options will reappear.

  24. Would anyone help me? I have an unlocked One (AT&T brand, have T-Mobile sim) and whenever I click ‘Check Now’ it says I’m up to date (Running 4.1). Any suggestions, thanks.

    1. Restart your phone by holding power button down until capacitive lights blink and phone shuts off, then try again

      1. Alright, I just did it. Still a no, no. Should I just download a 4.3 ROM if it’s a last resort? Thanks FaisDogg.

        1. Dude just wait….it’s coming but I ALWAYS recommend ROOTing and flashing, so much better than stock. Anyways if you wanna hurry up your OTA update you can only try 2 things: 1. Shut your phone off and reboot and see if the updates there (be on Wifi as well) or 2. Go into your “Apps” under settings…and clear the data on your Google Services Framework and sometimes this will push your update as well. Other than that just wait

          1. Thank David for your suggestion. By the way how long should I wait before I root? Thanks again.

  25. Just updated my phone in Baltimore, everythings seems to be working fine. It should prompt you to install the file after you download it. If not just go to software updates again, click check now, then it should prompt you.

  26. Got the update last night around 7pm here in Chicago….don’t forget people we’re making the jump all the way to 4.3 so some apps will not work with Jelly Bean unless you uninstall and re-install (ChompSMS being one of them). Just FYI

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