Bad Piggies update brings 30 new levels for Halloween


bad piggies halloween update

Halloween is quickly approaching, and you can bet tons of games and apps will be updated to celebrate. One of those apps is by Rovio, of course, with the Angry Birds creator bringing us 30 new levels for the spin-off Bad Piggies.

Dubbed “Tusk ‘til Dawn,” this update features new “creepy” piggies living in a cake-filled world (because who doesn’t want a cake-filled world, right?). These characters are really just pigs wearing masks, and they’re made to look like vampires, devils, and the ever-scary hockey mask-wearing Jason.

The game also features a Major Lazer remixed soundtrack to help drive that spooky Halloween feeling home. The upgrade is free and sitting in the Google Play Store, so waste no time in heading over there (preferably at some point before trick-or-treating season begins).

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