Verizon Galaxy Note 3 Developer Edition pops up on Samsung’s site


Galaxy Note 3 Verizon Developer Edition

When it comes to the Big 4 carriers here in the US, it’s AT&T and Verizon Wireless that have grown a reputation for keeping any device on their network locked down tight. This hasn’t always sat well with the sect of the Android community that likes to tinker around with the software on their devices, unlocking bootloaders and flashing custom ROMs all willy nilly.

Yesterday, we saw the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hit Verizon Wireless stores but we noticed there was no word on the availability of a special “Developer Edition” of the device to pacify ROM flashing addicts. While we’re still waiting for an official announcement, a Galaxy Note 3 Developer Edition for Verizon was discovered on Samsung’s registration page, cluing us into the possible arrival of the device. The Note 3 Dev Edition was only listed as “coming soon” but no other hints as to pricing or exact release date could be found.

Guess that makes the device all but official, although there’s always the possibility Verizon could have canceled the device (don’t worry, chances are slim). Like the Galaxy Note 2 before it, we expect to hear an official Galaxy Note 3 Developer Edition announcement in the coming days. As usual, the device will retail for full price, somewhere around the $700 mark. Start saving up.


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  1. I would love to have Verizon but as long as they charge double what TMobile does I just can’t justify the switch.

    1. It’s easy for me to justify when I compare my speeds on Verizon’s to a friends T-Mobile.

      1. I am often confused with what you do with that speed, 14-30 mbps does what i need quite fine

        1. I have never seen my friend Get higher than 6 Mbps with his s4 on T-Mobile

          1. what can’t you do with 6 that you can’t do with 5x that, now saying when you go indoors you still have data when t mobile goes bye bye that i find worth the extra cost.

          2. That’s not the reason most people pay more for Verizon. Most people don’t care as much about speed, but coverage, since almost all 4g and hspa+ is plenty fast.

          3. That is what i said, like a guy i know says, Those who brags about whose is faster probably won’t win the whose is bigger contest.

          4. Hope you enjoy over paying for a little faster speed. I’ll take 6 mbps and pay what I pay on tmobile versus your speeds and what you pay on verizon.

          5. Hope you enjoy your savings when you are somewhere with no service.

          6. Haven’t been anywhere without service because I stay in the city. Good job justifying your overpriced and locked down devices on verizon.

          7. edit: overpriced service*

          8. My speeds aren’t faster, but I pay extra for the coverage.

          9. Unless I’m downloading a big file that’s pretty fast for browsing the Web, streaming music and watch HD youtube videos. BTW I’m on Verizon and that is about the speeds I normally see (4-10 mbps on 4g) rarely do I get past 10 mbps.

      2. im using an average of 15 gigs per month note 2 for t mobile at speeds from 15 to 31 mbits per second, how much would 15 gigs of data cost new customers? oh and my plan includes free data worldwide and free tethering!

  2. what about KNOX? Will the developer edition not include it? hopefully not..

  3. What about KNOX? Will the developer edition not include it? hopefully not

  4. Would the stylus features be available on this? :O

  5. Im on day 2 with my VZW Note 3…mostly its an amazing beast of a phone…HOWEVER, there seems to be a pretty common wifi problem, where it disconnects and says “disconnected due to slow internet connection” when every other device in the room has full signal. Googling shows me this is a wide spread problem, hopefully the OTA that went out to the International version won’t take VZW until 2014 to address…I can’t afford their ridiculously high 4g data prices!!!

    1. I want to say that may be an issue with Android 4.3 not the Note 3 itself. I have a Nexus 10 and, without moving an inch in my room, I have a constant signal loss and regain. I never had the issue on 4.2.2 and don’t see the issue with 4.2.2 on my GS4.

    2. I can tell you a quick fix to this as I was having the same problem. Go to Wifi and then advanced settings. Once you’re there uncheck “Always allow scanning” and “Auto network switch”. That should do the trick for the time being.

  6. IMHO Samsung and all the other makers should be required to disclose at product launch if a developers edition is going to be released, or exchange the ones that people bought before the announcement if they want the developers edition but got shafted because they didn’t know to wait for it’s release.

    1. What do you mean “required?” Who would enforce this, the FTC? I’m being serious.

      1. The legislature could do it. And yes I am also being serious. The same way that there are laws against false advertising, there could easily be a law regarding the disclosure of future versions of the same handset. And just as the FTC enforces the false advertising laws, it could do the same here.

        … At least in theory, anyway. :-)

        1. True but in the extremely unlikely event that the FTC cares even a little and pushes a mandate like this, it would be taken to court right away and the manufacturer’s attorneys would argue that they are being forced to disclose trade secrets, and the courts would probably agree. Your idea is nice but I assure you, neither Samsung nor any other manufacturer gives a $hit about you, and neither does the FTC or any EU trade commission.

          1. Yeah you’re probably right… that’s why I said in theory…

          2. I totally agree they don’t care about the consumer. As long as Google starts shipping nexus devices with decent storage, I’m not going to buy a carrier branded handset ever again.

          3. It doesn’t look like we’ll be getting a Nexus with decent storage anytime soon, or at all.

        2. Legislature most certainly can and have it fall under consumer protection laws to have to disclose all variants of a device that is going to be on a carrier at that carrier’s product announcement. Otherwise it is intentionally misleading a consumer to make a purchase they would not have if there was disclosure of all intended models. Then again, I also believe Google should take the device makers and carriers unlock all bootloaders since it goes against the very nature of the open handset alliance Mission statement of all developers being equal.

      2. and how are they going to enforce it? all anyone, not just samsung has to say is, we just thought of it…

  7. Think that this thing will get the boot loader unlocked eventually with Verizon or is it unlikely?

    1. Highly unlikely. Only way to see it unlocked is by the dev community and even that is sometimes risky.

      1. I meant the dev community. I know that there will never be a tool released. I should of mentioned that in the comment. Guess we will see… I’m kinda holding off to get this device until I know if it can be rooted and unlocked… (still on gnex)

        1. Dev editions will have unlocked boot loaders.

  8. I wouldn’t place too much stock in this since the same thing was mentioned about the Note 2 on Verizon but it never came to be.

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