Dec 19th, 2012

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S3 for Verizon it almost immediately let us know that a developer edition would be on its way. You see, Verizon’s versions typically get developer releases because the consumer-ready devices come with locked and encrypted bootloaders.

Since the same announcement wasn’t made immediately following the announcement of Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Note 2 we feared there wouldn’t be a developer edition of the device coming. Of course, developer Adam Outler put all worries to rest when he unlocked the Verizon Note 2’s bootloader not too long ago.

Still, it would have been nice to have that sort of access straight from Samsung and/or Verizon. Well those looking to get an official developer edition of the device — which will either ship with an unlocked bootloader or ship with a method to unlock its bootloader — can now rest easy because Samsung has seemingly confirmed its existence on its own website.

A new product page for a 16GB developer edition has been published this morning. The page doesn’t feature anything we don’t already know about the device itself — it will still feature 16GB of internal storage, a 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos 4 processor, 2GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel camera, and that glorious 5.5 inch HD display with S Pen — and there isn’t even an email sign up form to be notified of its arrival, but there it is regardless. We’ll be reaching out to Samsung and Verizon for more formal word on the release, but until then just know that a developer-friendly edition of one of the biggest (both figuratively and literally) devices of the year is on its way.

[via Samsung]

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