Does HTC’s new infographic hint at BIGGER things to come?


HTC is continuing it’s “Here’s to Change” campaign with a new infographic flashing the greatest trios in history, and while on the surface this seems like just another excuse to see what the letters ‘H,’ ‘T,’ and ‘C’ might stand for, it comes with a twist. Yes, we see Harry, Hermoine, and Ron, referred to as “Hogwarts’ Tenacious Children” and Snap, Crackle, and Pop as “Hearing Tasty Cereal,” but the meaning behind the cutesy sketch is belied by the mention that a new great trio is “about to be completed.”

Might that trio be the HTC One, HTC One Mini, and the long-rumored HTC One Max? While no direct mention is made of any of the devices, there is little doubt that this is what HTC Is building to. Here’s hoping Robert Downey Jr. can help them sell a few of the uber-sized smartphones before the money pot runs dry.


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  1. I could definitely see myself with one if they went with the Snapdragon 800 processor, but if it is 600 like reports I may hold off a little while longer to upgrade.

    1. I initially thought the same thing but then I thought about my htc one… The 600 powering this thing has never lagged on me and I can’t imagine it being any better or worse in the max. So then it hit me the real reason I wanted the 800 was just for the sake of having the newest and fastest thing out there but if it runs anything like the One I can’t see anyone complaining about it being underpowered.

      1. I agree 110%. The HTC One has been placed in battles with newer phones running the SD800 and the reviewers all still say it feels very snappy. If that holds true in the One Max then I’m in.

  2. I just hope they show off certain features of the device in commercials instead of blowing so much money on pointless Ads. Who cares if RDJ is in their commercials, they never show key features that could help sell devices. Instead they blow $12,000,000 on RDJ for the stupidest commercials ever made.

  3. Please just make one One and make it really good

  4. who needs to wait? I got the htc first, removed all the facebook junk, and ended up with a jelly bean nexus phone, at a fraction of the no-contract cost of the one.
    meanwhile, apple copied the phone with the iphone 5c.

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