Pressy introduces $650,000 stretch goal with just a few days left on Kickstarter campaign


pressy screenshot button

We’ve spoken at length about Pressy on Phandroid already, and now there is even more news to share in regards to the little 3.5mm headphone jack button that could do it all. Pressy has recently passed $600,000. Getting to $650,000 will activate another stretch goal that should excite many of the 25,000 different people pledging funds to make this project a reality.

They’re calling it the “long-press-take-screenshot-draw-share-with-friends-be-happy” feature. In case you haven’t already guessed it — the name is a work in progress. But the feature is exactly what it sounds like: Pressy could come standard with the ability to take a screenshot, draw on said screenshot, and send it to a friend after long-pressing it.

This would definitely be a welcome feature for those creeps out there who like to take screen captures of every incoming Snapchat they can (because 5-10 seconds just isn’t long enough, folks). Of course, the feature will be completely optional for those who don’t care for it. If you don’t remember, the last stretch goal was activated at $500,000, and that brought us a push-to-talk feature built-in. Neato!

Pressy’s Kickstarter campaign is scheduled to close October 14th, with the final product being given an estimated ship date of March 2014. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Pressy is one of the few projects that can be fulfilled on time once that window arrives. Be sure to read more about Pressy over at the Kickstarter page if you want to learn more, and be quick in pledging funds for one before the project closes in just a few short days.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Great device im sure, but i think the multitudes of idiots that cant take their headphones off long enough to take a breath are going to have it sitting in their headphone jack.

    1. Yeah, plus this kind of thing wouldn’t be needed if vendors would find a way to add a few physical buttons on their devices. Maybe recessed a little, so you can’t easily press them on accident, but I’d love to have a few of those.

    2. Bluetooth headphones

      1. I thought of that as well. The same people dont even know how to use a bluetooth to take calls with, you think theyre gonna figure out headphones. People like us with tech knowledge, yes. Idiots, no.

        1. That’s not impairing anyone of us, just them

    3. But this isn’t for iPhone!

  2. They’ve made so much money off this little button of an idea.

    1. Previous generations have had BlackBerry smartphones, BlackBerry had convenience keys that you could assign to what app to open. They are bringing this feature back and I’m EXCITED. Plus, it keeps your headphone jack clean of lint and debris

  3. What they need to do Is have an extra spot on the plug sorta like a splitter and still have a spot for pressy and headphones

  4. I virtually never use headphones, so I jumped in on this, totally miss having a dedicated camera button!

  5. I only use my headphone jack in the car to listen to my JAMZ so this is a welcome accessory if nothing more than just to keep my jack-hole clean.

  6. $600,000…for a button. Imagine what they could do with a full qwerty slideout keyboard!!!

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