Sep 30th, 2013

Gold Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung is definitely no stranger to “Apple copy cat” claims. I think we all remember how their lawsuit with Apple ended. Where those were some extremely early Galaxy models, we’ve since seen Samsung come into their own, taking on Apple head-to-head in a variety of ads with their latest flagships.

Last week, Samsung once again landed themselves in more hot water — not of the legal variety, only in reputation — after they announced via their official Samsung Gulf Facebook page, the arrival of the all new gold Samsung Galaxy S4.

As expected, Samsung immediately began receiving heat from netizens over the timing of the new color option, announced only a few weeks after Apple finally made the gold iPhone 5s official. Many felt Samsung was once again playing the “me too” game, but only after they watched as the new color variant become the iPhone in highest demand (and shortest supply).

It was over the weekend Samsung took to their “Samsung Tomorrow” blog to set the record straight. In an attempt at gaining back some of their mobile street cred, Samsung reminds us who’s been making gold colored phones for years now, highlighting just a few of the Samsung devices to feature the color dating all the way back to 2004.


In dealing with the gold Samsung Galaxy S4 “announcement”? Turns out, that was nothing more than a reminder. The gold Galaxy S4 was actually announced on August 27th for United Arab Emirates and made available in stores for purchase on Sept 8th, 2 days prior to the gold iPhone 5 ever becoming official. As it stands, the gold color option hasn’t been made available anywhere outside of UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar, with no current plans to do battle with the gold iPhone globally.

So, what do you guys think? Does this help their case just a little bit. Keep in mind Samsung isn’t saying they invented the gold colored phone, merely stating that they’ve been doing them for a long time.

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