Mobile Roar Podcast: Chris buys an iPhone, iPhone 5s lightning review, never mix urine with bleach


In this week’s Mobile Roar podcast, we talk about Microsoft’s cool new “Cortana” virtual assistant that could be making its way to Windows Phone, Kevin gives his thoughts on the iPhone 5s, Edgar reminds us the dangers of mixing bleach with urine, and we take a break from tech news to talk briefly about Burger King’s new Satisfries. Yes, those are a thing. Of course, there’s loads of Android news as well, so take a load off and have a listen.


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Joe Fedewa (@jayzeroeee) – WinSource.com
Chris Chavez (@GamerCore) – Phandroid.com
Kevin Krause (@youdontknowkev) – iSource.com
Edgar Cervantes (@Tech_EC) – Phandroid.com


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Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

Samsung executive says the Galaxy Gear “lacks something special”, and I agree

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  1. So, Chris, when you getting rid of your iphone? I might have to find another android forum, this one seems to have migrated to iOS.

    1. Ha! It’s already up for sale on Craigslist. Like I mentioned in the podcast, I’m looking to buy the iPhone 5s for Android review comparisons. Kinda hard to objectively compare Android with iOS when I’ve never owned an iOS device. :P

      1. I didn’t realize you were looking to compare Android to iOS. I guess knowing the structure of your employer, it makes sense, but it doesn’t mean it’s what we’re looking for.

        Not hating, just stating my preferences.

        1. One of our other writers (Raveesh) has a pretty great column called “Uniquely Android.” It features apps/games/features that are only found on Android. Now that I own an iDevice, I could also help with that.

          Also, the iPhone 5s is supposed to have one of the best mobile cameras in the biz, you wouldn’t be interested to see how it stacks up against the Galaxy Note 3, HTC ___, Galaxy S___?

          Oh, and I’ve also owned Windows Phone devices in my time with Phandroid. Getting a taste for everything — as both a tech lover and Android blogger — helps me form an opinion that’s a little more well rounded and less biased. I think most of our readers would understand.

          If nothing else, I was planning to play some really cool mobile games that unfortunately, are only available on iOS.

          Appreciate the feedback, MK2.

          1. Chris, thanks for taking the time to reply.

            I’ve been around this Apple vs Android thing for quite some time, and unfortunately, most of my friends have gone iOS at this point.

            I know that certain things work better, the touch responsiveness that you(?) wrote about earlier this week, some exclusive apps (PvZ) etc. and my concern is that I see the staff here slipping in the direction that my friends have. Once you get used to how response the 5s is, how much will you miss your customizations and widgets? My worry is that everything will turn into “this (insert android phone feature) is great, but I find myself going back to my iphone” and honestly, this is an android site. I wanna read about Android.

            I’m really hoping that Android ups it’s game in terms of screen responsiveness, that’s really the only thing I envy when I look at an iphone, but I know that iOS is a seductive slippery slope. Get yer cleats on.

          2. Aside from screen responsiveness, I think Apple would have to make the iPhone capable of a WHIOLE lot more than they’re will to.

            Android as a mobile OS is just so much more advanced than iOS, and I don’t see that ever changing. Apple has a clear target in mind with the iPhone: the general consumer. While Google is helping Android tailor to both the layman, and techie.

            I understand the concern though, I’ve seen a lot of friends from within the Android community head over to the iPhone. More than anything, I was curious to see what the hype was about. And, just as I suspected, it was only that. Hype. :P


          3. I think measuring the responsiveness and shoving it in face of iFans will be the next selling point of every Android phone from now on.

      2. Also, make sure you grow a beard like Chris’ when you’re using your iphone, gotta have the full hipster look if you want to get the full experience. Otherwise, how will you know how to compare?

        1. Unfortunately, a beard on me wouldn’t be quite as lush as Kevin’s. Probably due to a testosterone deficiency on my part. Ha.

          1. But you got the hair, Chris! Don’t you ever forget that!

          2. more doesn’t mean put to a good use.

          3. Who cares I bet you get way more chicks

  2. Oh Chris you poor soul, these guys are about to eat you alive for even touching an apple product. If they had it their way mobile roar would be y’all beating Kevin and joe mercilessly and then talking about nothing but android and how you can’t wait for apples extinction.

    NO other tech allowed! Only android and google for life! Conform or die!

    Lol seriously though I love the podcast you guys all crack me up. Keep it up :)

    1. We have a lot of fun doing them. Thanks! :D

  3. iOS 7 isn’t a fail. It’s actually pretty nice, from what I can read. Sure it’s FINALLY catching up to Android 2.1, but you have to admit, it’s pretty nice.

    1. No, I agree. I like the look of iOS 7. In fact, that’s the only reason I even considered getting an iPhone. Couldn’t stand the tired old look of iOS 6 and below.

      What I meant by it being a fail was that it’s horribly broken right now. My phone’s rebooted twice since I had it, animations are slow, there are graphical glitches everywhere. It’s not complete or fully baked. That’s why it’s a fail.

  4. fail oni these bafoons…samsung made gold phones way before apple…check it out before mention anything geniuses…..ok i do like these guys

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