AT&T Moto X getting ready to receive camera-improving update


Motorola Moto X Camera DSC00716

The T-Mobile Moto X received a really nice update just a couple of days ago, mostly to improve the device’s lackluster camera quality. We figured it was only a matter of time before other versions got the camera-improving treat, and it seems like AT&T might be up next!

One of our secret tipsters is part of the Motorola Feedback Network and he has just received an email regarding a “secret” software update for the AT&T Moto X. Members of the private network will be able to test this software and offer feedback, so we are sure we will know more about this soon enough.

Now, we are not 100% this will be the same update the T-Mobile variant received, but we can’t see it being anything else at this point. You guys should be excited. If this is the camera-focused update, you are about to get a treat. We never really liked the Moto X camera here at Phandroid, but this update makes it much better (check out these comparisons).

Let’s hope all other Moto X versions get this update soon! But tell us, do you dislike the Moto X camera quality as much as we do?

Thanks, anonymous!

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. T-Mobile? Check.
    Sprint? Check.
    AT&T? Check.
    Verizon? LOL!

    1. Good luck Verizon folks – lol

  2. Really thinking of getting this phone now that I found out it can be unlocked to work on T-Mobile. It seems to be cheaper to buy it on craigslist than purchase it outright.

  3. I’m shocked, SHOCKED, that Verizon’s will be the last to be updated.

  4. Looking at a photo comparison elsewhere from the T-mo version, the camera is still pretty bad with this update on an otherwise spectacular phone…

    Also, Lol at Verizon, what a garbage carrier.

  5. Why are carriers even involved in the update process for phones? This is why they need to start making phones that work on all carriers and push them out of the development process.

    You don’t see AT&T running their own tests on iPhone updates, do you? Why is this an Android problem?

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