Sep 27th, 2013


We’re still waiting for HTC to officially announce their HTC One Max, but the latest rumors say it could happen soon. According to dates associated with an entry in one of China’s regulatory forums, October 15th might be one to circle on the calendar. The timing would put the phone head-to-head with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3.

Is the timing in HTC’s best interest? It would seem wiser to launch the phone ahead of Samsung’s established brand, potentially diverting buyers from the Note 3. Given HTC’s recent struggles, taking Samsung head on could result in another disappointing launch to join a growing list of recent smartphones with lackluster sales performance.

The One Max, in all fairness, isn’t quite the same phone as the Note 3. It features a large 5.9-inch display, but don’t expect a stylus or any customized software. Still, there isn’t much else in the phablet space to compete with Samsung’s offering at this point.

To be clear, the date only reflects a potential Asian release. The chance of seeing the One Max in the US is starting to look smaller and smaller each day.

[via PhoneArena]

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