Speedtest 3.0 now available, features new UI and cats



Speedtest has become the go-to app to test your carrier’s network speed. With just one tap, you can determine your carrier’s network latency, download, and upload capabilities. The app also comes with easy tracking and sharing capabilities so you can brag to your friends or complain to your provider if need be. A few days ago, Ookla, the company behind Speedtest, teased bandwidth testers everywhere about an upcoming new version of their app. Version 3.0 has finally hit the Play Store.

What’s New in version 3.0?

– Completely revamped interface optimized for latest-generation phones
– Improved testing engine to better measure modern connection speeds
– Ability to remove ads for $0.99
– Map display for each test in results history
– Other various bug fixes and improvements
– Upcoming features: Improved tablet support, more language localizations and improved result sharing

While the app brings about a newly designed user interface and some new features, it’s still not a Holo Android app nor does it follow the modern Android design guidelines. In fact, it looks like a straight up iOS port. It does however come with a bunch of funny cat images and the Internet does love cats. So there’s that.

Ookla Speedtest 3.0
How fast is your carrier’s network? Drop your screenshots in the comments.
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  1. No more support for kb/s? I’m pretty sure it used to… Hah, it’s pretty much required for Sprint, since the data speeds are so slow you need to shift it over an order of magnitude so it looks less silly. My current 3G speeds are around 25 kB/s. *sigh*

    1. Haha… Sorry man, fellow Sprint user here feels your pain. Let’s hope it get’s better. I’m playing to long game with Sprint, I need that unlimited data but T-Mo is looking nice these days.

    2. I feel your pain but luckily I’m in a Sprint 4G area and at present am pulling down 21.09 MB and 8.11 up.

    3. You can still change the view to kb/s in the settings, if that’s what you mean.

      1. It must be a beta version:
        Mbps in bits
        and kB/s in Bytes

    4. I pulled 73 kB/s earlier. Feeling good…… ;-) lol

  2. It’s finally optimized for tablets. Screenshot on my Nexus 10 in portrait mode.

    1. And the ads are not intrusive at all!

  3. minor gripe, animation is not as smooth as iPhone version, I’m using it on htc one

  4. I’m on a Belgian carrier called Proximus. But i live in the middle of nowhere, in the woods, far from any tower. For the moment I’m getting results here of a little over 1Mbps down and weirdly, around 1.6Mbps up. This is when I’m lucky, because often my connection here even drops from “H” to “E”dge in my notification bar, and then I can only dream of getting that speed. Lol

  5. Why the new permission?
    “Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage”

    1. I think it’s to allow deletion of tests only, but I agree it was a little disconcerting when I saw that permission.

      1. Deletion of tests?

    2. Glad to see some people are still looking at the permissions before installing. So many blindly trust things and don’t even read the permissions the apps request.

    3. i have not upgraded because of this. i think its to remove ads (the coding), but i will prefer to wait until developer explains. otherwise, old version is fine with me.
      but looking at the feedback/ reviews, it seems not all is well with the new version.

  6. after suckie sprint which was kbps on their 4g thank god I ditched em… on Att I hit 15 mbps

  7. I don’t like these speed test apps. They reaffirm what I already know as a Sprint customer.

    1. when i was on sprint, i used play a game n see if i could out slow my previous slow record.

  8. Just got 33Mbps dl and 12.88 Mbps upload on T-mobile LTE! Sittin pretty.

  9. Still garbage. Navigation buttons on the bottom, back button completely broken, still doesn’t scale well, and no landscape support.

    And they want me to pay for it? Hahaha.

  10. Just got around 13 down and 1.8 up now that I’m in the city, on 3g

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