Sep 26th, 2013

Google Glass US tour

There’s no question that Google Glass has reached celebrity, pop culture status. Making appearances on everything from talk shows, to magazines, up until now, the only way to try out Glass for yourself was to be selected, and cough up $1,500.

was no way for the general public to see for themselves what it was like to look at the world through Glass.

Well, Google is about to change that. They’ve announced on their Google+ page today that they’re ready to take Glass on its official US tour, where the general public can see for themselves what it’s like to look at the world through Glass. Things kick off first in Durham, North Carolina on October 5th.

The Glass team will be posted at Bay 7, American Tobacco Campus between 10am to 6pm, where they’ll have snacks and drinks. Just make sure you RSVP first before showing up. More US cities are soon to follow, with scheduling to be announced at a later date. Pretty exciting stuff, right?

You can RSVP for the Google Glass event here.