NBC’s new app lets you watch your favorite shows for free


nbc app

NBC has finally stepped into the digital millennium, with the premier national network offering the ability to watch your favorite shows without a cent to pay. Aside from the full shows, you can also take a look ahead at NBC’s programming schedule, so you never have a reason to miss that must-see episode of The Blacklist or America’s Got Talent.

Several shows feature closed captioning support — simply tap the “CC” button while you’re watching a show to enable it. Of course, this app is only available to the American public and its territories. As long as you’re within the red, white and blue lines, though, you’ll be able to catch up on shows anywhere you can get WiFi, 3G or 4G (NBC obviously recommends WiFi whenever possible).

It’s sitting in the Google Play Store for free, so head over there to get started if you’re interested. Now, please excuse me while I go catch up on Troy and Abed in the Morning.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Im not seeing it.

    1. doesnt work for MOST phones… smh FAIL

  2. But will it have Chromecast support when Google releases the SDK?

    1. So that you can watch broadcast TV on your TV?

      1. Exactly, because I don’t pay for cable television… and chromecast support is the easiest method of putting it on the TV from your phone/tablet

        1. but you can get nbc with basic bunny ears! even if comcast does own the network now!

          1. Doesn’t come in at my house.

      2. For me it’s because I can oft times miss shows. Usually NBC gets their own shows before Hulu and Amazon or Google Play Movies.

  3. No source link?

  4. Says it’s not compatible with my Galaxy Note 2 WTF.

    1. Same

    2. Same on my Note 2. What a joke.

    3. I get the same with my g tab 2 10.1, WTF is being nice….

  5. not compatible with the S4 either

    1. Same here, I have the S4 also. Sheez! What is it compatible with?.

  6. Not compatible with SGS3

    1. I was able to download on my gs3 no problem

      1. Nope, tried it from my phone and then when I got home tried to send it from my desktop to phone. Can’t select my SGS3. I can select my Asus TF101 tablet though.

        1. As it turns out, my build.prop is modified to show as a GNEX, i guess i never changed it back after i installed wallet

  7. Link please? Not finding it in the store (web browser version)…

  8. It works for og N7, but not my old G2x.

  9. too bad theres nothing worth watching on nbc. now show a live stream of Sunday Night Football and that changes everything!

    1. chicago fire ? Law & Order SVU ? two best dramas in my opnion

  10. all I need is crunchyroll

  11. works with my lg optimus g and my nexus 7

  12. Seriously? Not available for the Samsung Galaxy S3? Now I won’t be able to watch…….um….wait…I’m sure there’s something on NBC I like….

  13. Works for my nexus 4!

  14. When will Chromecast Support arrive?

  15. Not compatible with my Galaxy S, S2 or S4 or my Moto Electrify.

  16. Dafuq is it compatible with?

  17. No Note 2 support? How Horrid!!! LOL

  18. I just need ABC to follow suit and then I’ll actually have something worth watching.

  19. App said I’m not compatible with this version, wtf?!?!? I have the Galaxy S4, running 4.2.2

  20. incompatible with almost everything!

  21. I wasn’t aware there was anything worth watching on NBC, and after looking at the image at the top of the story I’m convinced of it.

  22. .I have a nexus 4 and cant download Because it is not available in my country..

  23. Got it on my Nexus 4. I’ll be using it to keep up on Parks & Recreation. Now AMC needs to follow suit.

  24. With an article title like that, I got my hopes up that the app might stream shows from the other content providers… Alas, not to be, just crummy NBC shows.

  25. No Chromecast or GS4 support! Does this POS have a 2% compatibility list??? Oh well back to pirating my NBC TV shows commercial free.
    ATTN NBC and others: Make it available and I’ll watch it with commercials. Until then I’ll still watch on my terms and your advertisers lose my eyes.

  26. Not compatible with GS3 either!

  27. Won’t work with GS4 or my Asus tablet!

    So why did they even bother to release this POS app?

  28. No support for GS4? What sort of joke is this

  29. Doesn’t work on Google TV. (Sony NSZ-GS8)

  30. You guys should state the app is available on MOST or some Android devices at this time.

  31. was not able to download on my galaxy nexus running cyanogenmod

  32. Doesn’t work on my relay 4G

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