Sep 19th, 2013


Google hit QuickOffice fans with some really good news today — it’s free! No strings attached, no questions asked, you can go and download QuickOffice from the Google Play Store (and on iOS) without paying a dime. To top that off, Google is offering 10GB of free space for two years for anyone who syncs their Google Drive account with QuickOffice. You’ll have to do that by September 26, 2013 if you want to take advantage, though, so don’t take too long to do that (even if you aren’t planning on using QuickOffice much).

We’ve been wondering when Google would look to flex their muscle with the app after buying it back in June, and I guess we finally have our answer. You might be wondering why Google would have such a big interest in QuickOffice when they have Google Drive.

The main reason is that Google Drive doesn’t handle all Microsoft Office documents. The internal editor can only fully handle documents that were created with Drive. We fully believe Google is working to integrate QuickOffice with Google Drive, but for now this is the two-pronged solution they’ll be offering up to everyone. Get over to the Google Play Store for your download if you’re interested.

[via Google+]