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A series of unfortunate events recently forced Jean-Baptiste Quéru (former AOSP lead) into an uncomfortable corner. JBQ resigned his position at Google, but that does not mean his formidable career is ending. His known talent and personality has found a new home at a competing company – Yahoo.

Why did Jean-Baptiste Quéru leave Google?

JBQ300pxAfter working six months working hard on the Nexus 7’s source code, no details were able to be released. This is due to legal issues with Qualcomm, who asked Google not to release details about the Nexus 7’s Qualcomm processor and GPU.

This situation proved to be very disheartening for JBQ. Especially after working so long in this project and the whole world putting this situation in his shoulders. He had no power to change this, and so decided to leave for greener pastures.

Jean-Baptiste Quéru working for Yahoo

marissa-mayerYahoo is in a shopping spree for talent lately, which is proving to be a good idea. The internet giant recently gave the CEO crown to Marissa Mayer, former VP of Google. She is making some great changes in the company, and mobile software is a very strong focus in this quest.

With this in mind, it only makes sense that Yahoo would try to snatch Jean-Baptiste Quéru while they can. He would be a great addition to the team, especially with his experience in mobile. We do not know exactly what he will be doing at Yahoo, but we would be willing to be its related to the improvements in Yahoo’s mobile presence.

Let’s see what happens next!

What will Jean-Baptiste Quéru be doing at Yahoo? We can only wonder. We won’t speculate too much on this, but we will definitely keep an ear open for more information. You can be sure you will be the first to know, so stick around to see what Jean-Baptiste Quéru’s next projects are!

Yahoo probably just appreciates JBQ’s experience and vision and wants to see how much further him and Mayer will take Yahoo.

[Jean-Baptiste Quéru]

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. Interesting… But what can Yahoo do these days that would be cutting edge? I’d never by a yahoo defaulted phone. I jumped ship on all of their services 4+ years ago when I got the mytouch 3g, and have no plans to return without valid reason.

    1. They could bring back the Amiga. That would be cutting edge for Yahoo

      1. Ari, you are forever a friend just for mentioning Amiga. :)

    2. Same here. Once the OG Droid came out I jumped from yahoo to google over night. The amount of spam emails in my former yahoo email terrifies me.

      1. just blacklist the word “unsubscribe” I have almost no spam now:p

    3. The same was said about Apple 16 years ago.

      1. And it was right.

        1. Clearly it wasn’t. They have since gone on to revolutionize the music, mobile phone and tablet industries. And they’ve sold Billions of dollars worth of phone and other sales.

          1. And brainwash a generation.

  2. “Let’s see what happens next!”

    Well, if Yahoo doesn’t work out, maybe AOL, Excite, Lycos or Altavista?

    1. LOL… Exactly what i was thinking!

      1. Yup. Believe it or not but engadget is AOL.

    2. Ask JeevesBQ

  3. A new competing forked Yahoo version of Android phone or tablet?
    Possibilities could be endless.

    1. Please, no… screams failure.

    2. If they wanted to jump in that market they would have already and flopped.

  4. inb4 that one guy says “final nail in the coffin for Google”

  5. Yahoo: The place to go for the email address you need so you can register on other sites

  6. Next thing you know Chris is going to quite Phandroid and jump over to search giant HotBot

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      ☺☺☺☺☺Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, “What’s in it for me?” – Brian Tracy

  7. I guess Yahoo is the next ask jeeves or lycos or dogpile

  8. No offense Edgar, but is English not your first language? This article reads like it was written in another language and then ran through Google translate.

  9. yahoo was once a great R&D place, not anymore. This guy could have joined some startup or something, if he was bored of corporate politics. If anything corporate politics is going to even more severe at Yahoo, after all Google is the place where do you serious R&D, despite all its drawbacks. Hugo Barra’s departure makes more sense than this guy’s

  10. This is a terribly written article

  11. I could this this title on an article over at The Onion Press

    News at 11: MM and JBQ to create new Yahoo phone

  12. He should have stayed with Google, now he’s a traitor. So what he couldn’t release the code, he got paid well while he did his job. Eventually the code will be released until he should have just gone along to the next Google project. Google is the internet. Without Google the internet as I enjoy it would really suck. Just My Opinion.

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