Yahoo going Google: Marissa Mayer brings new logo along with new outlook, profits


If you hadn’t heard, Google’s former VP – Marissa Mayer – is now the President and CEO at Yahoo. And if you haven’t noticed, which is likely since the tech elite tend to write Yahoo off as a passe tech has been, Yahoo’s stock has absolutely soared since Marissa Mayer took office.


Three days before Marissa Mayer took office, Yahoo’s stock price was $15.74. Today, the stock price is above $28/share, nearly doubling since Mayer has controlled the company. That’s quite an accomplishment and our congratulations go out to Mayer and the whole Yahoo! team.

Yahoo has accomplished this feat largely by shutting down non-essential properties and services, focusing on mobile, and acquiring startups that jive with the company’s new focus on forward thinking tech like apps and streaming video.

Shutting down non-essential services? Focusing on mobile? Ridiculously rising stock prices? Sound like another company we know?

Ding, ding, ding… if you guessed “Google”, you guessed right. The former Google VP has brought a very Googley outlook to Yahoo, and now, they’ve got a new logo as well.

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 10.04.07 AM

And the old logo…


For some reason, I get the feeling that even the logo got a little more Googley. Oh… that’s why. Literally.


You can clearly see that Yahoo has adopted a font, similar to Google, where the O becomes thin in the middle and thicker on the outside. Yahoo, however, goes for an even slimmer look. Here’s a video of Yahoo “announcing” their new logo to the world with a very real-time web designerish video unveiling.


Yahoo actually had 30 days of new logo revisions… check them all out and let us know which you like best.

The logo change is merely cosmetic, but clearly Yahoo hasn’t only undergone a cosmetic change, made apparent by the stock price image above. With Marissa Mayer at the helm, this is a new Yahoo.

This is a Yahoo that is cutting the fat, focusing on mobile, taking employee relations more seriously, acquiring forward thinking startups, and making both smart strategic moves and taking calculated risks.

This is a Yahoo with a lot of Google in it.

Where do you think Marissa Mayer will take Yahoo in the coming months and years?

Rob Jackson
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  1. YahoO is rising from the dead!!!! Quickly kill it before it kills us or worse yet. .Google…

    1. Piss off.

  2. Very interesting to think about. Yahoo always is the third wheel when fanboys of Google or Microsoft chit chat. It’s like Yahoo is widely ignored but commonly used. How?… Lots of people still use Yahoo mail for one. Second, Yahoo Answers seems to be strong to me. I actually find out a lot of simple answers using that service… but from a Google search of course.

    Yahoo is going to have a hard time beating Google at search results (Yahoo is like 7% I think?). I think Yahoo is focused very well on improving their products across the board… getting rid of the services that don’t work, and slowly using Google to help improve their company. Adding “Google-like” O’s in their logo… makes that 85% of Googlers more familiar with their brand without even knowing it.

    1. Yahoo has recently over taken Google as most used search engine

      1. That was only when Google’s servers crashed for 5 min.

      2. I’d rather take Bing over Yahoo, and I hate Bing. Nothing can replicate the accuracy of Google.

    2. I just like seeing a woman in charge of such a high profile company and doing well with it.

      1. Who downvotes this lol, thats just mean!

        1. I was thinking the same thing! Some jerk who doesn’t like seeing empowered women.

          1. How so? An empowered woman is sexy as hell!

        2. Me.

    3. Yahoo email is one of the most popular because Gmail is blocked in some countries. Unfortunately Yahoo’s email service is truly the worst and least secure. Millions of people have had their Yahoo emails hacked time and time again. If you “google” ‘Yahoo email hacked’ you’ll see endless pages of material from victims as well as security researchers showing the horrible Yahoo mail weaknesses.

    4. Yahoo Answers is about the only service of theirs I see (thanks to Google), but Flickr and its insane 1TB limit is tempting me back to clean up my old account.

  3. Seriously a logo change does not make anything any different, still the same old content and propaganda.

    1. I think it does. It’s all psychological. Not to mention that Yahoo is mentioned in every news site that is tech related. Good publicity… especially when their stock goes up so much and this is a way of letting the public know that they are still around and are in the process of making a comeback.

      1. I use Yahoo and have noticed the logo changes, 30 different ones I believe, but it’s still the website that counts, Yahoo when I first went to it from AOL had a great layout on the home page, now it sucks it is clunky and cumbersome almost like a hacked up job, no flow to it, I still use it but begrudgingly.

    2. I wouldnt use their mail, or their search. But they are adding some new things that work well- Love the Weather App.

  4. I like the new logo. Simple

  5. I would bang Marissa Mayer.

    1. Yes, men are attracted to power and wealth just like women.

      1. Power and wealth are overrated. That just creates megalomania, egotism, and a culture of entitlement.

        But intelligence and success are frickin’ hot.

        1. I lump those two in with power and wealth.

          1. Lump in what?

      2. Then again, that is your excuse. What is wrong if someone wants to
        “bang” (have sexual intercourse) with someone?


        Then again,

    2. I wouldn’t. I don’t like women that think too highly of themselves. I might anger bang her though…..

      1. She seems like she’d be a decent lay.

    3. Eeeeewwww. Don’t you have standards? I’d like to see the trolls that make up the notches on your head board.

      1. What? She’s not a bad looking lady, i don’t know what you’re on about.

      2. @supremekizzle:disqus


      3. “standards”

        What about you? You are deceiving us about “sexual intercourse”.


  6. I don’t know, to me the logo no longer says, “YAHOOOOOOoooooOOOOOO!” It’s more like “Yahoo.”

  7. The only paralel I can see is Yahoo – Nokia. Both companies ditched their own software and replaced it with Microsoft (Symbian/Yahoo search -> Windows 8/Bing). Microsoft is still strugling hard to be big on the internet, so I think that next step is to buy Yahoo for its users, as they did many years ago with Hotmail.

  8. Yahoot! Users on Yahoo Groups aren’t so happy with the Neo interface though (seems to have been designed more with mobile users in mind). They probably spent more time (and money) redesigning the logo than with Neo.

  9. I’m not too keen on Yahoo’s future, even with the changes. It will take a bit more than a small resurgence in stock price to mollify my criticisms of them over the decades.

  10. Meh. I still use Altavista and Dogpile.

  11. Mayer is Borg. She infiltrated Yahoo, and is turning it into a baby Google.

  12. Yahoogle anyone?

    1. Goooooo!

  13. I love Google, so if Yahoo becomes a Google clone I might give it a try. Anything is better than bing

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      YahoO is rising from the dead!!!! Quickly kill it before it kills us or worse yet. .Google…

      1. First your cousin is a online whore. :p second competition is great. Stop spamming here

        1. It’s a bot.

          1. What!? his first cousin is a robot whore!?

          2. Not surprised.

  14. Good for Yahoo!

    Everyone loves a comeback kid, and Yahoo! Answers provides me with endless entertainment:

    1. PICARD!

  15. Waiting on their mobile OS. They should call it Udder.

  16. Yahoo? Oh my gosh. I haven’t heard that name in years. Geez. I was just reminded of the endless hours I used on spend in the Star Wars chat rooms.

  17. If her “neo” revision of YahooGroups is any indication, she’s going to wreck Yahoo, and she’s going to do it without me. I’ve been on Yahoo Groups since 1999 and find the new YahooGroups basically unusable with basic functions not working.

  18. Yahoo is slowly being destroyed by this NEO fiasco. Users begging to revert back. Over 40,000 cant be wrong! Look at the complaints falling on copy/paste deaf ears…

    Ppl jumping off faster than rats on a sinking ship!

  19. what Larry explained I cant believe that someone able to profit $5007 in one month on the computer. go now w­w­w.J­A­M­20.c­o­m

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