Hold the (rumored) Nexus 5 in your digital hands


Interesting find on Reddit’s r/Android for the weekend: user Annihilia built this 3D model based on all the rumors we’ve seen so far of the Nexus 5. It is so good, Google might as well as use it on their website if it’s accurate.

If you cannot see the embed above, click here.

Raveesh Bhalla

KitKat launching October 14th with an OIS-powered Nexus 5? [Rumor]

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  1. Now only if I had a 3D printer :(

    1. You could break into a school I guess…

  2. I like that!
    Start selling it already ! :P

  3. looks nice!

  4. Please have a good camera :(

    1. Well it has a huge camera hole, but a small sensor.. Not sure what’s up with that.

      1. Optical Image stabilisation. Basically, there will be some ball bearing thing inside that moves when you move the phone reducing aggressive movements in the phone and making pictures more clearer and less blurry.

  5. if the next nexus looks like this and has the specs to back it up …somethings getting paid late and somethins getting sold. just saying.

    1. m’ sides

  6. Let’s hope they have a million stock piled so I don’t have to wait 6 weeks to get mine.

  7. oh gosh i hope i have the money then.

    1. sell some meth?

      1. I’m not sure there’s a market here in northern Germany, but hey, i’ll try. ;) (ironic smiley so NSA won’t raid me here)

  8. I wish it holds the same camera and specs like G2. Reduction in screen size is fine. But Cam, Battery and other stuff under the hood should remain same.

    1. Cutting screen size, battery size, and processor to a 600 snapdragon instead of 800 is what they’re gonna do. Only way to make the price affordable for most.

      1. Didn’t the Nexus 4 have the exact same processor the LG Optimus G had? It was still the most affordable superphone.

      2. Has anyone commenting here even looked at the FCC filing post?

  9. kinda ugly

    1. I gotta black Volkswagen Touareg by work parttime using a laptop. why not look here ►►►►►► PORT60.COM

    2. The Nexus 4 looks more premium, I’ll give you that. People are still impressed with the light effect on the back.

      1. Im not, especially since their sacrificing durability for that light effect, some people have reported a crack from a 1 foot drop, ill take plastic any day.

        1. By some people you mean just Chris Chavez :p

  10. I’ve got my money ready. Just give me a button to buy.

    1. Why do you want to buy a button?

  11. So someone just made this in their spare time?

  12. Is it me, or the damn thing still looks like the current Nexus 4?

    1. Yup. Pretty Much

    2. Maybe the front, but definitely not the back. That would be the best improvement in my mind, getting rid of the Nexus 4’s glass back.

      1. it might not have Qi tho

  13. i assume itll be like the G2 and have speaker phone holes in the bottom

    1. Or the Nexus 7 and virtual surround sound.

  14. I wish they’d make a Nexus with expandable storage. Should be a crime for a phone not to have a micro sd card slot.

    1. Don’t recall the iPhone ever having expandable storage and they sell pretty well….

      1. Why do you think we’re looking @ Android instead of iPhone?

    2. just set up an ftp server

  15. I’m getting that giddy feeling that only Nexus rumors can bring.

    1. let it grit

  16. Another test for google to handle massive amount of online orders on release. See if their website will freeze & see if they can manage to keep the initial stock on par with/higher than demand.

  17. you forgot the speakers

  18. its between this and the G2…

    1. based on the FCC filing for the LG device that is probably the N5 i would have to say it does.!

  19. Pretty much happy with my nexus 4. Maybe next year :-)

  20. Check out this leak by Spigen the case maker. Clearly shows they molded the design based on the Original Nexus 7. Plus it comes with the two speakers at the bottom.

    Release date is Oct. 31st for the phone, but unveiling might be October 14th.

  21. Hey Google!! Send out the invites!!!!!

  22. hopefully google this time learned the lesson and start selling via amazon just like nexus 7

  23. sorry ps4.. Im getting a nexus…

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