KitKat launching October 14th with an OIS-powered Nexus 5? [Rumor]


Nexus 5 extreme closeup

Now here are a couple of rumors I’d really like to see become a reality: AusDroid believes that Android 4.4 KitKat should be announced on October 14th based on a tip they’ve received (though they do suggest taking it with a grain of salt). Besides the date, the tipster also named a few features we might see with the new release:

  • Firmware availability to older phones

  • Fragmentation changes (screen resizing)

  • Miracast updates

  • New Gallery Visualisation

  • New APIs regarding animations

  • Change android default blue to other preset palette colours

  • New notification widgets

The Firmware availability point is one that really catches the eye: Google obviously wants as many devices (at least 4.x ones) to have all the latest goodies, a problem they’ve been working on for years. Have they finally found a decent solution which would make it easier for manufacturers to update ROMs to the latest version of Android?

The Nexus 5 should be unveiled alongside KitKat, and according to SmartFan should see the same Optical Image Stabilization as we’ve seen with the LG G2 (LG video below). A much better camera is something we’ve been expecting ever since SVP for Engineering Vic Gundotra said “Google was committed to making insanely great cameras for future Nexus devices” back in February.

[AusDroid, SmartFan (Google Translated)]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Let’s be honest, this is probably another wish list

    1. No doubt. Having said that, Miracast, new animation APIs and notification widgets all make a lot of sense to me, and so does OIS on the Nexus 5 if it is based on the LG G2. Changing default Android blue also makes sense considering the multi-colored devices today, possibly some form of theming which developers might be able to tap into also.

  2. If Google was able to release 4.4 to all Nexus devices (starting with the nexus one). In some form or another that would be very impressive. Wil it happen, it’s very unlikely. Logically I think the Galaxy Nexus would be the starting out point for 4.4. Being that the Nexus S got Jellybean (4.1.2) is it possible that it could get 4.4. I think it’s possible, but will it happen? I don’t think so.

    1. I’m not sure what their definition of “all devices” is. If I have to make a guess, I think it’ll be some form of delta-update that could potentially add all 4.4 capabilities to previous 4.3 ROMs. Google does really well with the delta updates on the Chromebooks, so I wouldn’t think it’s beyond them. Having said that, I’m sure the Samsungs and HTCs of this world will probably spend quite some time testing the updates first on their devices before rolling it out, but not updating devices might be tougher to explain from OEMs than previously.

      1. Well the Nexus S runs AOSP 4.3 very smoothly–check Youtube. I’m surprised it wasn’t officially updated.

  3. I hope the inventory of it is semi stable by December unlike last year.

    1. If the specs are accurate it will likely be more expensive than the Nexus 4. I’d maybe expect $400-500. Including a 5″ 1080p screen, Snapdragon 800, and a camera with OIS isn’t cheap even if sold at cost. If it’s more expensive it won’t be such an impulse buy for as many people as the Nexus 4 was.

      1. We all thought the same thing last year with the N4, with the S4Pro, 2GB RAM, 720p+ IPS display, 8MP BSI sensor.

        1. I guess that’s true. Still, I’d imagine at least a $50 price increase over the prereduced Nexus 4 price.

      2. Considering the G2 probably costs LG ~$300 to make, the Nexus 5 will cost even less and likely be sold at the same price as the Nexus 4 (original price), if anything only $50 more.

      3. Especially since Apple did not offer the 5c at a reasonably low cost. When the rumours were that would be a low cost alternative I think the same N4 prices would have carried over to the N5, but now I have my doubts.

    2. Let me guess… you are on Verizon with a Gnex and are planning to switch carriers to use the Nexus 5.

  4. The more I read about the G2 cam, the more I want it. If that same cam is in the N5, I’m on it!

    1. All the sample photos I’ve seen from the G2 camera are pretty poor.

  5. OIS was the one feature missing from the Note3 that I wanted, but after watching anandtech’s side-by-side OIS demo of different cams with and without it (G2, Lumia, etc), it didn’t seem to make that big a diff, or maybe I’m blind.

    For video at least, youtube’s “stabilization” post-processing is good enough, but for stills I don’t think OIS can reduce blurry pics as much as good light and/or steady hands.

    (would love to see a test of OIS in low-light)

    1. What does OIS stand for?

      1. Optical Image Stabilization

    2. Gonna have to check out that test. I’ve seen a Lumia 925 OIS in action, and it’s pretty awesome in the sense that you’re less likely to get a shaken up image. Whether the overall quality is significantly better, time will tell.

      1. I think maybe the problem with Anand’s OIS test was that he had both phones attached to the same rig at the same time, which gave both phones more inertial stability to begin with. Would probably be more beneficial in-hand.

        Here’s the vid btw:

        1. My worry from the video is that the G2’s color seemed rather washed out. Having said that, other than the 1020, all of them seemed like that to me, so I’m wondering if the result (other than the OIS test itself) is being hampered by which side the device is kept on in their stand. For example, while walking over that bridge, there would typically be more of a shadow towards the 1020’s side, and hence less light capture and better color reproduction.

          Anyway, I guess we have to wait for people to get some real G2 samples from identical conditions.

    3. OIS is a near must have in still photography. I doubt this camera sensor has great OIS but its very helpful in Canon and Nikon SLRs. Given the generally poor low light performance of small sensors, OIS should be great for still shots.

      1. @dalingrin:disqus Wow – haven’t seen this name is quite awhile since i stopped flashing my TP every night with your latest releases. This man deserves upvotes no matter what he says! I’ve thanked you before, but thanks again for all your amazing work on the TP…still rocking it today (albeit not my primary).

        1. Thanks =)

      2. Eh, not even a near must. More of a nice crutch. None of my lenses for my DSLR feature any form of stabilization. Yet, I’m still able to get shots below the mythical 1/focal length shutter speed threshold.

        1. Sure, you can get great shots without OIS. That doesn’t mean OIS isn’t really nice to have on an SLR. People took/take amazing pictures on film but that doesn’t mean digital photography isn’t nearly a must have these days.

  6. I think the OIS definitely helps, but i wouldn’t snap a picture anyway if i was in a situation where my hand was vibrating a lot

    1. guess you never take photos then

  7. It is mine if I can get it before 1Nov.

    1. Awesome pic!

  8. Googs big battery please 2300mah is average but come on even the gs4 has a 2600mah battery

    1. GS4 needs bigger with that power hog called touchwiz. 2300mha on stock android will kill ANY battery Samsung puts in.

      1. This is true. My Razr HD has a 2500mah battery. My wife got a Nexus 4 a week ago (2100mah) Her battery lasts longer than mine with more screen on time, and that’s not even Touchwiz. PURE ANDROID!

      2. touch my wiz

      3. I watched my friend’s GS3 lose 15 percent right in my face. I was just browsing the internet. LoL!!

      4. i dunno, my nexus 4’s 2200 mah battery is NOTHING to brag about. The only optimism i hold is for the snapdragon 800 to be more efficient. I was atleast hoping for 2700 mah. i do’t want to just get by if i monitor my usage, i want that day and a half battery life.

        1. Totally agree, my Nexus 4 battery life is brutal. My next phone must have a bigger screen and amazing battery life and is why I’m getting the LG G2.

          1. Mine lasts around 14 hours heavy usage, that is browsing, gaming, reading and using wifi and data, I think it may just be an anomaly, or the fact that I use franco kernel and have undervolted.

    2. Even a 10000mah is never enough. Trust me we need a completely different energy storage tech, li-ion is obsolete. But that just wont happen cause there are too many ppl in that greedy money sucking oil companies all around the world to hold the tech from developing.

      1. hmm not too many phones that run on oil

      2. You should really learn how things work and how they’re made before commenting.

      3. You do realise, that using lithium with an electron stripped off forming an ion, has no relation to oil, don’t you. also, no one is forcing you to use oil, and why would you use oil, power stations use coal, gas and nuclear materials because they are much more energy efficient. Finally, they’re are probably more Wind Farms in the UK, than Oil power stations in Europe, and the only reason you would use oil to power your phone is if you use your car to charge it, which is just stupid.

        1. I think he’s refering to the fact that if battery technology was more advanced, electric cars would be a more viable option, which in turn would impact the oil industry.

          1. They are trying, and there are several prototypes, and battery tech is in no way related to oil companies. Battery powered electric cars are stupid anyway, use hydrogen fuel cells instead, cheaper, better and the only product is water.

    3. Yeah, but a Galaxy S4 uses an inferior Android Version, Linux Kernel and has the heavy touchwiz skin with battery hogging features such as air gesture and smart scroll.

  9. KitKat is a ridiculous name. As expected with any Google release, it will probably have lots of bugs and it will depend on users to keep reporting bugs so the sooner they release it, the faster it will be fixed

    1. Let me guess:
      You bought some AAPL stock and this is your strategy to get their stock price back up since it’s in trouble?

      1. I always say trolling won’t sell an iPhone

      2. I used google services and was unhappy with the fact that it kept breaking and sending error reports

        1. That’s asinine

    2. Not a single upvote. Fly away iPhaggot!

      1. Let me guess. You are one of those lonely geeks who creates 10 accounts and likes his own comments. Good luck using your own hand tonight

        1. And who are you? The guy who has self esteem issues so he comes to an Android forum to bash Android and make you feel better about yourself?

          1. I understand people love reading good insults and that’s why you and other droid monkeys missed the point I raised about broken software that Google keeps making at first and then after several thousand error reports updates it, but it’s ok because no matter what happens you can’t withstand a genuine criticism about your precious Google. If this was truly a discussion, someone would have yried to answer the point instead of useless trolling

          2. I assume you’re an apple fan. So Explain to me ios map when it first came out. Or maybe the antenna problems the iphone 4 had, when if you held it a certain way, you would lose service. Android isn’t perfect. Apple isn’t perfect. But if you take into consideration all the little things that android has to do in a phone, compared to apple, android is MUCH more stable than ios. ios is JUST now starting to change a LITTLE bit since the first iphone. Apple hasn’t changed much, that’s why they dont have as much bugs (even though they actually do have many many bug, they just dont say). So how about you go stay at your apple site, and go talk about your “brand new” fingerprint scanner, and stop trying to bash on android. You will never win here my friend lol.

          3. First of all, thanks Gregory for giving a reply to my post, instead of just posting insults. I am currently using Samsung S3 and I have faced so many problems after updating the software, that’s why I posted the comment on broken software. KitKat is a stupid name and by naming their next version after taking a break just reminds me how lazy google is in testing their services and wastes my time identifying bugs sending error reports.

          4. I also have an S3, but i have it rooted and running android 4.3 right now with absolutely no problems. So your problem may not be with google, but with samsung lol. So you can bash on samsung, but as far as i know, google releases quality stuff on their nexus phones. Of course they run into a few bugs here and there, its natural for any piece of tech. But it does get fixed up pretty quickly

          5. Are you absolutely sure the broken software are courtesy of Android and not Samsung?
            I believe if you want to bash Android, you should either be using a Nexus or a pure AOSP based ROM on your droid device.
            Most of the issues with Samsung devices are because of its buggy TW launcher…

          6. Your problems are Samsungs fault, not Google. You should know that.

          7. Yes I got it. Blame Samsung, not Google

          8. I’m sorry but you’re the troll here. Anyone can find something to criticize. Nothing is perfect in this world.

            What is valued is someone who offers solutions.

          9. I have given my opinion here that KitKat is a bad name because it reminds Android users like me about the problems I face when I update my phone’s software. That’s not trolling. However, the reaction it has got on this forum has shown me how intolerant people are on this forum. From the start, insults have been thrown and assumption was made that I must be Apple fan to write anything negative about Google. I am just an average consumer who is not a techie and was unhappy about the name and the problems faced during recent update. Now I have lost interest in reading this forum. I might as well buy an iphone. At least if I complain about it’s service, I won’t get attacked like this



        2. You guessed incorrectly.

          And yes I’m going to critique each of your comments mercilessly because I’m a bored insomniac and I can.

    3. Thats odd I never ever have problems with Google software….their may be something wrong with your GS3….I have one it works great….When you had an Iphone did you use You Tube, Google Maps, Google Navigation, Gmail oh probably not cause it is all google software that works on IOS but Google software does not work (yes it does)…You may wanna check your wi-fi or data plane, or man your just gay,,,look at your stupid picture…I never post but your argument was so lame and adolesent…Samsung is not Google….While you think about an awesome response get a life….Kit Kat is ridiculouse wah wah wah…..seriously???

      1. Thanks for posting for the first time on my post. You can join other droid monkeys lick Google’s ass all you want. Fact is average consumer is not a geek like you. So astalavista losers…you just convinced me this forum is full of hypocrites who can’t take constructive criticism

        1. Or rather full of quasi-rational Android fans who take issue with your clearly incendiary comment

          What did you expect?

          Next time try “I’ve had a lot of bugs with new releases, what about you guys? I know that after a few point releases with all of the bug reports it always shapes up. Here’s hoping that’s not the case this time and that 4.4.0 is solid.”

          Sure you’d get some down votes but you wouldn’t sound like a jackass.

    4. They named it kitkat because one of the developers likes to eat them. Simple as that.

  10. Put a good camera in it and I’m sold! : )

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      Changing default Android blue also makes sense considering the multi-colored devices today, possibly some form of theming which developers might be able to tap into also.

      1. Fu¢k your cousin. The only way she’s making $51 an hour online is giving virtual blow jobs for 51 bucks a pop.

        1. LMFAO

        2. Yea you tell that faggot!

        3. I’d pay 51 for the real thing.

          1. LoL!! What tha french toast?

    3. Camera is better than the sgs4 and iphone 5, some even say it rivals the lumia 1020 camera and you want a good camera in it? lol

      1. Sounds good, but how do you know? : o

  11. make a cdma version and im SOLD

    1. Verizon Galaxy Nexus, do you want that again. Terrible idea. Also, 99.9% of the whole world use LTE, GSM and HSDPA, not CDMA, I have never seen or heard of a CDMA network outside of the US, and all are GSM in Europe. They would’t make a phone for just one or two networks when it is unlocked, driving the costs up with the radio. And they will most likely use the radio configuration in the Nexus 7, which is LTE, GSM and HSDPA+42, and it only uses Verizon’s LTE network, not 3G.

      1. actually yes i do…i only hated my galaxy nexus bc i hated the phone itself…i could care less with verizons update policy and what not because i rooted n flashed till my eyes burned…i want a nexus on verizon…and google is an american company…verizons americas biggest strongest network…they should make the phone for it…verizon just ran by jerkoffs who ruin everything for the likes of us

        1. Honestly, an American company means jack all. HTC are Chinese and focus on American companies. I think the Nexus 4 will work, but only on LTE as it will have the same Radio as the nexus 4.

      2. I would also be sold if it came to Verizon. I know there’s probably zero chance of it happening due to the fact that CDMA is proprietary, but if it did, I’d be all over it.

        FYI: China has a CDMA network.

        1. Oh, haven’t been to China. Just know that most countries have GSM exclusive.

        2. The N5 is CDMA, but only for sprint probably, since it supports Sprint’s LTE band and not Verizon, then again Verizon is moving some areas to band 4, which is supported by the N5.

  12. Just put a better battery in it! That’s all I ask! At least a 2700mah battery. That’s what is drawing me to the G2.

    1. So get an at&t version, mine has a 3000 mah in it :)

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