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We’ve been hearing buzz of the HTC One Max phablet for some time now, but the handset has yet to officially surface. If you are beginning to give up hope, here’s a little something to bide you over. @evleaks has released the handset’s official branding. It’s pretty much everything you might have expected.

What we see is more or less an HTC One logo with an extra word at an end. The most interesting aspect is the decision to turn the word “max” into a subscript. Logic would say the word might be emphasized. It does say MAX after all. But that’s splitting hairs.

Many expected this would have been unveiled a couple of weeks ago at IFA, the same show that brought us another phablet, the Samsung Galaxy S3. Alas, we’re still waiting.

[via @evleaks]

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  1. That’s gonna be one sexy device. If you’re into that kinda thing.

  2. Galaxy Note killer, in my humble opinion. HTC > Samsung.

    1. I would love to agree with you. But for that to be true, it’d have to have a removable battery and a card slot. And hopefully the stylus technology is as good as what Samsung uses.

      Anyway, I’m a reluctant Samsung fan because of the fact that they continue to stick with SD and removable battery.

      1. sd card slot and removable battery are bullet points, not the whole enchilada.

        1. They are make-or-break bullet points.

          1. for you yes, but not for the general public, hence that shouldn’t be the only thing holding them back from being better than Samsung. I’m not saying they are better, but i’m saying that can’t be the be all end all. Because then budget panasonic phones > htc one… and that’s just silly.

          2. I’m with you, Malcmilli. Expandable memory or removable battery are NOT deal breakers. Just a small hiccup in the road that can easily be worked around.

          3. Not if internal storage and battery life were low to begin with. Where are the 64 GB android phones???

          4. Beats me, but I can survive on 32GB. Any less and that IS a deal breaker.

          5. The problem is they can’t be easily worked around in most cases. Until data limits are complete things of the past, and until data can be accessed from absolutely anywhere, the cloud is simply not a viable option for some of us. Until the cloud does become viable, either an SD card or 64 gigabytes internal storage is a necessity.

            As for the removable battery issue, if you are a rooter, there is no better way to solve some issues then with a good old fashioned battery pull. In addition sometimes you have a battery or a charging port go bad. In these cases if you do not have a removable battery, your only option is to be without your phone for an average of two weeks.

            Sorry but for now these things are not just hickups.

          6. Again, we are the vast minority. For the record though, I am a rooter and I have yet to have any issue with any Android device I have ever owned and I’ve had too many to count.

          7. I haven’t plugged my phone in for over a year, yet I’m on it constantly. I call that a killer feature, but only if you have a removable battery. It’s funny, because if a phone advertised as NEVER needing to be charged, y’all would go crazy over it. But someone says they NEED a removable battery, and y’all are like ‘meh’.

          8. I never said they were the only bullet points that mattered. Or that any phone WITH those bullet points was superior to any phone WITHOUT them.

            But hey, if that’s the way your brain works, I can see why we can’t come to an understanding here.

          9. well that’s the implication you leave when you use the term “make-or-break”

          10. No, the implication is that an awesome phone like the HTC One ‘breaks’ my decision to buy it when it doesn’t have those points, but is otherwise the best phone around at the time. It does not however imply that I would buy a flip-phone instead just because it has a removable battery and SD card. I think actually you already know this and you’ve just taken a liking to disagreeing with my posts. :)

          11. i just threw that comparison in there based off of the statement you said where HTC cant be better than Samsung because of lack of SD card and removable battery. I don’t know if you are a logical individual or not i was merely going of a post you made. As you know there are many illogical people on this site some who make comments with similar thought processes behind the one you made earlier. “HTC sucks because no sd card” etc.

            I was simply saying you cant say HTC < Samsung just because of those two factors you mention since many many many people don't really care too much about those things. I'm not even saying samsung isnt better than HTC i was just saying, you cant denote a decision best on those 2 factors. That is all. I was also not the only person who came to that conclusion based off of your original post, so don't take it as a personal attack or anything, i was just saying.

          12. You’re sounding more reasonable now at least. Thank you for that.

            Many of those people who don’t care about silly things like SD Card or removable battery will have bought an iPhone and be done with it. Sales of the GS3 vs the One tend to bear out that among Android users, folks DO care about that type of thing. Now if I’m being honest I know it has far less to do with that and more to do with marketing but….. It’s a shame the One didn’t get far more traction than it did. They got so much right.

            But for myself, it needs a removable battery and SD card slot. HTC One Max, you beautiful would-be contender.. no sale. :(

      2. I agree. I watch a lot of videos on commute to work and I’d be screwed without my 64 GB micro sd. I also enjoy the removable batteries on trips.

        1. Streaming videos or stored videos ? If its streaming you dont need the SD card. If its stored, honestly do you really need 64GB worth of space to hold your videos ??? seriously ? 64GB ? Its unnecessary. 32GB is what most people would honestly use, if that. What kind of trips are you on that youre not near some form of outlet ? My ONEs batt lasts pretty much most of the day with regular use. Just asking, dont flame me dude.

          1. Why would I flame?

            Since you aksed, on a regular day, I spend 30 minutes watching videos while doing my cardio and a bit over an hour in the subway (from work to home). Also, about once a month I go out of town for work, so that’s about 3 hours of bus. I like to keep my entire music collection on my sd card, pictures as well as HD seasons of tv series (I have a Note 2, so I like having good quality). I also install some pretty big game apps on it.

            Unlimited data plans don’t exist in Canada, so I don’t stream anything. For the sake of simplicity, I really enjoy having my extra 64 GB.

          2. I have a couple of movies and SOME of my music, plus photos, etc, on my 32GB card, and it’s full.

            Power users can go through the most beastly of batteries in no time at all.

            It’s all personal preference… What I don’t get is why people, similar to you, who don’t need the sd card, or large storage, or removable battery, really care about or criticize those of us who do.

      3. Yup. Those two things are the only reason that I chose the galaxy S4 over the HTC one.

    2. I don’t see that happening.

    3. There hasn’t been much known information about it, so we have to wait and see.

    4. Id get an HTC Phablet over a Samsung one any day.

    5. No stylus, no multiwindow? No sale.

    6. Imo if you actually use the s-pen like myself then if the HTC doesn’t have a stylus it’s not even in the same class of phone as the note. Its just a bigger htc one. Of course if you wouldn’t use the stylus then that point is moot.

      1. Ughhh I wish the phandroid app would get a update to allow editing of comments.

      2. I do want to see competition to the Note. It’s just that there isn’t any and people should stop pretending there is simply because they love HTC

        1. Htc One max
          Lg G2
          Sony Xperia Z Ultra
          Sony Xperia Z1
          LG Nexus 5

          All these guys seem to be coming with that same amazing Snapdragon 800 SoC. Albeit the Note 3 still has 3 GB of RAM compared to the rumored/confirmed 2 GB on the other ones. Custom ROM/Kernel, etc. support will likely be solid for the Note 3, though the other ones should have solid followings as well. They should all have similar performance, at least on AOSP ROMs and not on their respective skins. Note 3 may win out due to the extra RAM though. I would still cross the One max off the list if it doesn’t have microSD card expand-ability.

    7. If the HTC One Max had a pen, microsdxc slot, and removable battery I’d still buy the Note 3, because I *want* a more resilient polycarbonate phone, and samsung is more hackable + ROM-friendly. If the HTC One Max ALSO had that, I’d still get the Note 3. The only other change that’d push me to finally opt for the Max would be if they got rid of the buttons in order to have a better screen to bezel ratio.

      1. Lots of phones with onscreen buttons still have big bezels

        1. Well I’m thinking of a design like the HTC One with the ff speakers, minus h/w buttons. My ideal design, ATM, but the note3 is acceptable until the stars align

  3. They keep putting it off then they are going to lose me and I will just get a Note III….

  4. Umm shouldn’t it be galaxy note 3 not s3?

    1. +1

  5. Really wish it would come sooner. Either way I’ll still be buying. Also hoping it comes in red day one…

  6. I am excited to see what Htc has to offer and go head to head with the note 3 the more choices the better.

  7. The Galaxy S3 is is the worst Phablet ever… it doesnt even come with an S Pen :-P

    1. ikr lol talk about typos.

  8. I personally don’t think the logo is working. Might as well say min where it says max looking at how small it is written next to the One.

  9. hope its being delayed to add a camera larger than 4 megapixels… even if they are “ultrapixels.” 8 would make me consider it, 13 would lock it in.

  10. Galaxy S3 lol

  11. HTC is suffering huge financial issue and I am not certain if I can get any afterservice or if even the company will survive. Let alone the debut of Max /:

  12. seriously wtf htc, note 3 is already announced and you still haven’t done anything

    1. Its not like you can go out and buy a Note 3 today… chill b

  13. If you haven’t yet had your hands on a Sony Xperia Z Ultra, then you need to add that to the top phablet mix. Having basically the same specs at the HTC One Max in a body thinner than the HTC One, the Ultra is amazing. It absolutely smokes my HTC One in performance and the screen is even better.

    1. No flash – sad camera for the price – everything else top notch, just a lame overlook on Sony’s part.

      1. Sure looks like a flash on the leaked images

  14. No pen; no microSDXC; no removable battery == NO DEAL! :)

  15. I would consider buying it instead of the Note 3 if it was stock android and less than $400. That’s all.

    1. Less than $400 off contract? You must have eaten some tainted hamburger meat.

      1. They ate one of Chris’s veggie burgers.

  16. “Many expected this would have been unveiled a couple of weeks ago at IFA, the same show that brought us another phablet, the Samsung Galaxy S3.”

    IFA must be stuck in 2012.

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