The competition: how to follow the Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C event online (and what to expect)


I know, I know — this is Phandroid, not iSource. But some folks might be interested in following Apple’s September 10th event (that’s today!) online. It’s always good to check out what the competition is bringing to the table, so if you’re as curious as we are, you’ll want to take note of the following ways to follow the event online (which kicks off around 1PM EDT/10AM PDT):

  • Official live stream: Apple might be providing an official live stream for the event. While we’re not sure if one will go up just yet, Apple sometimes doesn’t make their live streams public until the moments leading right up to the event. We’ll update this post with a link should one sprout up. (Note: Apple tends to limit streams to those with Mac OS or iOS devices.)
  • Unofficial live streams: There’s a chance that unofficial streams may go up. We’re not sure about the likelihood of this happening, but we’ll be looking to track some down on Livestream and/or Ustream once the event kicks off.
  • Live blogs: head to Google and search for a live blog. These will be the most reliable way to stay up to date on everything Apple announces later today. Live video coverage is always better, but if push comes to shove this will have to do.

And, of course, you can circle back to iSource.com for full coverage on everything Apple announces as the event happens. Be sure to swing by if you are interested in seeing what the company has up their sleeve for 2013.

What to expect?

With that, you’re probably wondering what, exactly, Apple is getting ready to announce. The rumors have been swirling for weeks and months, and the folks at iSource have done a great job staying on top of it all. Let’s device into what we should be expecting to see from the bitten fruit company over there in Cupertino, California.


iPhone 5S

As its name implies, the iPhone 5S is supposed to be a quick upgrade to the model that launched last year. Things will mostly be the same in terms of looks and performance, though it’s possible Apple could be looking to stuff NFC and a fingerprint scanner inside (the latter of which might be embedded in the device’s Home button).

Apple might also look to introduce a new version of their processor — the A7 — and use it within the 5S. We’re not sure how much of an upgrade this will be compared to the already-powerful A6, but it shouldn’t disappoint iPhone fans either way.

If true, this would be the most significant “S” upgrade we’ve seen from Apple, with the company typically disappointing the masses who expect tons of new changes and features in each iteration. Finally, this might be the first flagship iPhone model to launch in anything other than black or white, with Gold/Champagne color choices possibly in the works.

iPhone 5C

This is perhaps the most intriguing prospect yet. The iPhone 5C is said to be Apple’s “cheap” iPhone, one that will come in a multitude of colors. It appears the company will look to utilize a bit of plastic in this rendition, and could be taking other measures to keep costs down.


Specifically, the device might not feature the same beefy internals the main flagships will, but we all know Apple has never needed insanely fast processors to make for a smooth experience. And Apple’s version of “cheap” isn’t everyone else’s version of cheap, so we expect folks to be asked to pay a decent amount of money for it.

This would be one of the biggest competitors for Motorola’s Moto X, a line that hopes to capture the interests of the public by offering them the ability to customize the phone with over 2,000 different combinations of colors. Of course, only AT&T customers have that ability at the present moment, though we expect Motorola to bring the Moto Maker service (which, along with color, also allows you to customize the phone’s engraving and welcome message) to other carriers in due time.

New iPad models?

Recent rumors have suggested Apple could be coming to town with a brand new set of iPads in tow. According to suppliers and previous leaks, Apple is unsurprisingly working on new models of both the iPad and iPad Mini.

We don’t know too much about the former, but leaked videos and images of the new iPad’s chassis suggest Apple will take their design cues from the iPad Mini. Said cues include a thinner bezel, thinner width, and a more squared-off cut around the edges. We also expect the device to get a “Retina” display, which is a fancy way of saying “lulz more pixelz.”


On the other hand, we no diddly squat about the regular iPad. We’ll definitely be looking to see whether Apple has something to share about both of these models in just a few short hours.

Apple TV probably won’t happen

Last week, we learned Apple might possibly be bringing a new version of the Apple TV, the platform which allows you to get all your media on whichever big screen you have in your house.  That might not be happening anymore, though, as newly leaked information suggests Apple will only go as far as announcing a new software upgrade.


There’s no guarantee that they’ll even be doing that much. We’re still keeping our fingers crossed, though, because Apple TV is the one platform that can make Google kick it into 6th gear and start treating the Google TV platform with the love and care it deserves.

Let’s get it on!

And that’s pretty much it. Some of it might happen (we’ll almost certainly be seeing new iPhones), and some of it might not. Whatever happens, though, you’ll want to be locked into iSource for all the updates you can handle. Let us know if you’ll be watching along to see what Apple has in store for the tech world.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Sorry but I could care less.

    1. Cared enough to let us know that you don’t care.

      1. If I didn’t you would have nothing to post

        1. You mean you needed something to post?

          1. The post is just what it is I don’t care and thats my post

          2. Well I can sleep better now knowing that.

          3. lol chill out man .

  2. I never have gotten excited for an Apple anything release…

    1. Wouldn’t it be exciting if they announced they’re switching to Android?

      Bootcamp for iPhone.

  3. Welcome to 2010 Apple.

    1. Lol more like 2007.

    2. Seriously.

  4. Can’t wait. I get excited for any piece of new technology, so I’ll be keen to see what’s in store. It’s about time Apple did some innovation. I think that’ll happen today. Down vote me if you disagree, idgaf.

    1. Awesome, because wdgaf.

      1. Top kek.

  5. Yea none of us care what Apple does or premieres. Calling Apple “competition” is a joke at this point. Their core fans will eat this up though. You could put a steaming turd in a box and brand it with an Apple and theyll buy it.

    1. yea. Apple is not true competition to Android – LOL – your boy genius is really shining forth.

      Apple gained market share over Android over the past 12 months in the USA and in Europe. But, I wouldn’t worry about Apple if I were you, I mean it doesn’t matter that this market share gain occurred during the same period where they didn’t come out with any really decent iPhone right? So what’s to worry about if Android phone makers were blazing ahead in innovation and such, no worries though – right?

      1. “Gained market share over Android” present evidence to back up your statement. Last time I checked Android had(has) the majority of marketshare in both markets and has had the lead in the past 12 months.

      2. Apple stopped being competition to Android the second they started copying Android innovations into the iPhone. What else does the iPhone have ? a pretty screen ? Yep thats about it.

  6. this is phandroid no one cares about glammed up outdated tech garbage.

    1. some of us like to stay current with the tech trends, even if it’s not android

      1. we have to go in reverse to find apple they are not a tech trend they are tech history

        1. I agree, but you never know what might come up, it’s nice to be informed.

          1. You can do that on iSource. This is Phandroid.

          2. Yes, this is Phandroid. Not android.com

          3. Hey who knows? Maybe Blackberry will come up with something cool

          4. haha maybe, but I’d give Apple a bit more credit than Blackberry

          5. Not that much more credit

    2. I don’t know…they might be going after the My Little Pony fans with this one

    3. … yea we like to talk about the really cutting edge stuff like the new and awe-inspiring Moto X . lol Hey at least you can special order your case color, that’s way more innovative than Apple, they are not going to let you custom order your color, you have to pick the ones they have in stock.

  7. ill tune in just to see how far the ball has really dropped

  8. most of the event will be apple comparing numbers
    they lost the app count numbers , lets see what they boast around this time


    1. maybe they will boast their high iPhone 4s sales. Revolutionary how their old phone sells better than their next gen.

    1. amazing

    2. this sums it up pretty good, a bunch of Simpson-like phandroids, rolling around on the floor convulsing, while tuning into something they say they hate so much.

      1. You sound too butthurt my man, get some fresh air.

    3. You win.

  9. I haven’t been inpressed with Apple offerings in a while, can’t say I expect much from this event.

  10. I am surprised the biggest thing Apple will be introducing is not mentioned in the article. iOS7 (Apples answer to Froyo. Live-ish wall paper and drop down controls)

    1. Lol! Their answer to an OS over 3 years old.

    2. hahahaha

    3. … and iBeacon and Passbook, and bio-metric security … looking for this in Android.

      1. Atrix 4G had a fingerprint scanner. HTC One Max will have one. It’s a throwback from the days of Windows Mobile PDA’s

        1. But today the finger print scanner will be a “Game Changer” or a “Beautiful Revolution”.

          1. We’ll probably see sentimental Apple commercials about users ‘first touch.’

          2. Just checked out Apple’s site to see what their sales pitch says about it. The highlights:

            “And now we’ve taken touch to the next logical place with Touch ID, the fingerprint identity sensor.” Right, because nobody had fingerprint sensors or used cameras as fingerprint sensors before this.

            ” It’s all highly advanced technology that simply disappears as you use it. So you don’t notice anything. Except how unlocking your iPhone is suddenly so effortless.”

            So magical, so revolutionary, so 5 years ago.

  11. * holds up a sneeze guard to catch rabid android fan’s foaming mouths being slung everywhere *

  12. today is the 10th! lets see what they have this year.

  13. However, since this is Phandroid, let the mud throwing begin, with this relevant video. :)


    1. LOL

    2. oh man that’s just hilarious

    3. Hah…

      “Introducing the iPhone 5C (Cheap). It’s plastic, so now everyone can afford an iPhone. Even the peasants.”

  14. “I know, I know — this is Phandroid, not iSource.”

    Then act like you know.

    “But some folks might be interested in following Apple’s September 10th event (that’s today!) online”

    And they can go to iSource, Cult of Mac, or one of many other Apple devoted websites.

    “It’s always good to check out what the competition is bringing to the table”

    Uhh… no it’s not. No one goes to a DC fansite to hear all about the latest Marvel movie. No one goes to a Last of Us fansite to hear all about the latest Resident Evil. No one goes to a Mercedes fansite to hear all about the latest Volvo.

    You clearly don’t understand or even respect your own readers.

    Like you began, “this is Phandroid, not iSource.”

    1. your opinions do not represent that of all readers of this site. I do not use apple products, but I also do not have some irrational hate for apple either. I

      I do not want to go to isource, i like hearing about apple products from “relatively” experienced android users. As much as you think android is 100% flawless, there are some things that iOS has a leg up on and if that isnt acknowledged, then that will never change. I’d rather not android go the way of blackberry and live in ignorance until its too late.

      1. #1 I’m writing this on my personal Mac. I enjoy Apple products.

        #2 I never said Android is 100% flawless, thanks for using a strawman argument. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw_man

        #3 Quentyn gave absolutely no “experienced android user” perspective, these are rumors, so again, you are better off not being lazy, and clicking on the link at the top that says “iPhone/iPad.”

        #4 I never said I represent “all readers of this site.” Thanks for putting words in my mouth.

        1. Come on the event didn’t even start yet

          1. Exactly my point.

            Why do we have to read a rumor post? Why can’t Phandroid report AFTER the event with comparative analysis? Is that too much to ask of a site dedicated to Android to actually, you know, be DEDICATED TO ANDROID?

        2. #1 i never said you didnt, i was simply letting you know that not all users on this site hate apple and are pissed off they would follow the event.
          #2 that is true, your post was just very similar to that of one who might think so.
          #3 Yes he gave no perspective… but that’s because the event didn’t even start yet, he was letting people know they will be following it in-case you were interested…. which what i’m saying is some people are.
          #4 “You clearly don’t understand or even respect your own readers.” You are bashing him for not adhering to his readers.. i was simply letting you know, i’m a reader, and he seems to understand me just just fine.

    2. I’m interested lol, must know thy enemy .

    3. I’m interested as well. I will always be an android user and hate apple but this is still big tech news and definitely has a place in a tech blog.
      Down vote from me.

    4. lol yes it is good… you may see what you are missing… why have tunnel vision staring at just one product…either way lol get over it goodness we are talking about phones…phones!… lol

      1. lol you are either a fanboy or a phanboy… either way you may want to see what the other side brings to the table…. i left iphone for the note 2 by….researching…i went back because games are way better on the app store and android is second fiddle…If you are a big gamer that could be enough to take you away as well

        1. I keep my note though because i love it and have it unactivated…fun for videos and stuff but man android market blows

          1. “android market” it seems like you really are stuck in 2010, because back then this comment might have had some merit.

          2. Not true… I have both products and android is still behind and still has to wait gangstar vegas was pretty recent and it was on iphone first…. So very relevant

          3. So because some crappy mobile games aren’t on there yet it’s behind? The Play Store is so much more than that, it has everything that the App Store has and then some. The only thing the App Store seems to have over it is games apparently, you don’t have the same argument for everything else. Regardless, as was the case before Android will close the gap very soon.

          4. Thats true it does have a lot of ads … It also has a lot of bullshit apps that slip through because they are not as heavily screened

          5. That’s true but then so does the App Store, when both app stores have so many apps it’s inevitable that will happen.

          6. Yes they got it but u had to wait

          7. Games, the biggest factor in picking a mobile OS…….NOT ! I got an XBOX 360 to play games on. My smartphone does smartphone things. I guess because of how lacking in tech and software the iPhone is, its users are relegated to only playing games on it. Sad, so sad.

          8. It is for me i work on the go so that is the biggest factor for me and lol i also have a wife so i cant sit around all day whacking off and playing xbox

          9. Your wife stops you from playing XBOX and whacking off ? My wife whacks me off while i play XBOX. lol. I dont have time to play games on my XBOX all day. My mobile games are time killers when im on the road or bored at work, not a reason to make a decision on which phone im going to buy, Games are secondary

          10. What’s the Android market? Is that an alternative to Google Play ?

          11. That shitty thing that cannot get games before the app store… Smart ass

          12. Google Play doesn’t create games. it just hosts them. It’s up to developers so ask them if you want an app.

          13. The Android market has the same games the App store has. In fact the Play store has some of the same games for FREE as opposed to the .99ct or more on most IOS games. If a game isnt on the Play Store it will be soon. How can you go from looking at the giant screen on the Note and go back to that miniscule screen on the iPhone is beyond me. Its like going from a giant penis to a micro one.

        2. Lol right “android is second fiddle”… Please -_-

  15. Hopefully Apple will bring something new to the table.
    The competition is great as it will push Android to new heights.

    1. Apple? New? Good one!

      1. I nearly laughed too. 5 yr old OS coupled with stuff they copied from Android….real “new” lol

    2. The only competition here MAY be the sales. Technology wise and innovation wise Android won. Only if a competitor comes out with new tech that puts it on a tier higher than the next guy does competition push anyone anywhere. Hopefully cheaper is not the new competition. We already have Android matching the iPhone with that horrible X phone. Whats next ? matching their 5 yr old software by not giving users the most powerful specs a phone can have because of so-called “user experience” Its sad but thats what it looks like if we let it happen. Android SHOULD keep on flying to new heights, specs wise, tech wise, and software wise. Stopping the ascent because of user experience will soon turn Android into a company of promises, like Apple, with no real innovation. Lets hope it doesnt.

      1. Don’t worry. Qualcomm, Samsung, LG and Sony won’t let that happen because they are hardware companies.

        1. I really hope so. Someone either here or another Android site actually posted an article the “specs dont matter anymore because of the M*** X”

  16. pretty funny that comments that throw cold water on the Fuk Apple frenzy get deleted.

  17. With this being the first iPhone available on T-Mobile, a ton of people are expected to be switching from AT&T. Don’t harsh my android LTE, maaaan! :)

    1. Ah, more bandwidth for me as they leave.

    2. Not first, just first at launch. I know I’m sad to see iPhone being official at launch on our tmo bandwidth.

  18. What the… how did I end up on iSource?

  19. Apple just extended a crushing blow to low cost Android manufacturers. That $99 iPhone is going to fly out the doors. Why didn’t Google price the Moto X like this? It is after all a low to mid range phone.

  20. Ignore my comment… That’s an on contact price, not so great.

  21. Does the new iPhone come with an app that counts down to when the next iPhone comes out? Also, with the new mandatory bio-metrics: Can you use your middle finger?

  22. I like that they tease the press conference with colorful plastic cases. Instead of “This Should Brighten Everyone’s Day” they might have well just gone with “We’re not even trying anymore.” The 64 bit architecture is pretty spiffy though, won’t really get to see what it can do until people start writing software to take advantage of it. Definitely a nice phone, but I’ll stick with my HTC One.

  23. tinyurl.com/l3cselt


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