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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 detailed in official 6-minute walkthrough [VIDEO]


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 S Note

You’ve seen the announcement, you’ve seen our hands-on — now it’s time for Samsung to take you on an official tour of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Uploaded to YouTube a only a few minutes ago (and taken down, then re-uploaded), Samsung gives us a nice walkthrough of the new software features we can expect from the Note 3 when it arrives.

Trust us, there’s a lot to cover. That’s probably why the video is a full 6-minutes, but after you’ve finished watching, you’ll know just about everything there is to know about Samsung’s new phablet. Check out the video below to learn more about the Note 3, it’s hardware specs, and the plethora of new S Pen features therein.

Know somebody looking for a new Android device? Well, this might be the perfect video to share with them, you know, when they have the time. Enjoy.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Damn, if I hadn’t already purchased the Note 2, this would be on my list. Those of you who don’t have a note, you’re going to love this phone.

    1. Grrr…and I was so sure I wanted the G2. Now I’m on the fence again. I’ll be in a real bind to make up my mind when the HTC One max (or whatever it’s called) is announced.

      I’ve a question for you though, is the pen really all that useful or more of a gimmick? It looks handy and a pleasure to use for sure, but I’m not sure if I’d be using it that much.

      1. tbh, if the spen and it’s features are not somethin…. actually everyone will find some of them useful at one point or another. But if I had to, it would be the Note 3, it just is the ultimate phone right now.

      2. You’ll love it. I mean if you watched the video you can already tell which features will work for you and which might not apply. But as a phone, this is the ultimate right now.

      3. honestly I don’t use the Spen all that much, but when I do want it (note taking, drawing stuff, photo editing, heavy widget building sessions with UCCW or Zooper) I am very glad I have it. Won’t go back to a phone (or tablet, have the note 8 as well) without a stylus. It definately is NOT a gimmick, it just works too well and has a ton of functionality. Whether or not you use that functionality is up to you.

      4. the g2 does the same stuff(scrapbook, memo, actions etc..) without a pen, the only thing lacking without the stylus would be any art programs you use(if any)

  2. As if people didn’t look stupid enough with a device that big pressed to their head; they had to wrap it in vinyl. Bravo, Samsung. Bravo.

    1. Really you think so? Phones under 6″ are not considered big anymore. They’re just larger than your avg 5″ phone. But not huge by any means. I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between a 6″ and 5″ phone anymore. They all look alike. I sense troll lol.

      1. I wouldn’t be so sure. i still catch flack for my Note 2. However, it does come from my iphone carrying coworkers who probably secretly have screen size envy.

        1. They’re using lady phones.

          1. Tween phones

        2. My coworkers are usually surprised at the size of my Note 2, but once I let them use it for a minute, they love it :)

    2. I’d take vinyl over cheap looking glossy plastic any day.

  3. I won’t consider any phablet without a S-Pen equivalent or Note-like features.

    1. I can understand that. A phone with a screen that big really benefits from a stylus.

    2. Yeah they definitely have the edge over the competition with stylus and multitasking

  4. Can’t wait to try it out

  5. The note ll was already the most amazing phone ever, now this is even MORE amazing!

    1. AMAZINGER!!!!!!!!!! oxford add it to the dictionary now

  6. thats a really dope video… I wish HTC made ads like that

    only problem is, nothing in that video is really useful to me

    1. Same here, though I thought the scrap-book thing was interesting.

      1. yeah, I liked the Scrapbooker too, but with me being an HTC fan boy– I can only give Samsung a limited amount of compliments per day…

  7. it’s ok samsung. we already knew it was going to be hard to blow away consumers after unveiling the Note 2.

    1. I just find these random belittling comments hilarious when clearly The Note 2 to the Note 3 was a huge upgrade in every area possible. 1080p screen, Lighter, Bigger Battery, CPU/GPU monster,13MP camera with CRI LED, bigger screen, 3gb ram, 4k video, 120fps 720p Ultra high def 24 bit 192khz audio, USB 3.0, all in a smaller form factor what more do you want?, a nuclear phone?

      1. but you see, we want to be able to notice the massive improvements more than just on paper. If you could hold the Note 3 and go “wow, the Note 2 doesn’t hold a candle to this”, then yeah, it would be impressive. But because most features won’t be leaving the Note 2 feeling outdated, that is the reason I am unimpressed and won’t be upgrading.

        Maybe the Nexus 5 will impress me. If not, hopefully the Note 4. Idk, but nothing is earth shattering at the moment to pry me from my Note 2.

        1. I’m excited about the IR Blaster, thermometer. Well, anything excites me over my iphone 4Sucks

          1. haha, iPhone has nothing over these new phones imo.

            What did you think about the new Sony Xperia? I was sure I was going to upgrade to Note 3 (got Note 2 now), but I’m very tempted by Sony now!

          2. Good to have choices but sometimes hard to decide :)

          3. Which Xperia? The one from yesterday? I haven’t checked it out. But the Xperia line is beautiful. I love phones with a glass back. I’d like to give the Note 3 a try. There are some features that I’m really looking forward to having. Isn’t the Xperia they showed off yesterday 6.4 inches? I thought your max was 6″. Being water proof is nice though! I’ll check it out now. Don’t know anything else.

          4. Sony xperia z1, beautiful phone, 5” screen, 20 mp camera. was featured on idb, looks great :)

        2. lol I thinks is funny how a handful of hands on videos and a 6 min promo shot is all people need to start saying how the overall experience will be. haha hilarious. go Note3. loved my note 2 but this improves it in every area.

        3. This is just a confusing statement, we want to notice the improvements? You wont notice longer battery life, better performance, clearer text because of the higher resolution, faster wifi speeds because of the 802.11ac, a very classy style, the ability to run 2 windowed applications at the same time with enough screen to make it useful, usb 3 makes copying data lightning fast? I am confused as to what you want to see? This phone is just awesome.

  8. Effective advertising.

  9. definitely going to get this. leaving Sprint for Tmobile. Xmas has came early

  10. This is wonderful.

  11. What stands out the most is:
    – TouchWiz looks way better
    – This is the first Samsung promo that isn’t super cheesy

    1. Touchwiz looks like crap… Smh

      1. I agree…I just don’t like the TouchWiz interface. I think the features are neat (sometimes gimmicky). Maybe I am just being digitally shallow

  12. gnote 3 is another phail. Just ike gnote 2 and gnote 1

    1. As your wishing your iPhone did things like this. :)

  13. It sure looks good, but the camera is not good enough for me. I’m probably going to get the new Sony Xperia phone.

    1. I’d probably go with the note 3, lets see the reviews first!

  14. For some reason the Note 3 looks bigger then what it actually is. I’ve played with the Note 2 and to me it doesn’t seem that big. But watching hands on videos and photos of the Note 3 to me it looks bigger. I’ll have to go to a vzw store and play with the Note 3. I know they increased the size of the display without making the overall size any bigger.

  15. I don’t know how I feel about the Note 3 :/

  16. Samsung left out that the Note3 comes with the new USB 3.0 port, first for any smartphone. Quicker charging and quicker file transfers.

  17. Wake me up when it runs iOS, until then it’s useless to me.

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