Sep 3rd, 2013


HTC just announced a brand new sound accessory, but it is nothing like what we are used to seeing when it comes to external speakers. The HTC BoomBass is an accessory that connects to your smartphone wirelessly, but it is only a bass (as its name states) that compliments the awesome BoomSound speakers devices like the HTC One feature.

This may seem a little weird, as it is only a bass speaker, but HTC believes it will really please audiophiles around the globe. It’s like turning your 2.0 smartphone speakers into a 2.1 system. There is a huge difference in sound quality when one has an independent bass.


In short: it shouldn’t make your sound any louder, it will just make it richer. Would have been nice to get a little more bang as well as the “boom”, though. The HTC One’s speakers don’t get loud enough to completely fill up a room. So other options would be better for those who want louder sound.

The speaker also has a slide-out stand that works as your mini dock, as well as NFC compatibility for pairing. These features should make the experience much simpler, so now there is only one factor to consider before deciding if the BoomBass is worth it or not.

We don’t know the price quiet yet, but the bass speaker will be available in mid-October from the HTC Accessory Store. What do you say – are you interesting in a dedicated bass speaker for your smartphone? How much would you be willing to pay for it?

[via The Verge]

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