Aug 28th, 2013

Google Hangouts banner

Not satisfied with the current quality of Google Hangouts? According to GigaOM, things are about to get better really soon. Google is apparently in the process of implementing VP8 encoding for Google Hangouts, which will give Google the flexibility they need to be able to deliver 10-way video calls in HD quality. HD encoding is possible with the current H.264 codec, but the processing power required to facilitate multiple HD streams at the same time isn’t practical for the lightweight experience Google is looking for.

With that, Google is also said to be looking to bring WebRTC support, which is a web standard would allow users to participate in Hangouts without the need to download a browser plugin. We’re not sure how all of this will eventually translate to the mobile side of things, but we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes on Google’s newsroom for any official information in days or weeks to come.