Aug 27th, 2013

Yesterday, Verizon let the floodgates swing open for folks to use Verizon Edge to upgrade. If you don’t know what it is, Verizon Edge is a program that will allow you to pay for the full cost of a phone over the course of 24 months, except you’ll get to upgrade whenever you want as long as you meet certain conditions. You can read more about all of that here.

verizon edge

The problem for most folks is that Verizon Edge forces customers who still have unlimited data onto Verizon’s tiered data plans. That effectively deters folks from using Edge, but Verizon is offering up a sweet deal on their data packages to entice folks to get with the program.

You can get 6GB of data for $30 by upgrading your smartphone through Edge, whereas Verizon’s normal data allowance for $30 is 2GB. That plan doesn’t include tethering, but you can get plans with tethering starting at 8GB for $50 (which is still a lot better than packages for comparable prices under Verizon’s normal offerings).

The plan isn’t being advertised for some reason, but as someone who just used Verizon Edge to purchase a DROID MAXX I can confirm it does exist, and it will prompt you to select one of the Max data plans before the end of the checkout process. We can’t yet confirm whether or not these plans can be had in-store or over the phone, but we’ll be looking into it.

This effectively makes it impossible to keep unlimited data unless you’re willing to keep buying your phones at the full MSRP at the time of purchase. If you anticipate wanting to upgrade using Edge in the near future then you’ll want to take advantage soon, as we’re told this offer is only going to be around for a limited time. Head to your My Verizon account and initiate the upgrade to get started

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