PSA: Verizon unlimited data users can get on Max data plans (6GB for $30) when upgrading through Edge


Yesterday, Verizon let the floodgates swing open for folks to use Verizon Edge to upgrade. If you don’t know what it is, Verizon Edge is a program that will allow you to pay for the full cost of a phone over the course of 24 months, except you’ll get to upgrade whenever you want as long as you meet certain conditions. You can read more about all of that here.

verizon edge

The problem for most folks is that Verizon Edge forces customers who still have unlimited data onto Verizon’s tiered data plans. That effectively deters folks from using Edge, but Verizon is offering up a sweet deal on their data packages to entice folks to get with the program.

You can get 6GB of data for $30 by upgrading your smartphone through Edge, whereas Verizon’s normal data allowance for $30 is 2GB. That plan doesn’t include tethering, but you can get plans with tethering starting at 8GB for $50 (which is still a lot better than packages for comparable prices under Verizon’s normal offerings).

The plan isn’t being advertised for some reason, but as someone who just used Verizon Edge to purchase a DROID MAXX I can confirm it does exist, and it will prompt you to select one of the Max data plans before the end of the checkout process. We can’t yet confirm whether or not these plans can be had in-store or over the phone, but we’ll be looking into it.

This effectively makes it impossible to keep unlimited data unless you’re willing to keep buying your phones at the full MSRP at the time of purchase. If you anticipate wanting to upgrade using Edge in the near future then you’ll want to take advantage soon, as we’re told this offer is only going to be around for a limited time. Head to your My Verizon account and initiate the upgrade to get started

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  1. I only pay $39 for unlimited as it is and I use more than 6gb in a week.

    1. Me too, Verizon is definitely not a good choice for anyone but very casual smartphone users.

      1. How are you guys using so much data? The most I’ve used ever in a month was 5gigs.

        1. I don’t have reliable Internet all the time plus I tether my device during road trips for others to use. I can easily go from using 2GB one month to using 12GB the next.

          1. yowza. I live in Chicago and there’s either Xfinity Wifi everywhere or I’m at home using my WiFi. Keep fighting the good fight, gentlemen!

          2. I’m in the military so I definitely don’t have access to wifi all the tinge. Especially if we’re in the field.

        2. I prefer my phone to my laptop, I do nearly everything online via my phone, at home on WiFi I use upwards of 90 GB a month in all, but I hit at LEAST 8 GB of 4G data per month, last month it was 14.2 GB though.

        3. 12-15gbs a month easily

        4. I am at 43GB and I am only 14 days into my month. I went over 400GB one month but I was trying very hard. Typical use puts me at 100GB per month and I use my phone for everything. No more cable, TV, laptop, desktop, netbook, iPod… I sold most of those.

    2. LOL! I pay $30 flat including tax for unlimited data, text and I get calling too. Verizon sucks!!!

  2. Lol……. *tears rolling down* pay 30 for 6gb?

    They’re not getting me off unlimited until they pry my dead cold hands off it.

    1. There is no way in hell this is a deal because you have to join Edge to do it and Edge is already a ripoff.

      They would have to offer me 15Gb or better at 30 without joining Edge to even consider dropping my unlimited plan.

      1. Damn right!

    2. I easily use 100GB per month on my unlimited LTE for $25/month. They would have to give a much better offer than that to get unlimited out of my hands!!

  3. I pay $10 a month for unlimited data (per line). can’t do it, even thinking about moving to tmobile

    1. Same boat here, 10 dollars a month for unlimited data with a 22% discount applied to the main chunk of the plan. Nothing could ever convince me to switch to tiered data or even a new carrier, Verizons had the best service of everyone I know in my area. Getting access to the newest devices sounds nice, but having to pay 20 more dollars for data that’s limited on top of having to pay more for the new phone makes me laugh at Verizon, its like them coming up to me and asking “Do you like that bottomless ice cream jar? How about you try this new flavor! You can only eat a little every month and you have to pay 40+ more bucks to do it, but hey! Every six months you can get a new flavor!”

      1. I see you have a Rezound. How the hell do you put up with this phone? I’d be tempted to go for the $30/month 6gb plan if I could get a phone that has decent battery life and performs relatively well. This thing seems to have something important broken in every single ROM.

        This thing definitely isn’t a good deal, but if they keep selling crap phones, it will be taken advantage of. What’s the alternative to EDGE upgrades if you aren’t happy with your device after a year? New phone every 2 years, hoping your unlimited doesn’t get cut off just because, or paying full MSRP on a new phone?

        1. Tmobile

        2. Simple as buying a used phone? I’ve had my ups and downs with this stupid phone (I know exactly what you are talking about, its a headache) but if you stay on sense roms (I miss AOSP) then it performs relatively well. Mine stays pretty cool, and the battery lasts me most the day, but I carry an external battery pack to charge my phone so yeah. And I’ll leave when unlimited is cut off, I don’t usually use more than 5-6 gigs a month, but some months I go up to like 15 gigs if Im watching a lot of netflix n music while away and I like not having to worry about it (also going to college, my campus has 50mbps LTE). Besides, I’ve been told by a few reps that since I’m on a special promotional plan they won’t be able to change it as long as we don’t make any changes ourselves.

          1. Also, if your phone is THAT bad, like extreme heat or battery issues, its a defective phone and you should be able to get it replaced under warranty as long as you go back to stock and the issues persist.

      2. All you have to do is get a new phone on a line that does not have unlimited data. Once you get the new phone (subsidized) you can activate it on the unlimited data plan line as a phone you own (same as a non-subsidized phone). This way you get the subsidized price, but keep unlimited data. The Verizon rep asked me how I knew about this and even suggested they were going to do this method with their personal phone as well.

  4. Hmmm, what is probably less than $30 for the grandfathered unlimited data, or $30 for only 6GB/month? Decisions decisions.

    NOT. Granted, I’m not on Verizon, but this seems pretty obvious to me: stay unlimited.

    1. That’s right. I could keep paying $29.99 for unlimited data, or switch to $30 for 6GB of data. Ohh, I’ll really need to spend some time thinking about this decision…….

      1. You know when they go on about “exciting new plans” and such the consumer looses. Reminds me of a grocery add for packaged deli meats I once saw. There they were on TV saying “Sliced extra thin for better taste!” When in truth what they were saying was “get 6 ounces for only a little more money than you were paying for 8 ounces.”

    2. The whole point of this is that you have to wait a very long time between phone upgrades. I still have an HTC Rezound, and this thing is absolutely horrible.

      Instead of waiting until April 2014 to replace this heap of crap, I could go with the edge upgrade, and instead of getting rid of my unlimited data, end up with 6gb a month for no extra money. I know this would work for me, as I regularly exceed 2gb a month. Am I going to go for it? Not likely.

      1. Or you could just pay not-so-crazy prices for incremental bumps up. I ditched my Thunderbolt for a used Galaxy Nexus I bought off contract for $180 last year.

      2. Pony up $300 for a Nexus Fou…. Oh wait, Verizon sucks.

        1. dang man, low blow

      3. You can’t get on Edge now, because Verizon clearly stated you have to be upgrade eligible, so unless you go the ebay route, you still have to wait until April 2014.

        1. And it probably erases your upgrade eligibility when you go on Edge..meaning, you probably can not to Edge (and pay off the full cost of the phone in 3 months) and then say “I want a new phone, I agree to leave Unlimited Data, and I want that new Samsung S5 for $199.” Going to Edge costs you to lose your upgrade/discount option and start back at 2 years (even tho they never really gave you an upgrade)…that is what I heard from Verizon tech, anyway.

      4. What you just stated makes ZERO logical sense. What does Edge do for you today that you cant already do??? You still have to pay full price for a new phone. Nothing stopping/stopped you from doing that the moment you stopped liking the Rezound. Why are u waiting? You should have bought a brand new phone (full price.. or got a good used, near new one for a slight discount) and sold your Rezound the moment you started hating it. Edge does NOTHING for anyone that they couldn’t already do today.

        1. Edge makes it easier to buy a phone. Not everyone can drop $600+ just for a phone. I sure as hail cannot.

          If you’re ballin’ like that, then yea. Edge does nothing for you. But like I stated, it’s for people who can’t drop money like that. That’s the main and hidden benefit of programs like these.

          1. Not every phone is $600+. GeorgeS also said get a good used phone. I see good phones like the Galaxy S3 and Note 2 on Craigslist for a $200-300.

          2. True. My friend’s mom is selling her Tmo GS3 for $250. It’s that mofos, like me, always want the best of the best, even though it’s not needed. LoL!!

          3. I see it differently. The kind of person who EVER would use the Edge program is clearly the type of person has plenty of money to spare…after all, that person is dropping $600 (or more if they switch every 6 months) just to buy a phone. Frankly, if that person can’t drop $600 and ANY GIVEN moment to buy a phone, then that person has no business having a smart phone and spending $80+ per month for talk/text/web. That person, instead, should get a regular, non-data phone….or go over to some other carrier (like StraightTalk or PagePlus and pay $50 total/month).
            but, like I said, the kind of person who would ever go with Edge thinks he is a baller anyway.

          4. And, payment plans are easy enough to come by. Edge is just an easier way to get someone to spend more money on a phone. It is just a huge, nasty trick on people. I am racking my brain to come up with a somewhat decent reason to choose the Edge program and I can’t think of one (except for the notion/thought that Verizon will very next 2 years.. drop their Unlimited Data completely, in which case and time, it will be very hard to get 6GB per month for the same price-$30)

  5. Not now, not ever.

  6. The very definition of a bad deal.

    1. Actually, for Verizon, that sounds like a real good deal. For those that NEED the coverage, but use a lot of data and don’t have unlimited data right now.

      Especially when I saw that for $30 you normally get 2GB. WTF is 2GB?

      1. This ‘deal’ is only good for people that already have unlimited data. They’re asking you to pay the same amount for a fraction of the product.

        1. 6 / Infinity = 0

          They are offering a very small fraction. Actually, zero to be exact.

  7. Why are they charging more for tethering? I thought FCC sued them for that and ppl were refunded money paid for tethering data plans? It should not matter how I use the data I pay for.

    1. Cause they pay Verizon for their tethering instead of using Foxfi

    2. I thought it was that they just werent allowed to block tethering apps that didnt go through them?

      1. Yea, that’s what it was.

    3. Verizon sucks!

  8. I wonder how much Verizon paid you to write this article…

      1. Hard to believe…

        1. This article is actually pretty unbiased. LoL!!

          1. I’m taking the Lol as sarcasm…

          2. Oh? I found it funny that you didn’t see it as being unbiased. That’s what the “LoL!!” was.

            I didn’t feel like I was being told to get this plan. Hmm…

          3. The whole last paragraph and the calling it a “sweet deal” after Edge was already proven to be a rip off all on it’s own.

      2. So if you upgrade throughEdge to get the 6GB …you pay the $30 and an additional $20 on your bill for the Edge Program…Is that correct?

  9. So basically verizon is saying dump your unlimited data, keep paying for a subsidized phone in your phone bill and pay another $25 or so to in essence rent a phone, that you have to pay off 50% before you can switch it out for another. Your better off signing a 2 year upgrade deal because the subsidy is in your bill already and don’t pay double for the luxury of switching out your phone in 6 months.

    1. My thoughts exactly. It’s the same for all of these early upgrade plans. They’re just taking more of your money – but it’s okay because you get to upgrade early. If someone knows something different, clue me in. Otherwise, they think we’re all suckers.

      1. It’s ok because the people don’t have to pay $600, upfront, at the phone store. That’s the thing that gets most people angry.

        Nevermind they are paying over $2,000 during the contract, the large sum upfront is what gets them, because people can’t save money up for a purchase.

    2. Most consumers are too fricking stupid to realize that they’re already paying a subsidy in their bill. They think Verizon is the stupid one for letting them buy phones for $200. Look at the comments on T-Mobile’s Facebook page whenever they post about no contracts. People say things like, “yeah no contract, but you have to pay full price for the phone. Verizon has this same phone for $200 #tmobilesux.” Yet they conveniently miss the fact that T-Mobile’s rate plans are lower.

      1. They are just unknowingly ignorant to the realities of how it really works.

  10. This is the next step in getting you off unlimited. For those of you saying not now not ever, lets see how long ever is. If I were a betting man, Id say by the holidays you will have to chose another option/plan.

    1. I know, we’re a dying breed. When that happens I’ll finally be able to jump ship to T-Mo …hopefully coverage gets better

    2. I’ll leave. Too easy. I’m already in Korea for the next year anyway… It won’t be a problem changing when I get back.

  11. This is a veiled attempt by Verizon to see if they can (and also how fast) transition customers to tiered plans. Verizon might one day completely stop unlimited data, but until then I am going to stay put and weigh my options at that time.

  12. What if you want to use a family members line to take an upgrade. Would this not be a good time as the line you take the upgrade from will get 6gig (instead of 2gig) and the person getting the new phone to transfer on their old line will remain unlimited?

    1. Either way you are paying FULL price for the phone, why give up unlimited date just so Verizon will finance the phone over X# of months?

  13. Good god you all sound so entitled… do any of you no how contracts work? Verizon never promised unlimited data forever … unlimited data was only intended for 3g devices because itd be pretty hard to pull more than 10gigs of data over 3g but now with 4g phones thats beyond easy and people are pulling HUNDREDS of gigs under unlimited and they cant afford the plans any more… your lucky there is even a loophole to still keep it.

    The share everything isnt bad as far as data prices and these new promotional rates are great for a nationwide plan

    Every single one of you complaining sounds like a spoiled child… “im leaving if they take it away” your contract expired and verizon was only ever obligated to keep your plan the same fort the duration of your contract. If there werent so many people abusing unlimited data and racking up 100s of gigs of data then it wouldnt be going anywhere so dont be mad at verizon for not being able to afford your insane data rates an only charge you 30 dollars… they are a buisness after all

    Everyone threatening to leave to tmobile I hope you enjoy your coverage…. god knows you will hate it

    1. You want some french cries to go with that wah burger?

      1. You made me hungry when you said “burger”. LoL!!

    2. Plain and Simple… I use only 2-4gb per month. My wife uses 1 or less. We both have unlimited data. We will not leave unlimited until we are required to do so. How does that make me “entitled”? Because I see value in the “insurance” or unlimited vs not?
      (Mind you I have a nice promotion that makes moving to any carrier a dumb move even paying the subsidy service price while not being under contract. Valid through 2032, unless they re-nege.)
      That is what I pay for. The day that changes, I no longer HAVE to pay for it. I can go to prepaid Verizon, tmobile, or whatever I choose.
      ALSO, and more importantly…
      Verizon DID NOT get rid of unlimited because they couldn’t afford it. Verizon can no longer support revenue growth through Text and Voice and new subscribers. So they did what any Corporation would do, they re-evaluated where the growth was and figured out a way to profit from that boon.

      1. My wife and I are in the same boat and line for line I am with you a 100%. I almost though I wrote your post lol

    3. Wouldn’t this mean Tmo would get rid of their unlimited-no-throttle plan? Actually, they made one. LoL!!

      I don’t think data is the issue.

      Also, CDMA 3G is slow. Don’t forget some people are getting about 3Mbps internet speeds at home. And it’s easy to pull 10GB of data on that. GSM 3G speeds were about 1-3Mbps. So…?

      And I’m a bit confused. I thought the contract meant you will stay with this carrier for 2 years.

    4. “The share everything isnt bad as far as data prices and these new promotional rates are great for a nationwide plan”

      Those pricing tiers are terrible for their data value.

      “dont be mad at verizon for not being able to afford your insane data rates an only charge you 30 dollars… they are a buisness after all”

      I know right! With their 2.25 billion dollars in profit from Q2, up from last years Q2 numbers of 1.83 billion dollars in profit, I’m not sure how they haven’t gone bankrupt yet!

    5. Verizon’s CEO has repeatedly referred to “share everything” as a “profit generating engine”.
      By limiting the amount of data, where is the incentive to create faster, more efficient networks? Verizon wont have any incentive to, since data use will be capped.
      If everyone had electric vehicles, but the dealers put a device in place that would only let you drive 100 miles per month, they wouldn’t ever have to look at improving battery efficiency.
      I do realize that bandwidth/spectrum is a limited commodity, but instead of finding ways to deliver data more efficiently with new technology, they just want to throw up a roadblock.
      Verizon has made 4 billion in profit so far this year. Tell me again how “they cant afford the plans any more”?

      1. RIGHT ON! An accurate description of current Verizon methodology from their own words. A public traded company. The information is there every quarter.

        1. “Verizon reported a profit of $2.25 billion” for Q2 2013.

    6. Do ANY of you REALLY know what Verizon pays per Gb? I don’t, but I know that I use to own a data intensive business (1000 Tb+ per mo.) that was no where near the size of Verizon and I use to pay about $.06 per Gb. That is 6/100 of a $1. So anyone who tries to back Verizon and their data plan pricing is just IGNORANT. You have to use 100 Gb+ pr mo, considering Verizon’s network build out, to justify $30 per mo.”Verizon reported a profit of $2.25 billion” for Q2 2013. Quit blaming data hungry unlimited users for your high monthly bills and start blaming the fools that pay for data plans for Verizon execs multi million paychecks.

    7. You will flip your lid when I tell you I have 5 lines of unlimited data and only pay $10 per line instead of $30.

      And yes I intend to keep it under their rules. To keep it they simply say we have to pay full price for our new phones.

      I will follow their rules… no problem.

  14. I’m on Verizon Unlimited and presently own a (God Awful!) Gnex. I hear everyone talking about how they’ll never get rid of their unlimited plans. So is it just a given that you’re paying full retail each time you get a new phone? I would love to keep my plan but it’s tough to drop $600 each year for the latest and greatest. Any thoughts?

    1. For me personally, a used phone isn’t in the cards. Case in point…I feel sorry for the dude who buys my phone…just plain wore out and only getting worse. I can see really wanting to keep unlimited if I didn’t have wifi at home and tethered. But like you, I use no more then 4gb/month. I guess I’m the person who this new program is aimed at. A G2 it is I guess!

      1. I was so confused. I thought you were talking about getting the HTC G2. I was like “When did Verizon get the HTC G2!?” And then I was like “Why would you downgrade!?” LoL!!

        I’m still mad at that. How’d LG get to use that name? It’s causing me confusion. LoL!!

    2. You can buy them from Best Buy or something and pay it off on credit. Or see if Radio Shack offers some credit plan. That way you pay it off within the time limit and don’t pay interest.

    3. No.

      My wife has a 2GB plan. Each year we use the upgrade on her line. Activate on her line, then switch to mine. Then she gets the old phone.

    4. I still use my Thunderbolt with unlimited data and LOVE it. Why do I need to upgrade?

    5. If you want to upgrade every year just sell your present 1 year old phone to help offset the cost.

      It’s much cheaper than paying for data.

  15. That’s cool… I’ll just buy previous generation phones off Ebay or Craigs list… I average about 15GB/month… I think I’m winning if I keep it this way…

    1. YES you are!

  16. I’ll never let go of my unlimited data! 6GB is a joke! I average 30-40GB A month, and I have no problem paying full retail once the Galaxy S5 comes out.
    Those thieving Bastards can keep their tiered data and Edge BS….my S3 will easily last another 2 years anyway

    1. lol this is why we can’t have nice things

    2. ?! O.O How do you accumulate so much data?

      1. This is who you REALLY should be asking. LoL!!

        These people are the ones that don’t have too much access to WiFi or the only WiFI available are public networks, which I refuse to use.

        I hate how carriers tell you to use public WiFi. Oh yea, please view all my network traffic in plain text. =.=

    3. How is it even possible to use that much data? Do you tether?

      1. Its not difficult. We dont have to worry about what we are doing. I never tether. But downloading stuff and streaming music adds up quick. I never used to use much data till my son and I got our S4s. Last month we used 40 gig. He is in the Coast Guard and has no other internet.

        Verizon is in business to make money and knew people would need more data. So why not charge more for it by creating share plans?

        They are smart. They know most people can’t afford the extra couple hundred to pay full price for their phones to keep unlimited.

        When I went in and bought 2 new S4s at full retail the salesgirl told me not many people do this.

        I dont mind paying full price since it’s much less expensive than paying for 30 to 40 gig a month. And Verizon loves taking my $200 a month for my 5 unlimited lines.

    4. Agreed. I use 30+ gb/month. I will leave verizon the day that is taken away. Why would I pay the same $ to get less service?

  17. if i understand this correctly… isnt edge just msrp distributed over 2 years? Do you get a new discounted device every 2 years with the max plan? Or is it edge only pricing. If i could upgrade every two years at a subsidized price, keep my 6G of data it makes this somewhat interesting. Otherwise ill just buy my phones using verizons 1 year loans for full price. You have less months to pay it but at least you dont have to sign a contract or lose unlimited data

    1. I’d assume it’s the same as Tmo. You pay this set price and the rest of the phone is split over 24 months. This set price is usually about $150-$200. Since it’s the actual cost of the phone, it may be about $200. My mom’s Note 2 was $200 and $480 is split over 2 years.

      If I pay off the phone I can get another one. But with Jump, I can get another one in 6 months. I’d have to trade in my old phone if it’s not paid off already.

      What I want to know is will Verizon lower your monthly bill after you pay off the phone. Mainly because they’re saying you’re splitting the phone cost over 2 years.

  18. So from Aug 7th-Aug. 27th, I’ve used about 8GB of data. I’m not even done with my billing cycle.

    Nope. I don’t think I could use that plan. Sorry.

    It was just one of those months too. I could have preserved, but chose not to. I downloaded 2 big games from the Playstore over data. And I’ve been using All Access on random songs instead of my normal playlist.

    I could have saved about 3GB of data. So…? 5GB? I’d probably be able to handle 6GB. But I like to utilize that fast speed when I get it. =.S

    1. O.O What are you doing to accumulate so much data? Streaming video? Downloading video?

      1. Huh? This month I’ve gotten about 8GB because I downloaded 2 big games from the Playstore over data. Asphalt 8 had came out and I was riding around with my mom and didn’t feel like waiting until I got back home. LoL!!

        Then I’ve watched like 10 episodes of Digimon on Netflix. I can guarantee that much at least of Netflix.

        I’ve been using Google All Access, and I leave it at high quality. Also, I’ve been using the radio feature and not my Playlist for the past 2 weeks. So that’s new songs I’ve been downloading.

        It was mainly me updating through Google Play on data instead of WiFi, though.

        When I preserve, just to save battery during the day, I average about 3GB a month. I save battery by using WiFi. Like right now, I’m at school on my data because I’m too lazy to press my little WiFi icon I have on my home screen. LoL!! But if I download another big app, I’ll switch to WiFi since it’ll be faster.

        1. Ah I see. No wonder. lol! I perform all updates, watch all movies, and perform all large downloads via WiFi :P. I have no choice with 3 GB on my plan :(

          1. That’s why you should have thought ahead and got the unlimited plan while you could and not whine about it today.

          2. I’m not whining. Just stating a fact. I had unlimited data at one point but gave it up for a phone promo on Amazon wireless. New activations received a GS2 for one penny. I didn’t use more than 3 GB of data at the time so I saw no need for unlimited data. I didn’t stream movies or surf the web that heavily. I was already performing all my updates and major downloads at home so there wasn’t much need to adjust. My 2 year contract with AT&T is coming to an end very soon and I’m thinking about going with Sprint. However, I’ve noticed that Sprint’s LTE and cellular network is very poor in a lot places where I live (San Antonio, TX). Plus, AT&T has paid over $1,000 worth of my phone bills and has great customer service. I’ve heard nothing great about Sprint thus far

  19. I never realized how much data some people used until after reading the comments below. I can see why they did away with unlimited data now and I blame the data whores. Just my opinion but flame if you want.

    1. The only reason why I don’t accumulate 10GB+ a month is because I have about 10Mbps WiFi at home and since I work at school, I can get 1-3MBps (not a typo) there.

      Since I get such decent to great speeds, I don’t mind turning on WiFi to download things. It’s more stable that way then mobile data.

      If I didn’t have WiFi, I’d be averaging about 15GB per month. That’s just from Playstore downloads, too. My apps update quite constantly. LoL!! Also, if I didn’t have WiFi, most of my Netflix would be through my phone. And Google All Access wouldn’t change much, so there’s no need to mention that. I can go on, but I think you see where I’m going.

      There are ways to legitimately get that much data without tethering. If you don’t back up your apps and change ROMs often, how do you think you get those large 2GB apps back? LoL!! That is my excuse since apps don’t always restore correctly on some ROMs.

      I’ve seen people who are on tiered data plans and they’re NEVER using their phones. Why? Because they have to preserve.

      TL;DR I would average about 15GB per month if I didn’t have fast WiFi easily avaliable to me. Large Playstore downloads, restoring Apps from Playstore after changing ROMs, and Netflix streaming would be the culprit.

      1. I use about 1.3 GB of 4G on average. That said taking into account for Wifi use pretty much any time I can I actually use close to 30 GB per month easily. That’s Wifi + 4G together.

    2. It’s still idiotic to me that Verizon (among others) keep talking up 4G. “Surf more web” they say, “surf 10 x faster” they say. But then they cap you off so all that speed means is you can blow through your data limit in a day.

      Yeah I use a heck of a lot of data. But Verizon charges a premium price and practically sell themselves as a premium brand. If they can’t stand the heat then they should bow out of the “premium” kitchen.

    3. I use 30+ GB per month. To think that really makes a dent overall in a heavily populated area is ridiculous. They are basically just charging you for what is already there, whether or not you use it.

  20. And it STILL SUCKS compared to unlimited data. I’d rather just keep my unlimited and buy second hand or refurbished or on payments.

  21. People, get a 3rd line upgrade through it, activate it and switch the sims. If you dont activate it on the line it was purchased for, they will cancel your insurance on purpose and hope you break it. Then they will tell you too drop your unlimited to replace your phone.

    I am a living testament, my wife’s note 2 is still shattered to date.

    1. мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­ViewMore——————————————&#46qr&#46net/kAgk

      Actually, for Verizon, that sounds like a real good deal. For those that NEED the coverage, but use a lot of data and don’t have unlimited data right now.

  22. Man what a gyp! I had to dump unlimited when I upgraded. Verizon should make that standard for all customers paying that price.

    1. But you didn’t need to dump your unlimited when you upgraded. You chose to because you didn’t want to pay a couple more hundred dollars.

      I chose to keep unlimited because the data costs more than the phone. Using 25 to 40 gig a month would be expensive without unlimited. I would hate to have to figure out how to stay below 2 gig a month.

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  24. Yeah, I have a better solution for Verizon its called …see ya, Im off to T-Mob

  25. It’s really not a good deal. Either way you’re still paying full price for the phone. You’re just trading your unlimited data for 6GB.

    1. ABSOLUTELY – Not sure how ANYONE can not see this. This article MUST have been written by a Verizon employee!!!

  26. We use an alternate upgrade to my phone which is “Share Everything” after it is activated I make one call then the phone is “used”. I give the new phone to my daughter (switch out the SIM cards) who has unlimited data and switch back (get my original SIM card) to my old phone and sell my daughter’s old phone to help with the cost of the new phone. All at the Verizon store. So far this has worked 2x and my daughter still has unlimited data.

  27. Got my GS4 at the right time it seems. Able to pay monthly and still keep unlimited data. Used 30+ gigs last month. Will leave Verizon if they ever take that away from me.

  28. i think this is a plan for people who never had a smart phone

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