Official: Verizon Wireless Moto X release date set for Aug 29th, priced at $200 on contract


Verizon Moto X

After numerous leaks showed a possible August 29th release date for the Moto X on Verizon Wireless, it’s only today that the date has finally become official. Big Red announced via Twitter that the Moto X will be available online for $200 come August 29th, with in-store availability “in the coming weeks”.

No word on color options, but we’re expecting the standard “woven” black and white, in a 16GB (32GB eventually?) storage configuration. If you’re still on the fence about picking one up, don’t forget to check out Phandroid’s full review, and hit up the Moto X forums to see what others are saying about the device. Anyone excited to pick one of these up?

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. Chris.. you have one.. and you did not seem very excited about it yourself…
    I am not…. HTC one = exciting…. even still after 6 months.
    Moto X seems to “meh” for me personally.
    If it was priced as a mid range phone I might actually give it more than 2 seconds of thought.

    1. Honestly, the X is a solid phone, one that should have an edge over Ones and S4s with pricing. I think $200 should apply for the custom made models, while standard white/black should be <$200.

      1. It will have its price drastically reduced in a month from now. They are just using the cool customization thing to score more bucks now, but with the Note 3, iphone 5s, lg g2, gs4, nexus 4 and 5 out there chances are that moto x will be free on a contract. Lets face it this phone is not worth a dime more than a nexus 4!!

  2. I thought the 32gb was an ATT exclusive

  3. I’m not sure why people are hating on this phone. I think this is a great device and the specs have it completely underrated. I’m excited to check out out and think it’ll be perfect for the wife. I have the HTC One and in my opinion, it’s best phone ever made.

    1. I have both the Moto X and HTC One and while I’m partial to the One, I still think the X is a great phone. Just depends on your wants/needs as a smartphone user. Different strokes for different folks.

      1. Would you agree that the internet is seeming to over exaggerate the lack of specs or are their Q.Q’s on point?

        1. Not exaggerated. The MotoX simply doesn’t have the bang/buck. You buy it if you don’t know or don’t care.

          1. I suppose… The only thing I’m seeing potentially lacking is 1080p screen? If the user experience is butter smooth, and it has the latest version of android, who cares about clock speeds and cores?

          2. I agree and I can sacrifice some processor speed for battery life. The camera is somewhat disappointing though (judging solely on reviews)

          3. even this whole 1080p resolution as the be all and end all for phones is so overstated. everyone’s obsessed with how much higher the pixel density on the htc one or gs4 compared to moto x is but what do they think the ppi is on their 50 inch 1080p hdtvs

          4. No, they don’t because they’re sitting 10-15 feet away from their 50 inch HDTVs. I care about the pixel density of my computer monitor because I sit up to it, that’s why I bought a 2560×1440 monitor instead of the usual 1080P.

          5. 4K to the rescue!

          6. In your opinion maybe. Of maybe it should be, you won’t buy it because you don’t know or care.

          7. in what way though? the only ‘advantage’ the top of the line processors really have over it is higher benchmark scores and faster battery drain lol. in actual phone usage the moto x seems just as fluid and stable if not moreso

          8. Ahem, as I said, you fall into the “don’t care” category. I care and for the same $$$ I’d rather have 1080p, more cpu, gpu, better camera, etc. The motox “voice cpu” feature where it’s always listening doesn’t do it for me, as I don’t use google now THAT much.

          9. it’s not “don’t care” it’s being informed. I think an informed consumer pays for the experience not the hardware. the moto x has the exact same gpu but pushes a lower res screen = better graphics performance. and there’s really nothing about these devices that actually takes advantage of the faster processors. all i meant really is that i think we’ve reached a point where (at least for flagships not the super cheap devices) software and optimization makes more of a difference than the hardware and from everything that i’ve seen the moto x/gs4/htc one all provide an incredible user experience and can be justifiably priced accordingly

          10. And it is difficult to argue that the Moto X provides an experience that is better than what is being offered on the HTC One/Nexus 4/Galaxy S4.

          11. not better, just as good and therefore priced similarly (nexus 4 notwithstanding) i would say it’s just as difficult to argue that the htc one/nexus 4/galaxy s4 provide an experience better than that of the moto x.

          12. No matter how great one can think a honda drives or looks you still can’t (shouldn’t) price it as a porsche!

          13. Well, first of all, the camera sucks. I’m not saying that because of ‘specs’ such as not enough megapixels. I’m saying that because the pictures really don’t look so great.

  4. Black on black is fine for me… as long as I can get 32GB full retail, I’m on it like stink on… well, something really stinky :P

  5. Also gotta agree that the price of this phone will be reduced rather quickly. With the HTC One out and the “cool kids” phones like the GS4, Note 3 and iPhone 5s (which drops in mere weeks) yeah the Moto X price will go down faster than Miley Cyrus on a Saturday night.

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